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How to Reset Instagram Explore Page [iPhone/Android/ PC]

by | Jun 28, 2023

Are you tired of seeing the same old stuff on your Instagram Explore page? Well, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered! The Explore page is like a personal treasure chest filled with content you’ll love based on your interests and interactions on the app. But sometimes, you might feel like you’ve seen it all before and want to discover something new. That’s where we come in! Our guide will show you how to reset the Explore page on your iPhone, Android, or PC, so you can dive into a world of fresh, exciting posts and enjoy your browsing experience even more.

What is the Importance of Resetting the Instagram Explore Page? 

The Explore page on Instagram is designed to help users discover new and engaging content based on their interests. It serves as a personalized hub of photos, videos, and Stories you might like but may not have seen in your regular feed.

The content on the Explore page is generated by an algorithm that considers factors such as the accounts you follow, posts you’ve liked, and hashtags you’ve engaged with. This means that the more you use Instagram, the better the platform gets at curating content tailored to your preferences.

That being said, the Explore page can become stagnant or less relevant over time. This can happen if you engage with content that doesn’t interest you or the app’s algorithm gets stuck in a loop of showing you similar content. Resetting the Instagram Explore page can help you break this pattern and discover fresh content.

How the Instagram Explore Page Algorithm Works 

Before diving into how to reset the Instagram Explore page, it’s essential to understand how the algorithm that drives it works. The algorithm takes into consideration several factors, including:

  • Your interactions: The posts you like, comment on, save, and share all contribute to the algorithm’s understanding of your interests.
  • The accounts you follow: The types of accounts you follow help determine the content on your Explore page.
  • Hashtags and locations: Specific hashtags and location-based content can influence the Explore page algorithm.
  • User behavior: The algorithm notes how other users interact with content similar to your interests and uses this information to curate your Explore page.
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All these factors combine to create a unique Explore page experience tailored to your preferences. However, the algorithm isn’t perfect, and sometimes a reset is necessary to refresh your content suggestions.

How to Reset Instagram Explore Page

Android devices have a few options to help you reset your Instagram Explore page and see different or more relevant content. One option is to clear your search history, removing the data that Instagram uses to curate your Explore page based on your past searches. Another option is to mark the posts and reels you don’t like as “Not Interested,” which will improve the algorithm and show you less of those types of content. Here’s how to use these options on Android:

Method 1: Clear Your Search History [Android and iPhone]

To clear your search history on Instagram and reset your Explore page, follow these steps:

1. Open the Instagram app on your Android or iPhone device and tap on your profile icon in the bottom right corner.

2. Tap the hamburger menu icon in the top right corner and go to Settings.

Clear Your Search History [Android and iPhone]

3. Tap on security and then Search History.

4. Tap on Clear All on in the top right corner and confirm by tapping Clear All Again.

Clear Your Search History [Android and iPhone]

This will clear all the searches that you have made on Instagram, including hashtags, usernames, keywords, etc. This will reset your Explore page and show you different posts and reels based on your current activity and preferences.

Method 2: Mark Posts and Reels as Not Interested [Android and iPhone]

To mark posts and reels that you don’t like as “Not Interested” on Instagram and improve your Explore page, follow these steps:

1. Open the Instagram app on your Android or iPhone device and tap the magnifying glass icon on the bottom center to go to the Explore page.

2. Tap on any post or reel that does not interest you or that you want to see less of.

Mark Posts and Reels as Not Interested [Android and iPhone]

3. Tap on the three dots icon on the top right corner of the post or reel and select Not Interested.

Mark Posts and Reels as Not Interested [Android and iPhone]

This will tell Instagram that you don’t like this content and want to see less on your Explore page. This will also help the algorithm learn your preferences and show you more relevant content over time.

Method 3: Clear the App’s Cache [Android]

The Instagram Explore Page can be reset by clearing the Instagram cache on Android. Clearing the app’s cache will delete temporary data accumulated over time, including your search history. This can help to reset the Explore page and show you new content. However, clearing the cache will also log you out of the app and delete any unsaved data, so back up any important information before proceeding.

