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How To Post Art on Twitter?

by | Apr 30, 2023

Are you an artist wanting to improve your social media presence? Do you have a Twitter account but don’t know how to advertise it? Twitter is an excellent venue for marketing your work since it allows you to reach hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people. Yet, not many artists understand how to promote themselves and grow a following on this famous platform. Building a large following requires consistency, engagement, and quality content. This guide will go over all you need to know about how to post art on Twitter and increase engagement.

How To Boost Credibility on Twitter?

art on twitter

Twitter can be a fantastic social media marketing tool for any artist by incorporating images, repeating Tweets, and using creative apps. The most critical thing is to stay consistent and to plan your Tweets regularly.

Your Profile Should Reflect Who You Are and What You Do

As an artist, you don’t want people to doubt you because you say you do art on your profile. In the bio/about part of your Twitter profile, you can provide a short description of yourself and what you do. You want to offer a brief description of yourself as an artist and the type of art you create. You can make it as unique and funny or as official as you like. Include a nice profile photo with the description, since this will be tied to every tweet/art you post on the app. The header should be simple and include one of your works. Update it so that it is constantly up to date.

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Other Things to Tweet

You obviously want to promote your artwork as much as possible, but you don’t want it to be the only thing you do on the app. As previously said, Twitter is a very dynamic platform, and you want people to learn about the depth and beauty of your work through exchanges. If you’re a new artist, this will help you establish an engaged following that will help your art gain popularity. As a result, you should include additional topics in your tweets that encourage others to participate. So, during interactions, you can promote your work and tell stories about it.

Have a Pinned Tweet

Some social media platforms include a pin option that allows you to pin a tweet to the top of your tweets so that others notice it first and don’t have to browse through your profile. This pinned tweet should be one of your best pieces of art you’re able to use to get likes. Even when you tweet, you can direct people to your pinned tweet in order for them to engage and share with others. The pinned tweet will stay until you replace it with something more appropriate.

Use Your Hashtags

Art hashtags

Art Hashtags will help promote your tweets and increase the visibility of your profile. You can utilize Twitter trends and hashtags to help your art reach a wider range of viewers. This will increase the number of likes and, ideally, make your art go viral.

Art hashtags example: #art #artist #portfolioday #artvsartist #painting #photography #drawing #abstract #artinfo #illustration #artwork #wip #digitalart

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Understand when your followers engage with your tweets.

Knowing how and when your followers prefer to connect with your tweets is one of the most crucial aspects of Twitter. If you discover that your followers are most active in the nights, upload your artwork then. As you receive engagements at the designated times, make sure you respond and communicate with your followers. Use your 280-character limit wisely to express yourself as clearly as possible. Apart from being an artist wanting to gain popularity on Twitter, show your fans that you have depth and that your work is not superficial. If your work has a backstory, don’t be afraid to share it with your viewers.

Keep a Twitter Schedule

Consistency is important in your art marketing routine, as it is in everything else. Maintain a consistent timetable for your tweets to enhance visibility and interaction. Examine which types of tweets elicit the most responses. You can also discover the optimal times to schedule your tweets.

Post Tweets at the Appropriate Times

According to experts, the early morning and late nighttime hours are the most popular. Of course, the optimal times to tweet vary depending on your target audience and time zone. Experiment and notice when your audience is most attentive. Then, schedule your tweets based on what works best for you.


What types of art can I post on Twitter?

You can post almost any type of art file to your Twitter account, including photographs, drawings, paintings, and digital art.

How do I make my art look good on Twitter?

To make your art look good on Twitter, it’s important to consider the dimensions and resolution of your image. Twitter recommends a minimum size of 440 pixels wide by 220 pixels tall, with a maximum file size of 5MB. It’s also a good idea to crop your image to remove any unnecessary background or whitespace.

Should I use hashtags when posting my art on Twitter?

Yes, using hashtags can help your art reach a wider audience on Twitter. Consider using hashtags that are relevant to your art style, medium, or subject matter, as well as general art hashtags like #art or #artist. You can also use trending hashtags that are related to current events or popular culture to increase visibility.

How often should I post my art on Twitter?

There’s no hard and fast rule for how often you should post your art on Twitter, but it’s generally a good idea to aim for consistency. You could try posting once or twice a week or even daily if you have a lot of content to share. The key is to find a schedule that works for you and stick to it.


Using this approach, you can easily post art on Twitter, gain impressions and engagements, and eventually become viral. Best of luck, and keep being creative!

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