How To Get Access to TikTok Adult Version?

TikTok has taken over the internet for a variety of reasons, and it is apparent that the 1-minute long video feature has encouraged people’s creativity while also allowing viewers to be casually entertained and informed just by scrolling through it. TikTok does not cater to its adult users’ demands. Specifically, because the App has already come under intense pressure from numerous groups in a short amount of time, and in order to encourage young people to be creators on their platform, TikTok prefers to avoid 18+ content and automatically removes any users who upload it. so, this means there’s no TikTok adult version anywhere to be found.

However, there are a small amount of TikTok soft-porn accounts that merely discuss or chat about sex or fetishes. As an adult, you want more out of your leisure time, and in this post, we will show you how to find several TikTok-like adult websites.

1: FriendsOnly


FriendsOnly is the first website on our list. This is also a viable option as an adult version that functions similarly to TikTok. Apart from the obvious: the content on the site is exclusively for adults, the operation of FriendsOnly is identical to that of TikTok for adults. FriendsOnly’s content creators come from all over the world, although the majority are from Europe. Like Qwki, there is a premium edition where only paying users can access the content you create and a free version where anybody can view it.

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2: Chicktok 


Chicktok It has the same function like scrolling up to move ahead and down to navigate backward. Adult content that is less than one minute long is available to users. Furthermore, anyone can be a creator and post videos if they want other people to see their work. Chicktok provides three separate settings. The first is the “discover” feature, which allows users to find new and trending content. This is an excellent method for users to stay up to date on all of the latest pornographic material available on the site.

The second option is “create,” which allows anybody with an account to post videos and have them watched and followed by users all around the world. The last option is the “shop,” which allows users to purchase premium themes that are not available on the free account. Apart from ads, this is how the platform gets the money. Furthermore, there are several categories from which users can follow their content of choice. This covers MILFs, 18, Boobs, Sex, Romance, and other similar terms. As a result, this becomes a great way for you to find what you enjoy and customize your feed to your liking.


Visit: Swyp app

According to the creators, they developed this app for users to provide them with more “aesthetically appealing” content so that they can enjoy their time. SWYP has grown in popularity over the years, and many creators have discovered it to be a more friendly platform than others. Similar to TikTok, there are several categories to select and follow the specific type of content you want to follow.The videos are one minute long, and creators can incorporate music for the background sound.

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They can also become a part of the evolving trends on the platforms, which come and go as the site evolves. SWYP is also a free platform that uses ads to generate revenue. You can also become a creator and contribute the different types of content you are able to create. SWYP also has an algorithm that operates similarly to TikTok – once you start liking content, it keeps promoting similar types of content as you scroll through, making it more addicting over time. What’s intriguing is that if you want to view the entire 1-minute video, you must swipe right, and if you want that video to pass, you must scroll upwards. This feature is popular among users since it allows them to quickly explore interesting stuff.

4: OnlyTik

OnlyTik offers a fantastic community that constantly adds fresh content in many areas. OnlyTik’s creators are mostly in their twenties and from Europe. This platform is a good TikTok for adults alternative, and it’s free. ads will appear once every four or five videos, you will be with ads. Users can also like a video, comment on it, and share it on different platforms. As creators continue to create such content, the platform continues to introduce new challenges.

5: Qwki


The best part about Qwki is that it is designed for people of all genders and sexual orientations, including gays, lesbians, and bisexuals. That is reflected in the content of Qwki. If you’re a lesbian, you can easily discover lesbian creators; if you’re trans, you can quickly get trans stuff; and if you’re neither but have a thing for people with different preferences, you’re also good. Qwki, like other websites, is intended for adults only, and authors must verify their identities before they can begin posting explicit content. Other than that, Qwki operates in a manner similar to TikTok for adults. Creators may only make one-minute videos. Creators have the option of making their profile public to all or just viewable to premium members. Viewers can tip their creators in USD and can comment, like, and share the videos on TikTok.

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This finishes our list of the best TikTok adult version alternatives. Check out our other blog posts to learn more about additional NSFW and adult content on other social media platforms.

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