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How to Generate Leads on Twitter

by | Aug 10, 2023

Twitter is not only about getting more followers, retweets, and replies. It can also be used as a valuable marketing tool to find potential customers.

When you want to find potential customers on Twitter, you need to make some changes to your tweets. By making a few adjustments, you can turn your tweets into a way to find potential customers. All you need is to learn what those adjustments are.

If you are new to Twitter and don’t know how to find potential customers for your business, the following tips will give you an idea of how to do it. Let’s begin…

Why Should You Use Twitter to Generate Leads?

One of the challenges in generating leads is finding a large enough group of interested people. This is not a problem on Twitter because it has 330 million users who are active every month.

Twitter provides a way for you to connect with your audience without always focusing on sales. Your tweets can help create awareness about your brand, generate interest in your products, and foster loyalty among your existing customers.

When your followers retweet or like your posts, it shows that they approve of what you’re sharing. When their followers see this, they will have more confidence in your ability to meet their needs.

In essence, Twitter is a great platform to use if you want to build a community around your brand. In the next section, we will discuss the steps you should take to help you achieve this goal.

How To Generate Leads On Twitter

1. Allocate Daily Time for Managing Your Twitter Account

Allocate Daily Time for Managing Your Twitter Account

It’s important to be visible and expand your network by getting people to follow you first. If you track the growth of your network, you’ll likely see that on the days you tweet, you’ll gain more followers. Make sure to tweet regularly and consistently.

2. Share Valuable Content with Your Network on Twitter

Content is vital for business success. Ensure your content is interesting and easily understandable. For example, as a digital marketing trainer, be creative while staying relevant to your network.

Another approach is to create valuable resources to direct your Twitter followers to. These resources can include special offers and useful content like videos or reports.

While you already have a website, to attract new visitors through Twitter, offer something enticing that your network will want to share with their friends.

Share Valuable Content with Your Network on Twitter

Let’s consider you as an example: You may be reading this post because you were searching for information on finding potential customers on Twitter. Whether you follow us or discovered our tweet through retweets or hashtags like #leadgeneration, you’re here because we have valuable insights to share.

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We strive to provide useful and proactive content that you’ll find valuable and want to share. Whether it’s this blog or other resources, our goal is to create content that resonates with you. That’s how it works.

3. Create a Dedicated Twitter Landing Page

It’s really important to make a special page on your website that is specifically designed for visitors from Twitter. Instead of just sharing the link to your homepage, this landing page should be unique. A landing page is a web page on your website that doesn’t have distracting menus or anything that would take the reader’s attention away from the content.

Create a Dedicated Twitter Landing Page

Your Twitter landing page can serve different purposes. For example, it can introduce your company, offer valuable content for generating leads, or provide other relevant information.

The key thing to remember is that this landing page should help generate leads. It should focus on a specific offering rather than directing people to your general homepage.

4. Engage in Twitter Conversations

To attract attention and showcase your expertise, actively participate in conversations on Twitter.

Find and explore relevant hashtags related to your industry or events, and join the discussions by sharing valuable advice. As you do this, your click-through rate (CTR) will increase, and leads will start following you.

Occasionally, it’s alright to include a marketing message, but be careful not to disrupt the conversation. If you do, you may lose the trust of your followers.

Remember that successful social media marketing on Twitter, just like successful networking in person, depends on how well you listen and engage with the person you’re talking to.

Instead of simply sharing updates about your business, have meaningful conversations with your customers as you would in real life. Ask them questions about their business and genuinely listen to their answers. Show a genuine interest in them and what they do.

When your customers and prospects feel that you care about them and their business and that you have something valuable to offer, they will be more likely to share your brand with their friends.

5. Drive Website Traffic with Educational Content

To succeed on social media platforms like Twitter, it’s important to share valuable content and educate your audience. You can do this by creating helpful resources such as whitepapers, e-books, or articles in your area of expertise. Once you publish these materials on your website, share them on Twitter and other social channels.

When you post a tweet containing a link to educational content, it will attract a significant amount of traffic to your website. To take things further, you can create a special landing page where people are required to sign up to download the material.

Drive Website Traffic with Educational Content

By doing this:

  1. You will build a database of potential clients who are interested in receiving more interesting content from you via email.
  2. Create a free report or informative video that focuses on a specific problem your audience might have, and explain why they need to make changes in their business to overcome it. After they hire you, you can provide them with solutions to solve the problem.

By offering valuable educational content, you can drive traffic to your website, build a database of potential clients, and provide solutions to their problems.

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6. Build Trust and Convert Your Network 

While videos are great for building trust, you can also establish a strong connection with people in your Twitter network, which in turn builds trust.

Engage with others by retweeting their posts and mentioning them. Have casual conversations on Twitter to foster a sense of rapport.

Once you have built rapport and trust with potential clients, you can then inform them about what you do.

