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How To Find Your Most Liked Tweets?

by | Apr 10, 2023

The major causes of drama are debates and opposing viewpoints. Gen Z is extremely opinionated and enjoys clashes between individuals and groups. And Twitter is the best platform for doing so. Since there is no virality mechanism, users can simply find a niche of interest and participate in conversations. Tweets with thousands of likes are considered a badge of pride on the platform. Discovering your most popular tweet is a multi-step process. Hence, for your convenience, this post describes the full process of how to find your most liked tweets and the necessary data related to your tweets on your laptop, phone, or external apps.

Method 1: Using Advanced Twitter search

The process of Twitter Advanced Search is really simple. You enter any term or phrase to be looked up, and the powerful search algorithm attempts to match it to data on Twitter’s servers, such as tweets and returns the results. You can run a Twitter advanced search using these steps.

  1. Sign in to Twitter.
  2. Enter your search term in the search field.
  3. Once the search results have been displayed on a new page, select the ‘Advanced search’ option in the ‘Search Filters’ box in the top right corner of the page.
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Once you’ve selected the ‘Advanced Search’ option, you can configure related preferences. There would be several sections to filter based on your requirements, such as:

  • Words: You can use this to look for important words, hashtags, or phrases.
  • Accounts: This allows users to learn about the Twitter accounts they wish to search for.
  • Tweets: It filters out replies that include the original tweet or just the original tweet.
  • Engagement: Use this to filter out based on likes, replies, and retweets.
  • Dates: It has the ability to filter based on dates.

Method 2: Using Twitter Analytics

Analytic tools are available on the majority of social media platforms. These tools help people better understand their engagement and increase their reach to an untargeted audience. Unfortunately, the process of using Twitter analytics varies depending on the device.

How To Use Twitter Analytics on Your Computer?

Unlike other social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, Twitter is a hands-on platform. It is available on both your computer and your phone. Use the instructions below to discover your most liked tweet on your computer.

Step 1: Sign in

The major advantage of using built-in features on a networking site is that you do not need to grant any external app extra access to your data. Your data is so safeguarded. Log in to your Twitter account using your preferred search engine.

Step 2: Use the Left Panel

After signing into your account, select “More” from the left-hand column of the screen.

Step 3: Choose Analytics

Selecting “More” will bring up a new set of options. Choose “Analytics” from the option list. You will be taken to the Twitter analytics page in a new tab as a result. By default, the page will show your Twitter engagement over the previous 28 days. It includes information such as the number of tweets you’ve sent, impressions, and so on.

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Step 4: Tweets Section

To find the information we’re searching for, use the panel at the top of the page and select “Tweets” from the option list.

Step 5: Select Top Tweets

The final step in this process is to pick the “Top Tweets” option, which can be seen beneath the chart. By default, the page displays metrics for the previous 28 days. Now, you can change the period to suit your needs. You can now find your most liked tweets on your desktop!

How To Use Twitter Analytics on Your Phone?

Users cannot view Twitter analytics via the mobile application as they do on the PC. To use the built-in analytics feature, you’ll need to visit the networking site on your phone’s browser. Nonetheless, the process is the same as when using a desktop. If you do not have access to a desktop, you might take a more challenging route. On the Twitter app, the “Analytic Button” is located to the right of each tweet. You can use this to view the individual stats for each tweet. Nevertheless, choosing this strategy may need more time spent assessing the reach of your tweets than networking. As a result, for an easy experience, we recommend using the browser.

Using Third-Party Apps

Third-party apps that analyze your social media activities are almost always scams. They invade your privacy, and your data becomes vulnerable to hackers before you know it. Apps that need you to check into your account via their apps are a red flag. Avoid such websites or apps.

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But, if you believe such risks are worthwhile, make sure you do your research before providing them access to your account. To detect shady apps, look for reviews on sites like Reddit, Twitter, and others.


Twitter is a fun social networking platform. It combines information and entertainment. Twitter engagement can be simply analyzed using the tools provided by Twitter. The analytics tool works best on a desktop. We do not encourage using third-party apps to examine your social networking site activities. Hope this post helped you learn how to find your most liked Tweet.

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