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How to Post Anonymously on Facebook Group

by | Oct 24, 2023

If you want to talk about your worries or ask for help in a Facebook group without telling others who you are, this blog will show you how to do it step by step. If you don’t know, Facebook groups have a feature called “Anonymous post.” It lets group members create posts without showing their name. They can also reply to comments on their posts without revealing their identity. This works on both computers and phones. It’s great for people who want to share their feelings without being judged. At first, this feature was only in “Parenting” groups, but now it’s in all kinds of groups. If you keep reading, you’ll learn how to make anonymous posts in Facebook groups in 2023. And you’ll also find out why you can’t always post anonymously in a Facebook group.

What Are Anonymous Posts in Facebook Groups

Anonymous posts in Facebook groups are when people share things without showing their names. This means no one in the group knows who they are. Even when they chat in the comments, their names are still hidden.

But, remember, group admins and Facebook itself can still see who’s behind the anonymous posts. This helps keep things safe and makes sure everyone follows the rules.

Before this feature came along in 2020, if you wanted to post without your name, you had to ask a group admin to do it for you. Now, you can do it yourself and join in the conversations in the comments. And, as of June 2021, it’s not just for parenting groups; it’s for all kinds of groups.

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How to Post Anonymously on Facebook Group

Why Do People Want to Post Anonymously

People want to talk about sensitive stuff in Facebook Groups without everyone knowing who they are. This is especially important in public groups where anyone can see.

Facebook first gave this feature to parenting groups because parents sometimes need to discuss things they’re not comfortable talking about openly. But, anonymous posting is helpful for many other touchy subjects. Now that it’s available in all Facebook Groups, it can be really useful for groups talking about things like:

  • Personal matters like sex, sexuality, politics, or religion
  • Issues like racism, ageism, or discrimination
  • Tough stuff like grief, trauma, or violence
  • Experiences of people with special needs (like disabilities)
  • Job stuff, like how you’re doing at work
  • Questions about relationships
  • Money problems
  • Discussions about hygiene (like how often to shower)
  • Talk about looks and body parts
  • Personal struggles like alcoholism or mental health
  • Touchy topics like animal tourism or breaking the law

There are lots of topics where anonymous posting can help. Even in private groups, people feel better knowing they can talk about these topics anonymously. They might not want to be known, contacted privately, or embarrassed in front of others. It’s a way to keep things completely private.

In a group about long-distance relationships, anonymous posting lets people ask questions about their relationships without their partners seeing. In a travel group, it helps when planning surprises for partners who are also in the group. It’s like a safe space to discuss personal stuff.

Since we started using anonymous posting in our long-distance relationship group, more people are posting, and our community is getting stronger. People are talking about real and honest things, which makes the group better for everyone.

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So, anonymous posting is making our community stronger and more valuable for our members. And when our members are happy, we’re happy too.

How to Post Anonymously on Facebook Group? [Desktop / Laptop]

Here’s how to hide your name when posting in a Facebook group on your computer:

  • Open Facebook on your computer and pick the group where you want to post anonymously.
  • Find the place where you can write a post and click on “Anonymous Post.”
How to Post Anonymously on Facebook Group? [Desktop / Laptop]
  • Before you create the post, turn on “Post Anonymously.”
How to Post Anonymously on Facebook Group? [Desktop / Laptop]
  • You’ll see a message that explains how anonymous posts work. Click “I want to post anonymously” to confirm.
How to Post Anonymously on Facebook Group? [Desktop / Laptop]
  • Write your post and click ‘submit.’ When it goes live, your name will be shown as “Group member” in private groups. In public groups, it will appear as “Group participant.”
How to Post Anonymously on Facebook Group? [Desktop / Laptop]

How to Post Anonymously on Facebook Group on Mobile? [Android/ iPhone]

  • Open the Facebook app on your mobile. Tap the menu button (three horizontal lines) and choose ‘Groups’ to pick the group where you want to make an anonymous post.
  • In the section where you can write a post, tap on “Anonymous Post.”
How to Post Anonymously on Facebook Group on Mobile? [Android/ iPhone]
  • Turn on the “Post Anonymously” switch, then create your post.
How to Post Anonymously on Facebook Group on Mobile? [Android/ iPhone]
  • You’ll see a message on your screen saying your post will be checked and approved before it’s shown.
How to Post Anonymously on Facebook Group on Mobile? [Android/ iPhone]
  • Tap “Submit” or choose “Cancel” if you need to make any changes.

Important Note: Remember that when you post anonymously, the group admins, moderators, and Facebook can still see your name and profile picture. This is to keep the groups safe and make sure all posts follow Facebook’s rules.

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Why Can’t I Post Anonymously on Facebook Group?

Why is it not possible for me to make anonymous posts in a Facebook group? There are two main reasons for this:

  • The people who run the group (the admin(s)) have not allowed anonymous posts.
  • The group you’re trying to post in doesn’t have the option for anonymous posts.

That’s pretty much the explanation.


By using anonymous posting, you can share and seek advice on various topics like relationships, personal issues, and more. It’s a way to express yourself without judgment. While you can’t hide your identity from group admins and Facebook itself, this ensures safety and compliance with the platform’s rules.

So, if you’re wondering how to post anonymously in a Facebook group, the key is to check if the group admin allows it and if the feature is available for that specific group.

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