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How To Hide Replies on Twitter

by | Sep 29, 2022

Twitter’s revolutionary “Hide Replies” function, one of the most significant modifications to the way Twitter operates since the birth of the Retweet, is now accessible to the entire Twitter user base. The company claims that the functionality will be available to all Twitter users across platforms, with only one minor change from previous testing. Designed to bring more balance to Twitter by giving the original writer discretion over which replies to their tweets remain visible, has been one of Twitter’s most contentious features to date. While no answers are really erased when a user decides to conceal them on Twitter, they are hidden behind one extra click. This implies that trolls, irrelevant, disrespectful, or otherwise offensive comments are not allowed to dominate the discussion.

Why did twitter add this feature?

Twitter believes that letting people know that abusive words and unacceptable behavior can be hidden would inspire more online civility. On the other hand, users may exploit the “Hide Replies” tool to quiet their critics or silence criticism, even when it is justified, such as when someone offers a fact check. The functionality was initially tested in Canada in July, followed by the United States and Japan in September, on both web and mobile platforms. Since its launch, Twitter has discovered that most individuals hide messages they feel are irrelevant, off-topic, or obnoxious. It was also discovered that users were employing this instead of stronger noise reduction tools such as block or mute. In Canada, 27% of those polled who had their tweets hidden stated they would reassess how they communicated with people in the future, which is a promising indicator.

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How To Hide Replies on Twitter

Possible issues with the feature

The feature, however, will be somewhat altered for its global launch. According to Twitter, some individuals wanted to take additional action after concealing a reply, so it will now check to see whether they also want to ban the replier. Some users also expressed concern of revenge because the icon remained displayed. Twitter is not making any changes on that front at the moment, but is exploring how to solve it. Another issue that was frequently raised on Twitter as the new feature was initially implemented was the huge pop-up message that shows when users see a tweet with hidden responses. Some users thought the message was so huge and distracting that it pushed them to pay more attention to the concealed responses than they would have otherwise.

How to Hide Twitter Replies

Twitter may be a jumble of original tweets, threads, retweets, favorites, and responses. Hiding responses on Twitter is one technique to reduce the noise. If you encounter a Twitter reply that you don’t like for any reason, you can hide it with just a few clicks.

How to Hide Twitter Replies
  • find the reply on your Twitter feed.
  • Tap or click on the menu icon.
  • Hide reply by clicking or tapping.
  • A confirmation window will appear. Hide reply by clicking or tapping the button. The response will no longer appear on your timeline.

How to See and Unhide Hidden Replies

By going to the initial tweet, you can see replies that you’ve concealed as well as those that others have hidden.

How to Hide Twitter Replies
  • On the bottom right of the initial tweet, click or press the hidden reply icon.
  • A list of concealed responses will appear.
  • Click or press the menu button next to the reply to reveal a hidden tweet. Then click or press the unhide reply button.
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Account Muting, Unfollowing, and Blocking

Other than reporting another user to Twitter, there are other ways to deal with bullying or general unpleasantness. If hiding replies isn’t enough, you can delete Twitter followers in three ways: muting, unfollowing, and blocking.


Account Muting

Muting a Twitter account allows you to remove a user’s tweets from your feed without unfollowing or banning them. You can still send direct messages to that individual, but you will no longer get alerts from their account. They will also be unaware that you have silenced them.


The term “unfollow” is self-explanatory. When you unfollow someone on Twitter, you will no longer see their tweets in your feed, but you will still see responses and retweets from people you follow. The individual will not be notified that you have unfollowed them, but they can find out by doing some detective work or utilizing third-party services.



The harshest method is to block a user. Their tweets will not appear on your feed. If someone you follow replies or retweets them, you’ll get a notification saying “this tweet is unavailable” below their response. Additionally, banned users cannot follow you on Twitter (nor can you follow them).


Remember that when you hide replies on twitter does not remove them completely. Yes, it’s been removed from the main thread, and people won’t see it right away. Anyone who clicks on the hidden tweet symbol (the dotted square) will be able to see all of the tweet responses you’ve concealed from that tweet. We’re not sure how efficient this concealing tweet responses business is. Some people may become more distrustful of you if they find out you are hiding replies. Consider blocking folks on Twitter who write particularly terrible things.

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What is the purpose of hiding replies on Twitter?

The purpose of hiding replies on Twitter is to give users more control over their conversations and to promote healthier online discussions.

How do I hide a reply on Twitter?

To hide a reply on Twitter, click on the arrow icon located in the top right corner of the tweet and select “Hide reply”. The reply will then be hidden from view.

Can I unhide a reply on Twitter?

Yes, you can unhide a reply on Twitter by clicking on the “Hidden Replies” icon located on the tweet and selecting “Unhide reply”. The reply will then be visible again.

Who can hide replies on Twitter?

Anyone can hide replies on Twitter, as long as they are the author of the tweet or a participant in the conversation.

Can I report a reply that has been hidden on Twitter?

Yes, you can still report a reply that has been hidden on Twitter. Click on the arrow icon located in the top right corner of the tweet and select “Report tweet”.

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