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How To Merge Twitter Accounts?

by | Mar 27, 2023

If you’ve ever tried to manage many Twitter accounts, you know how difficult it can be. You must not only engage your followers by creating targeted, quality content, but you must also keep your brand message consistent across all accounts. Doesn’t it seem a little overwhelming? It might be, which is why you should consider combining your Twitter accounts instead. You can boost your brand story and attract a larger pool of followers by unifying your Twitter presence across two or more individual accounts. What is the issue? There is currently no official way to “merge” Twitter accounts. Even if you can’t exactly merge your current accounts, you can still manage them as a single unit in terms of marketing. This post will provide all of the information needed to merge two Twitter accounts. Continue reading to find out how it works!

How To Merge Twitter Accounts?

There are various reasons why you opt to create multiple Twitter accounts. In fact, because you can manage all of your accounts on Twitter, you can have as many as you want. The surprising aspect of Twitter is that no actual name is required. If you supply distinct emails for each account, you’re set to go. Assume you used to have a personal Twitter account and have just launched a new business. Opening a new account for the new brand is ideal in situations like these. So, how do I combine or merge both accounts? You can do this using the methods described below.

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Method #1: Combining Both Accounts on Your Dashboard

This is Twitter’s method of managing numerous accounts from a single device. The process is the same across all platforms, including iOS and Android applications and webpages. The idea behind this strategy is that you handle two accounts at the same time. Yet, if you have a significant following on both accounts, it can be huge. Here’s how to merge two Twitter accounts using the dashboard:

  1. Launch your Twitter app, which has a light blue background with a white bird integrated.
  2. If you haven’t already, enter the first account’s information and click the login button.
  3. After successfully logging in, tap on your profile avatar.
  4. You will see two options for adding a new or existing account.
  5. If you want to add another account, select Add an Existing Account.
  6. If you don’t already have an account, click Create a New Account.

You can use these approaches to merge and manage up to five separate accounts on a single device. The only difference between this and the webpage approach is that your profile avatar is at the bottom right. The disadvantage of this method is that you have different followers on each account. You can also tweet, react to messages, retweet, and do everything independently on each account.

Method #2: Using Similar Id and Create Awareness

This method’s concept is practical, but you must put in the effort for it to be successful. As a result, your followers from one account will be more likely to follow you on the other. You can create a similar Twitter handle that seems to be a clone of the official account. If the first account is @twitteracademy, the second account might be @twitteracademyy. This is available for both new and existing accounts since Twitter allows you to change your alias at any moment. Hence, using a similar username, you can tweet about switching to the other account. You can even change your bio to reflect the new handle and invite users to follow you there. Here’s how to merge Twitter accounts by using similar usernames and raising awareness:

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1. Launch the Twitter app and, if required, log in.

2. On the app’s homepage, click on “More”.

3. Next, from the list of options, select Settings and Support.

4. Choose “Settings and privacy”.

5. Click the first option, “Your account,” on the resulting window.

6. Next select the “Account information” option.

7. Next, you’ll see your account information; select “username” to change your handle.

How to Manage Your Twitter Accounts When You Change Your Business Name?

A name change can begin a bright new future for your business, whether you’re rebuilding your brand or expanding into new product or service offerings. But, if you’ve been managing your Twitter account(s) well, you’ll most likely have a rising number of followers who recognize you by a certain name or handle. People will be taken aback if you abruptly change your Twitter username or business name! How do you make the name change and properly tell your followers? Here’s how to convey a business name change with little difficulty, no matter how many accounts you manage.

1. Change Your Username

Change your username to the new business name in your account settings. Before you do this, tell your followers to let them know you’re still active. A username change is an excellent chance to convey your brand’s story and the reasons for the name change, so consider running ads or other marketing materials to tell your audience.

2. Update Your Bio

Replace your Twitter bio(s) with the new name. Because every follower reads your bio when they visit your profile, using your new company name provides maximum exposure. You can also pin a Tweet with the information.

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3. Contact Your Followers

You may have lost followers if you switched to a new account. Perhaps they haven’t received the notification yet, or they have opted to stop following you.

There’s just one way to figure out what’s going on: contact your followers who haven’t switched to your new handle. Marketing tools such as Audiense and Sprout Social can help you find them. Next, either target them with ads or remind them by email (if you have it). Deactivate your old accounts after you’re certain you’ve hit the maximum number of followers.


While Twitter does not allow you to merge two accounts directly, you can do it this way. These methods will allow you to access both accounts at the same time and build an audience. As a result, for the time being, the two methods described will allow you to manage two accounts at once if you do not wish to delete any.

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