How to Make Your Own Sped-Up TikTok Audios?

Some of the most popular TikTok trends are sped-up audios of viral tunes. Popular songs spanning different genres, such as “Them Changes,” “Teenage Dirtbag,” and “Angeleyes,” have all gone viral with sped-up versions in recent years, occasionally leading to the artist releasing an official sped-up version of the music. Here’s a comprehensive tutorial on sped-up TikTok audios and how to create your own.

What Is a Sped-Up TikTok Audio?

A sped-up TikTok audio sounds exactly like a sped-up audio (or original sound) posted to TikTok. The high-pitched sound of the voice and backing track generally indicates that the audio has been sped up. The music sounds similar to a Chipmunk version of the song when the audio is sped up, although Chipmunk versions are frequently pitched up rather than sped up, allowing them to preserve the original speed. Before TikTok, sped-up music was referred to as night core. Nightcore was established by Norwegian students Thomas S. Nilse and Steffen Ojala Sderholm.

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They rose to prominence online in the mid-2000s as people began speeding up the music and creating AMVs for them. The first sped-up song to go popular on TikTok is unclear, although the app’s users have been using this approach since 2016 when TikTok was still known as We can see several sped-up versions of songs that we presume went past by searching “sped up Musically” on YouTube, including a version of Meghan Trainor’s “No” and a sped-up version of “The Last Time” by Flighthouse.

How Are Sped-Up TikTok Audios Used?

Sped-up TikTok audios are used in the same manner as other TikTok audios. Some people dance to them, others lip dub to them, while others still use them as background music for videos. While there is no specific reason for the popularity of these audios, TikTok videos are frequently short and fast. Hence, the sped-up audio allows the uploader to reach the point without wasting precious seconds. Sometimes sped-up music just sounds better. Others believe it helps in avoiding the app’s copyright detectors. Sped-up audios frequently go viral and become background music for popular trends. A sped-up version of “Sweater Weather” inspired a dance craze this year, a sped-up version of “Wings” inspired it made me think of your trend, and a sped-up version of “Violent Crimes” inspired many photo slideshows.

@camyxime01 @Ximenaaa @Cam #sweaterweather #trend #dance #baile #fyp #xyzbca #cuu ♬ Sweater Weather (Sped Up) – The Neighbourhood

How To Make a Sped-Up TikTok Audio?


A few apps available can be used to speed up audio, but CapCut is one of the simplest. First, download the audio you wish to speed up from a website such as YouTube. CapCut requires a video or photo to work, so select a video or photo from your camera roll to which you wish to add music.

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Launching the app and selecting a video or image file will send you to the editing interface. You should see the option to “add audio” beneath your chosen video or photo. Select “from device” and select the audio to be sped up, then click the “plus” button to add it to the selected video/photo. When you click on the audio, you should see a list of options, including a “speed up” icon. Tapping here will bring up a slider bar where you can change the speed and pitch of the audio.

 click the "plus"
"speed up" icon
"speed up" icon

All that remains is for you to upload the project file. You now have a video with the TikTok music sped up! Simply tap on the “original sound” scrolling text at the bottom of the video to use it in other videos. From there, you’ll notice all the videos that use the sound and a red notification at the bottom that says “Use this sound,” allowing you to use it in future videos. You can also save the audio as a favorite for easy access.


What is a sped-up TikTok audio?

A sped-up TikTok audio is a sound clip that has been modified to play faster than its original speed, often used in TikTok videos to create a fast-paced and energetic effect.

What are some tips for creating a good sped-up TikTok audio?

Some tips for creating a good sped-up TikTok audio include selecting a high-energy and catchy sound clip, experimenting with different speed settings to find the right balance, and considering adding effects or filters to enhance the overall sound.

Can I use copyrighted music for my sped-up TikTok audio?

It is not recommended to use copyrighted music for your sped-up TikTok audio, as this can result in copyright infringement. Instead, consider using royalty-free music or creating your own original sound clip.

How long should my sped-up TikTok audio be?

The length of your sped-up TikTok audio will depend on the length of your video and the desired effect. Generally, a shorteraudio clip of around 10-15 seconds works well for most TikTok videos.

Can I slow down a TikTok audio instead of speeding it up?

Yes, you can slow down a TikTok audio using the same software or app that you use to speed it up. Slowing down a TikTok audio can create a different effect and mood in your video.

How can I ensure that my sped-up TikTok audio is synced with my video?

To ensure that your sped-up TikTok audio is synced with your video, you can use the editing tools in TikTok or your preferred video editing software to align the audio with the visual elements of your video.

Can I use a sped-up TikTok audio for other social media platforms besides TikTok?

Yes, you can use a sped-up TikTok audio on other social media platforms, such as Instagram or YouTube, as long as you comply with their respective terms of use and community guidelines.

How can I make my sped-up TikTok audio stand out from others?

To make your sped-up TikTok audio stand out from others,consider selecting a unique and memorable sound clip, experimenting with different speed settings to find a unique and interesting effect, and adding your own personal touch or creative flair to the audio. You can also try collaborating with other TikTok creators to create a unique and engaging audio that stands out from the rest.


Creating your own sped-up TikTok audios can be a fun and creative way to add something unique to your TikTok videos. Using various apps and editing tools, you can easily speed up your chosen sound or music track to fit your desired pace and style. Following the steps outlined in this guide, you can create custom sped-up audio in no time. Whether you’re using it for a dance challenge or adding flair to your content, experimenting with sped-up audios can take your TikTok experience to the next level.

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