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How To Quote a Tweet on Twitter?

by | Nov 21, 2022

One of the most beneficial things you can do using this platform is to create an original tweet of your own and then share it with others. Twitter allows its users to share their opinions in a manner that is both effective and quick. On this platform, readers can find news, photos, relevant videos, interesting articles, and other people’s tweets, all of which are made possible by the site’s sharing functions, such as the traditional Retweet button. But if you’ve reached the point when you’re sick of retweeting and you want to try something else, it’s time to quote a tweet on Twitter!

What Exactly Is a Tweet Quote?

You are not restricted to only sharing your tweets when you use Twitter. You can also share the tweets of other people by using the retweet function on Twitter. When you retweet, you are sharing another user’s tweet on your own Twitter feed, often so that more people (your followers) can see the tweet. A retweet can also be thought of as a quote tweet. A straightforward retweet is just the act of sharing another user’s tweet. You can share another user’s tweet and add your own comment using the “quote” function on Twitter. Tweets containing a quote are occasionally referred to as “Retweets with Comments.”

How to Make the Most of Tweeting Quotes

Tweets that contain quotes are quite prevalent on Twitter. These are fast and straightforward methods to contribute your opinions to a discussion about a currently popular topic. Because these tweets reference the topic you are talking about, using quote tweets is an excellent approach to add context to your thoughts. You also have the option to quote tweet your previous tweets. This gives you the ability to comment on those tweets to provide a different perspective or draw attention to a tweet which subject matter is relevant to a topic you’re discussing. You can also use quote tweets to highlight other tweets having news stories, videos, or pictures by utilizing the comment portion to explain why you believed it was necessary to share it. 

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What Is the Difference Between a Quote Tweet and a Retweet?

The main difference between a quote tweet and a retweet is that a quote tweet allows you to add your own commentary or reaction to the original tweet before sharing it on your own timeline, while a retweet simply shares the original tweet on your timeline without any additional commentary.

When you retweet someone else’s tweet, the original tweet and the username of the original author appear on your timeline as if you posted it yourself. On the other hand, when you quote someone else’s tweet, you can add your own comments before the original tweet appears on your timeline. The original tweet is embedded within your tweet, so your followers can see the original tweet as well as your comments.

Another difference between a quote tweet and a retweet is that when you retweet someone else’s tweet, the original tweet appears on your followers’ timeline with your name as the source. When you quote someone else’s tweet, your tweet with the original tweet embedded in it appears on your followers’ timeline with your name as the source.

Overall, while both retweets and quote tweets help to amplify the original message, quote tweets allow for more personalization and the addition of your own thoughts and opinions.

How to Make Use of Twitter’s “Quote Tweet” Function

Now let’s take a break from retweeting for a second and instead focus on quoting a tweet! Continue reading to understand how to get started with the Quote Tweet feature – it can be valuable for your efforts to promote your company on Twitter!

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Step 1: Open either the Twitter website or the Twitter app on your mobile device.

You can log in to your account by going to the website or launching the Twitter app on your device. Thankfully, the procedure of using Quote Tweet on all platforms operates almost exactly the same way.

Step 2: Find the Tweet You Want to Quote

Finding the tweet you need to quote on Twitter is an essential step. Because you can’t quote multiple tweets at once, you’ll need to choose how you use the Quote Tweet feature carefully. Consider first if it would be more beneficial to have that tweet quoted or retweeted. If you have already decided, then you can move on to Quote Tweet.

Step 3: After selecting or tapping the Retweet icon, select “Quote Tweet” from the menu that appears.

Quote a Tweet on Twitter

Click or tap the “Retweet” button once you have located the tweet you want to quote. Because this indicator resembles a pair of arrows, locating it shouldn’t present too much of a challenge for you. Be careful not to become confused at this stage; after you have clicked the “Retweet” button or icon, you will have to pick the correct option in order to quote a tweet.

Step 4: Write a Comment or Opinion Before Tweeting

Quote a Tweet

A menu will display in a pop-up window.  Here, tap or click on “Quote Tweet.” You can also quickly choose to retweet it if you’d like. In the dialog box for the Quote Tweet, you can write your own comment, add up to four pictures, or any quote you want to add.

Step 5: Click the “Retweet” button, then retweet your previous comments.

then retweet

When you have completed writing the quote comment, you are free to go on to post it. To make the tweet visible to all of your followers on Twitter, all you need to do is click on the “Retweet” button; this is how you quote tweets! It’s not that hard at all. Keep in mind that the process outlined here is the same across all Twitter platforms.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Is it possible to count a tweet that quotes another as a retweet?

No, a tweet that quotes another tweet is not considered a retweet. A retweet is when you share someone else’s tweet on your own timeline without adding any additional commentary. When you quote a tweet, you are adding your own commentary or reaction to the original tweet before sharing it on your own timeline. While quoting a tweet still helps to amplify the original message, it is not considered a retweet in terms of social media metrics and analytics.

Which feature of Twitter, Retweets or Quote Tweets, is more effective?

Different goals can be accomplished through the use of retweets and quote tweets on Twitter. If you merely want to share an intriguing post with your followers, you can use the Retweet button to directly repost it on the platform. This is useful if you only have a few minutes to spare. However, if you want to add your own thoughts and insights to the post, you can simply do so by using the quote tweet feature, which was designed specifically for this reason.

Is quoting tweets considered impolite?

Tweeting is generally considered acceptable behavior by the vast majority of users on the platform; however, depending on the circumstances, it may be perceived as impolite behavior by some users.


In conclusion, quoting a tweet on Twitter is a great way to share your thoughts and opinions on a particular topic while also amplifying the original message. By using the quote tweet function, you can personalize your tweets, add your own commentary, and provide context to your followers. While there are differences between quote tweets and retweets, both can be effective in their own way. Whether you’re using Twitter for personal or professional reasons, knowing how to quote a tweet can be an invaluable tool. So why not sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date with the latest news and updates about social media? By doing so, you’ll be able to stay ahead of the curve and make the most of your social media presence.

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