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How To Get Rid of Fake Twitter Followers?

by | Apr 11, 2023

On Twitter, we’ve all been duped! Fake Twitter followers are accounts that follow you and appear to be real people but are actually bots or fake users. If you believe you do not have any fake Twitter followers, you must be living under a rock since Twitter is infested with them. Twitter is flooded with bot accounts that are used for harmful purposes. These bots might be used to spread false information, magnify political messages, or support certain agendas or parties. Whatever the reason, these phony Twitter accounts then follow real people like you and me in order to make their accounts appear authentic. Twitter banned 20,000 fake Twitter accounts associated with the Saudi, Egyptian, and Serbian governments in 2020.

In 2018 Twitter removed over 70 million fake Twitter followers who were spreading disinformation on the platform. Despite Twitter’s efforts, the number of bots appears to be increasing, and it’s better to remove fake Twitter followers from your account manually. Purchasing fake followers has been a stone age tradition. Brands and promotions now operate differently. The market is no longer as dense. Every action you take can be calculated directly. As a result, in order to be most appealing to businesses, you must have a clean and trustworthy profile! As a result, we’ve put up this tutorial for you. This post provides simple and quick ways to get rid of fake Twitter followers.

What Is the Purpose of Fake Followers?

Twitter has always been a popular platform for bot activity. Twitter is a platform where influential people can advertise their products and profiles. As a result, it started getting flooded with large ghost accounts in 2016. The dead profiles are run by fake Twitter followers. The more precise term would be “bloggers buy fake followers.” They are sometimes purchased in order to increase your followers and make you appear more appealing. You already know that the larger the audience, the greater the benefits. These ghost accounts can also be used to further specific agendas and political biases.

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How to Remove Fake Followers?

Whether you like it or not, you will have to deal with false Twitter followers at some point. As a result, in this part, we have given two methods for removing fake followers on Twitter.

Method #1: Manually Detecting and Deleting Fake Followers

The first way demands a great deal of patience and strength on your part. If you want to get rid of fake followers on Twitter, here is the place to go!

  1. Go to Twitter Analytics and enter your account information.
  2. This will allow you to check the percentage of dead accounts among your followers.
  3. Log in to Twitter in your browser using your profile credentials.
  4. Mark the accounts that have no activity in your account.
  5. Mark those that lack profile photos and details.
  6. Remove all fake Twitter accounts from your following list.
  7. Choose Remove this Follower by clicking the three dots.
  8. Continue the process until there are no more fake accounts.

The apparent feature of fake Twitter followers is that their accounts are inactive. They are unlikely to have recently liked, commented on, or shared your tweets. They may also lack a profile picture. Hence, choose and pick the fake Twitter followers with caution.

Method #2: Use Circleboom to Remove Fake Twitter Followers.

The first mode requires your efforts. This way of removing fake Twitter accounts is far more reliable. Yet, it may cost you money! Here’s what you should know.

  1. Sign up for Twitter at Circleboom.
  2. Circleboom needs your Twitter account information.
  3. In the upper left corner, click on the circle.
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4. Tap on “The Circle” and then on Fake/Spam.

5. You will be directed to a page with fake Twitter followers.

Their algorithm can help you identify fake Twitter accounts. As a result, there is no need to pull an all-nighter. Allow the app to do the work for you. If you have thousands of followers, using Circleboom could be your best bet.


Getting rid of fake Twitter followers is a hard task. Still, it is worthwhile. You can improve the quality of your profile. However, if half of your followers are fake, it does not appear professional, and your engagement rate is low. As a result, it will demonstrate that your fan base isn’t genuine. So, having organic followers is the greatest way to stay in the limelight. Wait for your following to increase. Don’t forget to get rid of fake Twitter followers first!

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