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How to Hide IP Address During WhatsApp Calls on iPhone & Android

by | Dec 24, 2023

When you use WhatsApp to make a call, the person you’re talking to can see your IP address. But sharing your IP address can show where you are and who your Internet Service Provider is. Luckily, WhatsApp lets you hide your IP address when you make calls.

Why You Should Hide Your IP Address During WhatsApp Calls

An IP address is a special number that identifies your device on the internet. It helps other devices connect to yours. But if someone knows your IP address, they can find out roughly where you are and who provides your internet.

This might not matter much to your friends and family, but bad people can use it against you. They can use your IP address to get info about your internet provider and then learn about your online activities. They sell this info to advertisers who use it to show you specific ads.

Because of these risks, it’s smart to hide your IP address when making WhatsApp calls to people you don’t know well.

How to Hide IP Address During WhatsApp Calls?

To hide your IP address during WhatsApp calls, follow these simple steps:

  • Open the WhatsApp app on your Android or iPhone.
  • Tap on your profile picture located in the bottom-right corner to access the WhatsApp Settings menu.
  • Look for the “Privacy” option and select it.
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How to Hide IP Address During WhatsApp Calls?
  • Tap on “Advanced” in the Privacy settings.
  • Find the toggle switch for “Protect IP address in calls” and turn it on.
How to Hide IP Address During WhatsApp Calls?
  • Once enabled, all your WhatsApp calls will go through WhatsApp’s servers instead of directly connecting to the person you’re calling. This ensures that your IP address remains hidden. Keep in mind that using this privacy setting might slightly affect the call quality.

By following these steps, you can protect your IP address during WhatsApp calls and maintain your privacy.

Is it Possible to Hide IP Address During Group Calls on WhatsApp?

No, you can’t hide your IP address during group calls on WhatsApp. But don’t worry, your IP address is automatically hidden during group calls because they are routed through WhatsApp’s servers. So, your privacy is protected by default in group conversations.

Other Ways to Protect Your Privacy on WhatsApp

Activating Two-Step Verification on WhatsApp is highly recommended to enhance the security and protect your privacy. Two-Step Verification adds an extra layer of protection to your WhatsApp account by requiring a six-digit PIN code that you set up. This PIN is needed whenever you register your phone number with WhatsApp again, providing an additional barrier against unauthorized access to your account.

By enabling Two-Step Verification, you create a stronger defense against potential security breaches, such as someone trying to gain unauthorized access to your WhatsApp account. It helps safeguard your personal conversations, media files, and other sensitive information stored within the app. Also read How to Disable End-to-End Encryption in WhatsApp.

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It’s important to choose a unique and secure PIN that you can remember but is not easily guessable by others. Additionally, WhatsApp allows you to provide an optional email address during the setup, which can be used to reset your PIN if you forget it.

Overall, enabling Two-Step Verification on WhatsApp is a proactive measure to protect your privacy and maintain control over your account. It’s highly recommended to activate this feature for added security.


Now that you know how to hide your IP address during WhatsApp calls on iPhone and Android, you can improve your privacy and have more control over your WhatsApp account. These steps help make your communication experience safer and more protected. If you found this article helpful, please leave a comment and share your ideas with us. To stay informed about the latest updates and news regarding social media platforms, apps, and devices, remember to subscribe to our daily newsletter.

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