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Method 4: Delete and Reinstall the Instagram App [iPhone]

Delete and Reinstall the Instagram App [iPhone]

If you’re using Instagram on an iPhone and want to clear the app’s cache, you can delete it and reinstall it from the App Store. This will remove all the data associated with the app from your phone. Unfortunately, unlike Android, there is no direct way to clear the cache on an iPhone. If you don’t like certain posts on your Discover page, you can manually remove them to help the algorithm learn what you prefer. This may take some time, but it’s the best way to ensure you see the content you like.

How to Reset Instagram Explore Page on PC 

Instagram’s web version doesn’t have a dedicated Explore page like the mobile app. However, you can still reset the content suggestions by clearing your search history and adjusting your preferences. Here’s how to do it on a PC:

  • Open your preferred web browser and go to www.instagram.com.
  • Log in to your Instagram account if you haven’t already.
  • Click on your profile icon located in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Click the gear icon next to your username to access the Settings menu.
  • Select “Privacy and Security.”
  • Scroll to the “Search History” section and click “View All.”
  • Click “Clear Search History” and confirm by clicking “Clear All.”
  • Return to the Settings menu and select “Ads.”
  • Click on “Ad Preferences” and review the list of interests.
  • Remove any interests that are unrelated or uninteresting to you.

Following these steps, you can reset the content suggestions on Instagram’s web version.

Additional Tips to Improve Your Instagram Explore Page Experience 

Resetting your Instagram Explore page can improve the content you see, but taking proactive steps to enhance your browsing experience is essential. Here are some tips to help you do just that:

  • Engage with content that genuinely interests you: Be selective with the content you like, comment on, and save. The more you engage with content that aligns with your interests, the better Instagram’s algorithm will be at curating your Explore page.
  • Follow accounts that reflect your interests: Follow accounts that share content you enjoy. This will help the algorithm understand your preferences and provide more relevant content.
  • Use hashtags and locations strategically: Engage with hashtags and location-based content that align with your interests to help refine the content suggestions on your Explore page.
  • Report irrelevant content: If you come across content on your Explore page that isn’t relevant or interesting to you, tap the three-dot menu on the post and select “Not interested.” This feedback will help Instagram’s algorithm improve your content recommendations.
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By actively managing the content you engage with, you can help ensure your Instagram Explore page remains fresh and interesting.


Resetting the Instagram Explore page can be an effective way to refresh your content suggestions and discover new, engaging posts. Following the steps outlined above for iPhone, Android, and PC, you can clear your search history and adjust your interests to improve the content displayed on your Explore page.

Additionally, take the time to engage with content that genuinely interests you and follow accounts that align with your preferences. With a little effort, you can help Instagram’s algorithm curate a more enjoyable and personalized Explore page experience.


Why would I want to reset or change the Explore page?

Sometimes, the Explore page may not show content that aligns with your interests or become repetitive. Resetting or changing it can help you discover more relevant and diverse content.

How to see which topics Instagram thinks I’m interested in?

Instagram uses your activity on the app, such as the accounts you follow, the posts you like and comment on, and the hashtags you use, to determine your interests and tailor your Explore page accordingly. You can view your interests on Instagram by going to your profile, tapping on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner, selecting “Settings,” tapping on “Account,” and then selecting “Ads.” From there, you can see your ad interests and remove any topics you’re not interested in.

Can I Manually change the settings on the Instagram Explore page?

If you want to change what you see on your Instagram Explore page, you can do it manually. First, open the Instagram app and tap the search icon at the bottom. When you come across an image or video you’re not interested in, tap and hold it, then select “Not interested.” This will hide that post from your recommendations and ensure you never see anything from that account again. Just keep doing this every time you see something you don’t like, and you can customize your Explore page.   

How long does the Instagram Explore page take to reset after clearing the search history or marking posts and reels as “Not Interested”?

The Instagram Explore page will reset immediately after clearing the search history or marking posts and reels as “Not Interested.” However, the algorithm may take some time to learn your preferences and show you more relevant content.

How can I improve my Instagram Explore page without resetting it?

You can improve your Instagram Explore page without resetting it by following accounts that interest you, using hashtags and keywords that relate to your preferences, and giving feedback to Instagram if you encounter any issues or problems.

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