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How To Respond to Instagram Comments?

by | Feb 28, 2023

Did you know that the Instagram algorithm favors comments and that they increase your engagement rate? This is why it’s critical to craft Instagram captions that encourage your target audience to respond to your posts. It’s also critical to read and reply to comments on your posts in order to keep the dialogue going. Responding to comments from your Instagram followers and other users is an excellent method to demonstrate your appreciation. This can have a beneficial effect on how they perceive your brand or page. Interactions can even create a sense of connectedness. When you reply to them, they are more likely to follow your account and become dedicated followers. But how do you respond to Instagram comments on your posts? This article explains all of the steps required and the importance of replying to comments. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Respond to Instagram Comments

Why Should You Respond to Instagram Comments?

Nobody enjoys being ignored, particularly on social media. When someone takes the time to leave a comment on your Instagram post, you owe it to them to answer in a timely way. This not only helps to create a connection with your followers, but it might also have some unexpected benefits. Let’s have a look at some of the advantages.

  • Responding to every available comment is an excellent opportunity to gain new followers and create high organic traffic.
  • Paying close attention to the comments area can provide you with a concise overview of what others are saying about you, allowing you to optimize your marketing campaigns, etc.
  • Responding to comments shows that you care about your clients and want to hear what they have to say. Let’s now discuss how to reply to different kinds of comments.
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How to Handle Different Types of Instagram Comments

If you’re one of Instagram’s millions of users, you’ve definitely noticed that comments on posts may be a mixed bag. Some comments are genuine praises or funny insights, whilst others are critical, nasty, or even abusive. So, how should you respond to comments on Instagram?

  • Always maintain a professional demeanor

When dealing with customers who are joking with you, using sarcasm, or being plain provocative on Instagram, strive to maintain a professional demeanor.

  • Maintain your individuality

Being professional does not imply a lack of personality. Customers choose brands with a distinctive identity. Feel free to use emojis in your responses to soften the tone.

  • Don’t get into fights

First and foremost, don’t mess with trolls – it will only make matters worse. And learn from your mistakes and setbacks. Because they only help you to perform better by correcting previous errors and concentrating on providing superior content.

  • Say thanks

If you receive a compliment, genuinely thank the giver. Writing a few words can make them feel better for a moment, and who knows, they could be your next potential customer.

  • Report irrelevant comments

Of course, not every comment will be positive. There are several approaches you might take if you come across an unpleasant or improper comment.

To begin, just delete the comment by pressing the “Delete” button beneath it. This will erase the comment from your post and prevent it from being seen by other people.

If you notice someone being abused, report the comment and ban the user. Moving on, keep an eye out for toxicity around you and filter it thoroughly.

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Let’s look at how to cope with the number of comments on Instagram now that you know how.

Method 1: How to Respond to Instagram Comments on a Mobile Device

You can respond to comments using either an Android or an iOS app by following the instructions. This is how you do it:

  1. Navigate to the post and click the “Comment icon” or “Add a comment.”
  2. To see all of the comments on a post, just press “View All Comments” under the post or the comment button and then reply to each individual comment.
  3. Comments can also be liked by tapping the heart icon next to them. Swipe to the left and press the “Trash” icon to delete a comment.

Method 2: How to Respond to Instagram Comments from a Desktop Computer

You can react to comments on a computer by following the instructions. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Locate the post containing the comment you wish to respond to and click the “Comment Icon.”
  2. All of the comments on that post will be displayed, and you can respond to any of them by clicking “Reply” next to the comment.
  3. To remove a comment, click the “Three Dots” icon next to it.

Commonly Asked Questions

Is it beneficial to respond to comments on Instagram?

If you are a brand looking to establish a presence on Instagram with certain social media goals, responding to comments on Instagram is a must. While it is not required to respond to all comments, it is critical to respond to those who are really interested in your products/services or are asking for assistance.

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When should I respond to Instagram comments?

It might also be helpful to respond to compliments on your post. Not only should you avoid replying to spam, trolls, and fake, unwanted, and unneeded comments on your posts, but you should also hide Instagram comments to keep your comments area clean and green.

How do you respond to several Instagram comments?

Instagram conversations can be automated to respond to comments as soon as they are received.


Comments are an excellent way to interact with your followers and other people. All of this leads to increased loyalty and the formation of a community of consumers that are enthusiastic about your brand.

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