How To Post Anonymously on Facebook?

Do you want to remain anonymous when chatting with a Facebook group? Any post shared in a group is available to everyone, including the owner’s data. However, Facebook allows groups to activate anonymous posting, which allows someone to share something without the group members knowing who contributed it. This way, you can stay anonymous when discussing a certain topic. We’ll talk about what anonymous Facebook posts mean and why you should share anonymous group posts. We will also look at how to enable anonymous posting on Facebook groups and how to post anonymously on Facebook. Check it out!

What is Anonymous Posting in a Facebook Group?

Facebook groups are made up of many people, each with their own personality. When discussing various topics, it feels safer to text back without knowing who shared a certain opinion. Anonymous posting is a Facebook feature that was designed to help parenting Facebook groups. Any Facebook group, however, can activate the feature, and when someone decides to communicate anonymously, their profile image and name will be visible only to the moderators, admin, and Facebook. Other members are unable to tell who shared a post or comment. People usually use anonymous posting to discuss delicate issues in public. The function is useful when you wish to share non-biased opinions without the worry of others determining which viewpoint belongs to which group member. When posting anonymously to a Facebook group, you cannot tag anyone.

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How To Enable Anonymous Posting

Before group members can use the anonymous posting option, the group admin must enable it. So, if you are a group administrator and wish to enable anonymous posting, take the following steps:

  • Go to the group section.
Go to groups
  • 2. Choose a group.
Choose a group
  • Once on the group page, click “Admin Tools” and then “Settings” at the bottom.
  • Scroll to “Features” and look for “Anonymous Posting.”
  • On the right side of the anonymous posting, click the pencil icon.
  • The screen “Anonymous Post” will appear, describing how the function works.
  • Scroll down to the “Anonymous Posting” area and choose “On.”
Anonymous Posting
  • Finally, click the “Save” button to apply the changes.
Hit save

That is how anonymous posting on a Facebook group is enabled. Members of the group can then locate and use the function while messaging, as explained in the section below. If you ever need to disable the feature, simply follow the same steps but select “Off” instead of “On.”

How to Post on Facebook Anonymously

With the anonymous posting function enabled, any Facebook group member can now anonymously comment, reply, or post on a Facebook group. Follow the instructions below to post anonymously in a group. Please keep in mind that the steps are the same for both the online version and the mobile Facebook app.

  • Click “Groups” on the left or the three lines at the top or bottom of the screen, then click “Groups.”
  • Under “Your Groups,” choose the target group.
Your Groups
  • Under the “Create a public post” section, locate and click the “Anonymous Post” option.
  • After reading the message, click the “Create Anonymous Post” option at the bottom.
  • The screen “Create Post” will display. Send an anonymous message in the same way you would a normal conversation. You can even include media files.
  • When you’re finished, click the “Submit” button at the bottom.
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Create post

Your post will be shared with the administrators and moderators, and if they accept it, it will be published for other group members to engage with. Bingo! Your first anonymous post has now been shared in your Facebook group. Repeat the process to share more anonymous posts. Keep in mind that the administration and moderators will view your name and profile information. Furthermore, Facebook can reveal your name to ensure that you adhere to its community standards.


Who can read my anonymous Facebook Group post?

When you share an anonymous post, every member of the group will see it. However, your name will be hidden from the other members, and they will be unable to determine who shared the anonymous message. Only the group admin and moderators will see your profile picture and details.

How can I create an anonymous Facebook post?

To create an anonymous post, the admin must have enabled the anonymous post function on the Facebook group. When you enable the option, you should see a button for anonymous posts on the group. To create and post anonymously, click on it and follow the on-screen prompts. Before reaching the group, your post will be shared with the group admin and moderators for approval.


Anonymous posting on Facebook is an excellent way for group members to express their genuine opinions and ideas on sensitive issues without fear of being criticized. By remaining anonymous, anyone can discuss a difficult issue without revealing their name to other group members. This guide addressed every aspect of anonymous posting.

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