How To Recharge TikTok Coins?

TikTok Recharge is a new TikTok feature that allows users to recharge their accounts by spending TikTok coins. The platform only provides two recharge methods, making it easy for users to select and use their preferred method. You may occasionally encounter a coin deficit in your TikTok app. As a result, if you’re wondering how to recharge TikTok coins quickly, check out this post.

What is TikTok recharge?

TikTok recharge, as the name suggests, is when you want to recharge your TikTok coins. When you want additional TikTok coins, you must recharge them. You can do this by heading to the settings page and clicking the “Recharge” option. You can select the number of coins to add to your account there. The process is simple and should just take a few minutes. Continue reading to learn how to use TikTok recharge to get more TikTok coins.

How do I recharge TikTok coins?

There are two ways to recharge your TikTok coin balance:

Option 1: Watch sponsored videos from sponsors through the TikTok app.

These videos are usually short (15 seconds or less) and feature a “Watch and Earn” button underneath them. After watching the video, you will earn a set quantity of TikTok coins, which will instantly be credited to your account.

Option 2: You can also buy TikTok coins and do the TikTok recharge.

Tap on the “Me” button at the bottom of the TikTok app and pick “Coins” from the menu. You can then pick how many TikTok coins you wish to buy (prices range from $0.99 for 100 coins to $99.99 for 10,000 coins). TikTok coins will be added to your account balance immediately after you select your desired amount and confirm your payment.

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How do you use TikTok coins?

Once you have TikTok coins in your account balance, you can use them to buy virtual gifts for other TikTok users. Go to the user’s profile and click the “Gift” icon below their video to do so. You can then browse through the various virtual gifts available for purchase and select the one you want to send. Each gift costs a certain number of TikTok coins, and you can see how many each gift costs before purchasing.

How can I get free TikTok coins?

A few options are available to you if you want to recharge TikTok tokens for free. Do the TikTok recharge for free:

  • One option is to use TikTok’s “coin dropping” feature. With this feature, you can earn coins by viewing videos and performing tasks within the app. You can normally earn between 1 and 5 coins for every task, and the more you complete, the more likely you will receive a coin drop.
  • Participating in TikTok contests and challenges is another option. Several of these challenges include coin prizes, and by playing, you could earn many free coins.
  • Lastly, using promotional coupons is another option to earn free TikTok coins. These codes can be found on many websites and social media platforms, and when redeemed, they will provide you with a specific amount of free coins to spend on the app, allowing you to recharge TikTok tokens for free.

How to recharge your TikTok wallet?

  1. Launch TikTok App.
  2. Tap on “Profile.”
Step 2: Profile

3. Tap on the hamburger button.

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Step 3: Tap on the hamburger button

4. Select “Security and Privacy.”

step 4: "Security and Privacy

5. Then Select “Balance.”

step 5: Select "Balance."

6. Tap on “Recharge.”

step 6: Tap on "Recharge.

7. Choose your preferred recharging plan.

step 7: Choose your preferred recharging plan.

8. After picking the plan of your choice, click on the Payment Method that best fits you.

step 8: After picking the plan of your choice, click on the Payment Method that best fits you.

9. Choose “Redeem Code”: The most cost-effective option is to pick “Redeem Code” so that you can enter the code and receive some benefits from it. Put your code in the space provided.

step 9:  Choose "Redeem Code"

10. After entering the code, hit the “Redeem” button to complete the purchase.

TikTok recharge does not function

There might be several reasons why your TikTok recharge isn’t working. The first thing you need do is verify your internet connection to ensure that you are connected. Once you’re connected, the next step is to see if any outages in your area could be interfering with your service. You can confirm this by visiting the TikTok website’s Outage Map. If there have been no reported interruptions, the next step is to contact TikTok customer care.

How do I recharge my TikTok gift?

To recharge your TikTok gift, you must have a valid credit or debit card. You can recharge your TikTok gift by navigating the TikTok website’s “Gift” page and selecting the “Recharge” option. After selecting “Recharge,” you will be requested to input your credit or debit card information. When you’ve provided your credit or debit card information, you can pick the number of TikTok coins you’d want to recharge.

Frequently asked questions

How do I recharge TikTok Coins?

To recharge your TikTok Coins, you’ll need to go to your profile page and tap on the “Three Dots” icon in the top right corner. From there, select “Balance” and then “Recharge.” You can then choose how many Coins you want to purchase and select your payment method.

What payment methods can I use to recharge my TikTok Coins?

The available payment methods may vary depending on your location, but generally you can use credit or debit cards, PayPal, or other online payment methods.

How much do TikTok Coins cost?

The cost of TikTok Coins may vary depending on your location and the number of Coins you want to purchase. However, as of September 2021, in the United States, the price ranges from $0.99 for 100 coins to $99.99 for 10,000 coins.

What can I do with TikTok Coins?

You can use TikTok Coins to purchase virtual gifts, which you can then send to other users on TikTok as a way of showing your support or appreciation. The value of the virtual gifts ranges from 1 to 1000 Coins.

Can I get a refund for TikTok Coins?

TikTok’s policy on refunds may vary depending on your location and the circumstances of your purchase. However, in general, TikTok does not offer refunds for virtual items such as Coins or virtual gifts. It’s a good idea to carefully consider your purchase before making it to avoid any issues.


In this post, we will explain how to recharge your TikTok account for free and everything you need to know about TikTok recharge. We hope you found our advice useful and that you’ll be able to enjoy all of the excellent things TikTok has to offer without spending a dollar.

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