How to Find Old Tweets: 3 Ways You Can Use

have you ever gone back and read your previous tweets? Twitter has been active since 2006, and you may be surprised to see some of the things you once believed was cool and proper to post. Analyzing past tweets will help you maintain your brand image, and it should be part of your monthly social media audits. In this post, we’ll show you how to find old tweets.

old tweets

Why is it essential to keep track of old tweets?

If you joined Twitter in its early days with little understanding of what it was all about, you may be wondering how to discover old tweets. What did you have to say back in the summer of 2007? Are there any irrelevant or perhaps humiliating tweets on your timeline? From the fully connected days of 2022, singing the glories of free wifi at a major international airport (let alone calling it “wireless”) appears a bit silly. We don’t believe in cancel culture or hiding from your history. However, there are several reasons why you would wish to delete old content from your Twitter timeline. Perhaps you began with your Twitter account and now want to utilize it for business. Maybe you’re job seeking and you know potential employers will look you up on social media. Or perhaps you said things when you were younger that you now see were not so sensible.

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3 methods for finding old tweets

Here are 3 methods that you can use to find old tweets.

Method 1: Twitter advanced search

The advanced search option on Twitter is the simplest way to look for past tweets and does not require you to grant third-party apps access to your account.

1. Sign in to your Twitter account and navigate to the advanced search tab.

advanced search

2. In the From these accounts area, enter your login under the Accounts subheading.

3. Enter any relevant information about the tweet(s) you’re looking for. This might be a term or maybe, a trending hashtag, someone you replied to or mentioned, and/or a time period. The date selection choices extend back to Twitter’s debut in 2006.

4. Select Search. You’ll get a list of the top tweets from that time period in the search results.

5. Click on the Latest tab to see every tweet from that time period. This should provide a list of every tweet you sent in reverse chronological order between the from and until dates you selected.

You can also search for tweets with photos or videos by using the tabs at the top of the page.

Method 2: Download an archive of all of your tweets.

In general, downloading an archive of your tweets is smart social media practice. It’s also a great method to search through your whole history of tweets. Here’s how to use the Twitter archive to view past tweets:

1. Navigate to

2. Go to Your Account and choose Download an archive of your data. Re-enter your password and select a verification method when asked.

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3. Select Request archive from the Twitter data menu. Twitter may take several days to compile your archive. You’ll receive a push notice and an email when it’s available.

4. To download your archive, click on the notification. Alternatively, return to and choose Download an archive of your data under Your Account.

5. Click Get archive to download file containing all of your Twitter activity, including previous tweets.

6. Once you have file, open the Your archive.html file. You’ll see a summary of your Twitter activity. Click Tweets to view all of your previous tweets.

In reverse chronological order, you’ll get a list of all your previous tweets. To refine your search, use the search box and filters on the right side of the page, or use the tabs across the top to view only your replies and retweets. For easier access, each tweet in your downloaded archive contains a link to the live tweet on Twitter.

Method 3: Use an app to view all of your past tweets on a single scrollable page.

If you don’t want to wait for your the full Twitter archive to be downloaded, here’s how to search for past tweets using a third-party service. AllMyTweets, for example, allows you to read your 3200(ish) most recent tweets fairly instantly in scrollable form. Twitter’s API imposes the 3200 tweet restriction. If you tweet once every day, that 3200-tweet view will transport you nearly nine years back in time. Nonetheless, it’s a good place to begin your search for old tweets.

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1. Visit AllMyTweets and sign in with your Twitter account. You must allow AllMyTweets access to your Twitter account, which you can always cancel later.

2. Once logged in, you can search for your own or someone else’s old tweets. Enter the username for which you want to look up old tweets.

3. Scroll through the tweets in reverse chronological order. Alternatively, use your browser’s search function to search for a certain term, phrase, or even emoji.


To summarize, you have now completed all of the steps and learnt how to view someone else’s old tweets as well as search your own tweets. In an increasingly digitized environment, the ability to find old tweets is critical. Searching for previous tweets using the methods described in this post should now be possible, with the exception of downloading the archive of your data. Hopefully, you liked reading this post and learned how to view your previous tweets as well as someone else’s old tweets. These capabilities might be useful if you wish to rebrand yourself or have changed your mind about anything you previously tweeted, as you can identify and remove any tweets with which you no longer agree. Thank you for taking the time to read this post about how to find old tweets.

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