How to Fix “This Effect Is Not Available in Your Location” on Instagram

Do you have an Instagram account? Then, most likely, you’ve observed that, with the latest patch update, Instagram filters no longer appear for certain users or that an error message appears that says, This Effect is Not Available in Your Location. At the time of writing this article, there has been no word from Meta officials about this matter. In the meantime, many users are anxiously awaiting solutions to this problem. So, if you’re looking for some solutions to your Instagram filter issues, here are some suggestions: If this effect is not available in your region, please read this guide all the way through. Yes, we have provided several solutions that will undoubtedly assist you in resolving the issue. So, let’s begin with the guide.

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Fix 1: Check Your Internet Connection

Your Instagram filters may also be unavailable because of bad internet connectivity in your location. As a result, while using your home network to access your social media application, you must have a solid internet connection, as a weak connection might occasionally be the reason for this problem. Your Instagram filters may also be unavailable because of bad internet connectivity in your location.

As a result, while using your home network to access your social media application, you must have a solid internet connection, as a weak connection might occasionally be the reason for this problem. You may use the Ookla speed tester website to evaluate whether your WiFi connection delivers adequate internet speed in this area. If your WiFi isn’t working, you can power cycle your modem/router. If you continue to experience no change in speed, you should contact your ISP to investigate if there is a problem with your local connection.

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Fix 2: Make Sure Your Date & Time is Correct

Have you checked to see whether the date and time on your device are correct? In most circumstances, we’ve noticed that an incorrect date and time can result in this type of error. As a result, you must ensure that your device’s date and time are appropriately configured. However, after you do this, the Instagram filters not appearing difficulties will be handled immediately. sometimes this solution is all you need to fix the annoying “This Effect Is Not Available in Your Location” message.

Fix 3: Restart Your Phone

Reboot your smartphone to resolve the Instagram filters not working issue. This step is critical since your program’s cache files may get damaged, making the app inoperable on your smartphone. In this situation, rebooting the device will solve the problem since it clears the RAM and starts over. So, let’s restart your smartphone and see whether the problem with Instagram filters not showing is resolved.

Fix 4: Try Using a Different Account

Instagram may block some features for your existing account due to unexpected circumstances. To check this, you must log in to Instagram with a different account (if you have one). However, if the problem does not occur on your secondary account, it is possible that your primary account is experiencing issues. To confirm this, you must contact Instagram officials and ask about the problem.

Fix 5: Clear Cache Data

If the above solutions do not work for you, there is a risk that the saved cache data of your Instagram app has been damaged or corrupted, resulting in this type of issue. As a result, you should attempt clearing those cache files by following the instructions outlined below:

  1. To start, tap your Instagram app until a menu opens.
  2. Then, select the App Info option.
  3. Simply select Clear Data > Clear Cache.
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Then, wait for the cache data from your Instagram app to be resolved. After that, just relaunch your app and see whether the Instagram filters that aren’t showing the issue have been resolved.

Fix 6: Log-In/Out

Have you tried this before? Many users had previously claimed that when they re-login to their Instagram account, the Instagram filters that were before unavailable began to appear and function properly. As a result, you should try it as well because it has the ability to resolve this sort of issue. However, there is a chance that your account has a problem that is causing this error. So, the likelihood is that logging in and out will resolve this issue for you.

Fix 7: Reinstall the application

This problem might be caused by damaged or corrupt installation files. To solve this problem, the files must be repaired. Discover how. The only way to locate and fix such files is to reinstall Instagram on your device. You can do this by following these steps:

  1. First, remove the Instagram app from your smartphone.
  2. Then, launch the PlayStore or App Store.
  3. Then, look for Instagram.
  4. Select and install it on your device now.
  5. Finally, run it and log in to your account to see if the issue has been fixed.

Fix 8: Check for Operating System Updates

If you’re still experiencing this problem and haven’t been able to fix it, it’s likely that your operating system is out of date, causing it to occur. As a result, you can simply check to see whether a mobile device update is available to resolve the issue. In such a case, immediately update it. Nonetheless, some users claim that the problem is automatically resolved after installing an updated OS. So you should give it a shot to see whether it works.

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Fix 9: Get in touch with the Support Team

You must get in touch with the official support team. You must contact the official support staff if you are still unable to address the problem. In this instance, the Meta Support Team suggests contacting them about your problem. They will be able to help them more efficiently. If you communicate the problem to them, they will be able to help you more. Nonetheless, there is a good chance that they will recommend some more solutions to get rid of the annoying “This Effect Is Not Available in Your Location” popup.


That’s how to fix the Instagram filters not showing: this effect is not available in your location problem. We hope you find this information useful. 

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