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How To Post Long Videos on Twitter?

by | Mar 30, 2023

With Twitter, you can initially upload a video of up to 30 seconds in length. A regular Twitter user’s maximum video duration is 140 seconds, or 2 minutes and 20 seconds. This means that you can now upload a video longer than 2 minutes on Twitter, which Twitter increased later in 2016. You can post videos up to 10 minutes long if you use Twitter’s professional publisher service. But, you must first obtain Twitter’s approval.  Since 2016, more than half of users have posted video tweets, and 90% of Twitter videos are seen on mobile phones. More individuals than ever before want to post video content on Twitter. But, there is a workaround for posting videos longer than 30 seconds to Twitter. People are generally unaware that this option exists since Twitter has only made it available to commercial accounts. The guide detailed which videos are acceptable on Twitter and how to post long videos on Twitter using two easy strategies. Continue reading if you’re interested in learning more about the topic!

What Videos Does Twitter Accept?

Twitter made it easier to begin sharing videos on the platform, although there are limitations on the size and duration of allowed videos. Twitter used to be a written-format platform, so it’s great that videos can be posted. Most platforms put limitations on the kind of media that can be seen on their platforms. The following are the requirements for posting videos on Twitter:

  • Landscape resolution of 1920px by 1200px and portrait resolution of 1200px by 900px.
  • MP4 and MOV file types are supported.
  • A maximum video length of 140 seconds is allowed.
  • Personal accounts have a maximum file size of 512MB.
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Although Twitter allows videos to be up to 140 seconds long, keeping them between 20 and 45 seconds is recommended for the highest engagement. But, for content creators who want to post long videos, the sections below detail two easy methods you can use.

How To Post Long Videos on Twitter in 2 Ways

As previously stated, Twitter has guidelines that must be followed while posting a video to the platform. One such rule is that the video be no more than 140 seconds in duration. What happens if you wish to share a lengthy video? This section includes two options from which to pick.

1. Using YouTube

When posting lengthier videos on Twitter, one of the simplest ways is to tweet the video as a link to the YouTube channel that includes the video. This strategy is ideal for creators who have a YouTube channel where they can save all of their videos. Depending on the version of Twitter you’re using, you may be able to see a preview of the video. Some versions, on the other hand, direct users to the YouTube channel where the video can be found. If you find that the majority of your followers use a browser, the video will play without trouble. To use this strategy, you must first upload your video to YouTube and then share the URL on Twitter.

2. Using a Twitter Ad Account

The first method is excellent for people who have no problem posting a video as a YouTube link. If you don’t want to use that way, you can use a Twitter Ad account. Although you will not be charged for the services, you may be required to input your credit card information when creating your Twitter Ad Account. Follow the steps below to create an Ad Twitter account and post a lengthy video:

  1. If you are eligible, create a Twitter Ad Account.
  2. If necessary, enter the card details.
  3. The card information does not mean that you will be charged in the future.
  4. Tap on “Creatives” once your account is registered and select “Videos”.
  5. Accept the terms of service.
  6. Click the “Upload” button to add a Twitter video.
  7. Tap “Compose Tweet” and add relevant data such as the title and description.
  8. After you’re finished, publish your video.
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In comparison to Twitter’s standard 140-second limit, a Twitter Ad Account allows you to post longer videos of up to 10 minutes.

Commonly asked questions

Is it possible to tweet long videos?

Yes. Twitter limits the length of videos that users can post on the platform, but there are simple workarounds. One simple approach is to publish the video as a YouTube link or to create a Twitter Ad account that can upload up to 10 minutes of video.

What is the current Twitter video length and file size limit?

Twitter has a maximum video duration limit of 2 minutes and 20 seconds, or 140 seconds overall. You can also post videos up to 10 minutes long by contacting your Twitter account manager [applicable only to business accounts]. When it comes to video file size, you can upload videos up to 1 GB in size. If the file size exceeds 1GB, the resolution and/or bitrate must be reduced.


Twitter allows users to post videos of up to 140 seconds in length, but that doesn’t mean you can’t post longer videos. This post has covered two methods for uploading long videos to the platform.

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