How to Fix Instagram DMs Not working

Whether we acknowledge it or not, many of us spend a significant portion of our day on Instagram. It’s an app we’re addicted to, from browsing through the newest Instagram Reels on loop to contacting our friends. However, Instagram, like all apps, is prone to issues, bugs, and malfunctions. The Instagram DM function not working for them is a common mistake among users. It makes Instagram DMs useless because you can’t send, receive, or read messages. If your Instagram DMs are not working, there are several solutions available. I’ve gathered a list of fixes you can try to get your Instagram DMs working again. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Instagram DMs Not working

Reasons behind Instagram DMs Not Working

There might be a number of reasons why your Instagram DMs aren’t working. However, the specific cause might vary based on your Instagram app build, ISP, Instagram server status, and other factors. The following are the most common causes of an Instagram DM not working:

  • Server Outage: The most common cause of Instagram DMs not working is a server mix-up or outage. It can create issues not just with your communications but also with posts, reels, and general use.
  • Internet Problems: If your ISP has a history of connection issues, you may be experiencing a weak internet connection or inconsistent coverage. This will have an impact not just on your Instagram usage but also on your overall internet usage, which is undesirable. Furthermore, a VPN service such as Express VPN might interfere with your internet connection and create Instagram usage issues.
  • Instagram’s Old Build: Instagram, like all other apps, undergoes regular updates to maintain stability and performance. If you have missed too many updates, this might be a problem that has been resolved, but you were unaware of it.
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There are just a few e reasons you cannot receive Instagram DMs. It might be one of two things, depending on the situation. Nonetheless, keep reading to learn how to fix Instagram DMs that aren’t working on your Android or iOS smartphone.

Top Solutions for Instagram DMs Not Working

Check Your Internet Connection

This may appear to be a stupid error, yet it is rather common. The app must be connected to the internet for Instagram DMs to function. If you notice that your messages are being sent but not being received, it might be due to network latency. Using other parts of Instagram is a simple method to see if your app is connected to the internet. Instagram will display a No Internet Connection message if you do not have an active internet connection. This is your signal to enable Wi-Fi or Mobile Data to guarantee the app and its features function properly. The Instagram DMs not functioning issue should now be resolved.

Check Instagram Outage

In terms of connectivity, there is always the possibility that Instagram’s servers could be down. This might be due to a server problem, a high server load, or a total outage. Fortunately, checking if Instagram is down for you and everyone is simple. Simply visit Instagram Down Detector to see whether people are experiencing issues. If users have reported outages, you will see a rise in the outage graph on the Down Detector page. If there are any troubles with Instagram servers, all you can do is wait and be patient. Fortunately, social media goliaths like Instagram’s parent company Meta quickly fix server issues to prevent downtime. Once the servers have been restored, you should be able to use the Instagram DM service normally.

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Update your Instagram app

We previously mentioned that there’s a potential you’re using an outdated version of Instagram, which is causing the DMs to crash and stop working. That might be the case for people who have disabled automatic updates and refuse to update the app manually. The same thing happens if you use a beta version of the app. While Instagram may stop operating beyond a certain build, even one iteration older might pose a major hazard to your phone. Aside from potential problems, there may be security fixes that you do not have. For these and other reasons, I recommend that you update your Instagram to the most recent version as soon as possible. You can do so by going to the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store and upgrading the app. 

Logout and Login

When Instagram DMs were not functioning for certain users, they tried this strategy. So, the next step is to log out and then back into Instagram. However, before logging back in, completely close the app (remove it from the multitasking tray) and restart it. We’ll teach you how to log out fast on iOS, but the methods are the same for Android. Here’s how to log out of Instagram:

1. Open the Instagram app and touch on the “Profile” icon in the bottom right corner.

2. Tap the hamburger menu in the upper right corner, then Settings.

3. On the Settings page, scroll all the way down and press Log out (username). That’s all there is to it. Simply log out of the app and re-enter your credentials. After that, your Instagram DMs should resume working like before.

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Clear the Instagram cache

Instagram, like other apps, saves a limited amount of information about your app activity in the form of cache on your device. It accumulates in your phone’s storage and includes information such as app settings and media cache. However, the Instagram cache, like any other form of app cache, might get corrupted due to an issue. As a result, Instagram DMs may not function correctly. Whether you’ve been using Instagram for a while or have only recently downloaded the app, it will have saved some cache on your device. It is easy to clear the Instagram cache on your Android or iOS device.


There might be several reasons why your Instagram direct messages aren’t working. The particular cause, however, may differ depending on your Instagram app build, ISP, Instagram server status, and other variables. If your messages are being sent but not being received, this might be due to network latency. In terms of connection, it is always possible that Instagram’s servers could be down. I also advise that you update your Instagram as soon as possible to the most recent version. Another viable option is to log in and out of Instagram. Finally, clear Instagram’s cache since it might get corrupted and cause DMs to stop working.

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