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How to Remove Background Noise from Video on iPhone

by | Sep 26, 2023

Background noise is a common issue when recording videos on an iPhone. The built-in microphones on iPhones are not the best, so many people opt to use an external microphone for better audio quality. If you’re interested, you can check our list of recommended microphones for iPhones. We’ve reviewed six popular options there. Unfortunately, not everyone pays close attention to their audio quality, especially non-professionals. However, whether you’re recording a podcast or shooting a video in a noisy environment, you’ll likely end up with unwanted background noise. This noise can come from sources like wind, background music, white noise, electrical hum, or even a ceiling fan. So let’s learn how to remove background noise from video on iPhone.

Why is Removing Background Noise from Videos Important?

Reasons to Remove Background Noise from VideosBenefits
Improved audio quality– Enhances clarity and intelligibility of audio- Easier for viewers to understand and engage with the content
Professionalism– Creates a polished and professional-looking video- Leaves a positive impression on the audience
Focus on the main content– Ensures viewers can concentrate on important information or message being conveyed
Better viewer experience– Provides a pleasant and enjoyable viewing experience- Eliminates distractions and enhances immersion
Increased engagement– Captures and retains viewer attention- Encourages viewers to watch the video until the end

How to Remove Background Noise from Video on iPhone

If you want to get rid of background noise in your videos on your iPhone, you’ll need to use third-party apps because the built-in options can only do so much.

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Fortunately, there are many third-party apps available for this purpose. Some of these apps are part of a larger package of audio editing tools, while others are specifically designed for noise reduction. You can find these apps on the app store, and all you have to do is download and install them. Then, you can edit your audio or video and save it to your gallery or share it on any platform you prefer.

Let’s take a look at a few of these apps that can help you eliminate annoying noise from your work.

1. Filmic Pro

Filmic Pro

Filmic Pro is a popular app that offers noise removal features. It’s primarily a video editing app but also provides excellent audio output. You can choose which microphone to use and adjust settings for external microphones. It offers automatic gain adjustment and smooth voice processing, which helps reduce unwanted noise and highlight important audio.

2. InVideo (Filmr) 

InVideo (Filmr) 

InVideo, also known as Filmr, is a user-friendly video editor app. It has a simple interface and allows you to trim, adjust video speed, and have complete control over your audio. While it’s a versatile app, it also functions as a video noise reduction software with specialized audio features. You can adjust noise removal settings without compromising on quality and save or publish your videos without watermarks.

3. ByeNoise 


ByeNoise is an intelligent noise reduction tool specifically designed to clean the sound of videos and enhance clarity. It can effectively remove noise from sources like wind and electrical hums. It’s easy to use, even for those without prior audio knowledge, as it utilizes AI algorithms to detect and filter background noise. You can load your video footage and choose the level of cleaning you want.

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4. Noise Reducer

Noise Reducer

As the name suggests, Noise Reducer is an app dedicated to reducing background noise in audio recordings. It supports various audio file formats and allows you to import audio from your cloud or music library. With its default settings and deep learning networks, it effectively reduces background audio noise. It also includes a sound recorder and is suitable for recording podcasts, audiobooks, or any other type of audio.

5. Auphonic Edit

Auphonic Edit

Auphonic Edit is an audio app that works in conjunction with the Auphonic web service. It allows you to record and edit audio files, including podcasts, music, and interviews. You can control various aspects such as stereo/mono recording, bit depth, and sample rates. It offers background noise reduction features that can be applied before or after recording.

6. Lexis Audio Editor 

Lexis Audio Editor 

Lexis Audio Editor enables you to create and edit audio records according to your preferences. It has its own recorder and player, allowing you to cut, paste, and insert sequences of silence for editing. It also provides specialized effects for normalization and background noise reduction.

7. Filmora 


Filmora is a lightweight video editing software that supports 4K editing and offers a wide range of effects. It’s suitable for both beginners and experienced video editors, with easy-to-follow tutorials. While it’s not the most advanced software, it can remove noise from video footage like the other apps mentioned.

How to Remove Background Noise from Video on iPhone Using PowerDirector App

Step 1: Get the PowerDirector App 


PowerDirector is a video editing app that has great features for removing background noise. It’s easy to use and delivers high-quality results. Download it from the App Store for iOS or Android.

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Step 2: Start a New Project and Import Your Video or Audio

Open the app and tap “New Project” to begin editing your video.

Step 3: Use the Edit Icon to Remove Noise from the Video

To access the noise removal feature, tap the “Edit” icon or directly tap the video clip. This will bring up the editing toolbar where you can make adjustments like trimming the video or removing the background.

Step 4: Find the “Denoise” Button in the Audio Tool

Look for the “Audio Tool” and you will find the “Denoise” button listed there.

Step 5: Adjust the Denoise Level

PowerDirector will automatically remove the background noise, but you can adjust the strength of the denoising effect to your liking. Check the effect to see if it sounds better.

Step 6: Make Other Edits or Export Your Video

Once you’re satisfied with the noise removal, you can make any other edits or adjustments to your clip. When you’re done, tap the Produce icon at the top right of the screen to export your video or audio. Congratulations on successfully dealing with the annoying background noise!


In conclusion, when recording videos, it’s important to address issues like wind noise, rumbles, unwanted background music, and other sources of background noise. This becomes even more challenging when using a device with a weak microphone, such as an iPhone.

To minimize background noise before sharing your video online, it’s best to prevent it during the recording process by preparing your recording space appropriately. However, there are situations where we can’t control the environment, and we need to reduce the existing noise in our video files. The guide above provides simple methods and helpful apps that can help you accomplish this task effectively. Also read How to Change Background in Video without Green Screen.

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