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How To Remove Yourself from Tagged Posts on Instagram?

by | Feb 14, 2023

Instagram, like other social media sites, allows you to tag other users in videos and photos you upload. But what if you’re tagged in photos you don’t want to be in? This feature also includes the ability to delete the tag from the post. Here’s how to remove yourself from tagged posts on Instagram and control which tagged posts appear on your profile.

How do you remove yourself from tagged posts on Instagram?

Your friend could decide to post the best photo of themselves, which also happens to be the worst shot of you. Meanwhile, some Instagram users tag people in photos to increase the reach of the post, basically spamming others using the tag feature. If you’ve been tagged in a post where you don’t want your username to display, here’s how to untag yourself:

  1. Navigate to the post from which you want to untag yourself.
  2. Once you’ve tapped the post once, the tags will show.
  3. Select your username.
  4. Select Remove Me From Post.
Tagged Posts on Instagram
Tagged Posts on Instagram
 Tagged Posts on Instagram

This will completely remove your tag from the photo. This also prevents users from going directly to your account from the post.

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How to remove a tagged Instagram post from your profile

If you still want people to be able to find your account through a tagged post but don’t want that post to appear in your own tagged photos area on your profile, here’s how to hide a post from your profile.

  1. Navigate to the post you want to remove from your profile.
  2. To see the tags on the post, tap it once.
  3. Select your username.
  4. Select Hide From My Profile.
Tagged Posts on Instagram
Tagged Posts on Instagram
Tagged Posts on Instagram

Once you’ve performed these steps, the post will no longer display under tagged posts on your profile. However, your account will still be tagged in the post, making it easier for other Instagram users to locate you.

Why can’t my friends see all of the posts in which I’m tagged?

You may have noticed that a few of your tagged posts are missing when one of your friends navigates to your profile from their account. This is because some of your tagged posts are from private accounts. Private Instagram accounts can still tag others in the same manner that everyone else can, but that tagged post will only be accessible to those who follow that private account individually.

How to manually approve each post you’re tagged in

You can change your settings to prevent tagged posts from appearing on your profile unless you have personally approved them. Simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to your Instagram account.
  2. Tap the three horizontal lines in the upper-right corner.
  3. Select Settings.
Tagged Posts on Instagram
Tagged Posts on Instagram
Tagged Posts on Instagram
  1. Select Privacy.
  2. Select Posts.
  3. Select Manually Approve Tags.
  4. Turn your tag controls on.
 Tagged Posts on Instagram
Tagged Posts on Instagram
Tagged Posts on Instagram

When you are tagged in a post, the post will no longer display in your tagged posts area on your profile. You must instead personally approve it by clicking on your own tag.

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Will the other Instagram account be notified if you untag yourself?

When you untag yourself from a photo, the person who uploaded it will not be notified. If you choose to hide the post from your profile, they will not be notified. However, entirely removing your tag from the photo could be something people notice on their own later. It’s also important to note that post tags and collaborations are not the same thing. A tagged post is used to tag other accounts that appear in a post, but collaboration is used for more project-oriented stuff that you have worked on together and share ownership of.

A tagged Instagram post simply contains a link to another Instagram account. An Instagram Collaboration, on the other hand, creates a post for both accounts involved. Instead of one person posting and the other being tagged, both accounts become authors of the post. Posting an Instagram collaboration will display in both your feed and, if your collaborator approves, in their feed as a regular post.

Who can view Instagram photos in which I’ve been tagged?

This is determined by your account’s privacy settings. If you have a private account, your posts are private, and only your followers can view videos and photos in which you are tagged. If your profile is public, so are your posts, including those in which you have been tagged.

How do I hide Instagram tags?

To hide a photo or video you’ve been tagged in on Instagram, press it, then tap your username and pick “Hide From My Profile.”

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Keeping track of the posts in which you have been tagged will help you in catching photos that you do not want to appear on your own profile. When it comes to what you are tagged in on Instagram, you can act as your own quality control. And if you miss a tag, you can always remove it later or change your settings so that you can’t be tagged without your permission. This is all you need to do to remove yourself from tagged posts on Instagram.

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