It’s also important to have well-designed landing pages that effectively convert leads into business.

Not everyone in your network will have the same level of trust, but some individuals may be open to visiting your landing pages, which can be linked to the other web pages that you occasionally share on Twitter.

On these landing pages, clearly explain what you are offering, why they need it, and why you are the right person or company to deliver it.

By building trust and effectively utilizing landing pages, you can establish credibility and convert leads into loyal customers.

7. Reducing the Number of People You Follow on Twitter

One major aspect of Twitter usage is the follow-back culture, where some people believe that Twitter relationships should resemble those on Facebook.

However, the practice of mutual follows has been greatly abused on Twitter, even though the platform has become more strict in addressing such behavior.

To provide some reasons, here’s why it’s beneficial to reduce the number of people you follow on Twitter:

  1. Avoid being included in unwanted lists.
  2. Many of your followers may have inactive profiles.
  3. Unfollowing a large number of accounts is more challenging than following them.
  4. Your follower-to-following ratios can become imbalanced.
  5. Your organic feed can become overwhelming and difficult to read.
  6. With Twitter, you can see all the posts from everyone you follow.

Although there is some curation if you choose a specific feed, ultimately, it remains an unfiltered stream of content.

If you follow 50 people, it’s already a substantial amount of content to consume each day. Following 500 people becomes overwhelming, and following 50,000 people makes it impossible to read even a small fraction of the daily posts.

So, what’s the solution? Consider using third-party Twitter tools if necessary. You don’t have to follow everyone, especially those who engage in spamming. Having a network of individuals genuinely interested in your tweets is more important than accumulating followers who do not interact with your content.

8. Connect Your Blog to Twitter for Increased Lead Generation

According to Hubspot, businesses that maintain a blog tend to have more Twitter followers compared to those that don’t.

Connect Your Blog to Twitter for Increased Lead Generation

This is because blogging provides businesses with engaging content that can be shared on Twitter. By linking your company’s blog to your Twitter account using tools like Twitterfeed, you can ensure that your blog posts include lead-generation calls-to-action. This connection between your blog and Twitter will help drive more leads from Twitter to your business.

9. Boost Your Reach with Paid Tweets 

To expand your online presence and reach more potential customers or leads on Twitter, utilizing advertisements is a beneficial strategy.

Twitter Ads provides a simple method to showcase your tweets to larger audiences beyond your current followers. This is particularly advantageous if your goal is to generate new leads for your database.

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The best part is that you don’t necessarily need a large budget to make Twitter ads effective. Even with a modest budget, you can achieve positive results.

If you’re new to Twitter ads, I recommend reading this article to learn how to set up a Twitter advertising campaign. You can also register for our digital marketing training, where we will guide you through the process of setting up your campaign.

10. Use relevant hashtags

When it comes to Twitter, hashtags play a crucial role. They enable you to connect with individuals who could benefit from your products or services, ultimately generating leads.

To easily locate these potential customers, it’s important to use hashtags that are relevant to your brand and niche.

By incorporating relevant hashtags into your tweets, you can not only discover other public tweets and follow like-minded individuals but also increase the visibility of your tweets to a wider audience.

It’s worth noting that tweets with 1-2 hashtags tend to receive twice as much engagement compared to those with 3 or more hashtags. This demonstrates the effectiveness of hashtags, but it’s important to use them in moderation to avoid appearing spammy.


In conclusion, social media acts as a digital word-of-mouth platform. To make the most of it, engage in authentic conversations, avoid sales pitches, listen to industry discussions, and track your progress using analytics. Twitter provides great opportunities to attract customers and increase sales, but careful implementation is key. Join our newsletter to stay up-to-date with the latest news and updates on social media.


What does it mean to generate leads on Twitter?

Generating leads on Twitter refers to the process of attracting and capturing potential customers or prospects who have shown interest in your products or services through the platform.

How important is it to have a strong profile on Twitter for lead generation?

Having a strong and professional profile on Twitter is crucial for lead generation. Your profile serves as the first impression for potential leads, so make sure it reflects your brand, showcases your expertise, and provides clear contact information.

How can I measure the success of my lead generation efforts on Twitter?

To measure the success of your lead generation efforts on Twitter, you can track metrics such as the number of clicks on your links, engagement rates, conversion rates, and the number of leads captured through specific campaigns or promotions.

Are there any specific tools or resources that can help with lead generation on Twitter?

Yes, there are various tools and resources available to aid lead generation on Twitter, such as social media management platforms, analytics tools, lead capture forms, and Twitter advertising tools. These can help you streamline your efforts, track results, and optimize your lead generation strategies.

How long does it typically take to see results from lead generation on Twitter?

The time it takes to see results from the lead generation on Twitter can vary depending on factors such as your target audience, the effectiveness of your strategies, and the level of competition in your industry. It is important to consistently implement and refine your tactics, and be patient as building a solid lead generation pipeline can take time.

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