How to see all posts from Facebook groups in your news feed?

With the bourgeoning of social media in the last decades, Facebook made use of algorithmic sorting of content in order to engage its users in its app. Very quickly, almost every social media adopts some sort of algorithm to separate content and make them customized to all of its users. Social media apps do not manifest content from everyone somebody follows but from those he has interaction with the most.

Facebook uses a similar strategy to any other app and adopts algorithms to manifest posts that may be interesting for you, rather than distributing every post by all the people. The platform has set up algorithms that change News Feed to make it customized for everyone’s interests. Usually, this algorithm prioritizes things Facebook considers valuable, even if that might not be the correct notion. Consequently, many posts from family and friends are not accessible and remain hidden, even if they may be new posts.

see all posts from Facebook groups in your news feed

What factors influence Facebook newsfeed?

The news feed is in charge of manifesting the best posts, stories, pictures, and videos from friends, pages someone follows, and the groups he is a member of it. In order to personalize it, Facebook makes and runs a ranking system for users’ accounts that specifies what content they may be interested in and look for more in the future. There are some factors that Facebook makes use of to rank content that shows to its users including:

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The time when a post is made and how recent it is. Facebook shows recent posts. If someone makes several posts during a day, it is possible to have access to their most recent posts on a feed but not the posts of the previous days. Similarly, if someone you know doesn’t make posts on regular basis, it is probable to see a late update from them, even if it’s an old post. Another important factor that Facebook uses is the interaction rate of someone with friends, groups, and pages on Facebook. It is possible for this person to notice the posts of people they interact with in various forms such as likes, comments, messages, and other kinds of interactions.

Facebook also considers the type of content including text, pictures, videos and links that someone usually looks into on the platform. For example, if Facebook distinguishes that someone follows and is interested in video-based content more, his feed will contain video-based posts more. Facebook may also show posts according to their popularity or engagement among people or pages someone follows. If someone’s friend is one of the people who liked or commented on a post, it should be visible on his feed. If Facebook discovers newer interactions with posts from friends and pages, it will give priority to them over others.   

How to see all posts from Facebook groups in your news feed?

It is not possible for users to change Facebook’s algorithm, but they can improve it with slight changes to ensure that increase the efficiency of the newsfeed. By following the given steps, it is possible to rank the posts and updates from friends and pages that someone likes the most. The favorite posts will be visible at the top of the newsfeed, instead of random irrelevant posts and updates.

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Shift from top posts to recent posts

It is easily discernable that most of the posts that appear on the top of a feed have lots of likes and comments, and that is because the Facebook newsfeed is organized to make the top posts visible by default. But it is easily changeable in a way that provides you with the latest posts from friends and pages you are interested in and follows them. It is a very practical and good way to see all your favorite posts.  

Unfollow people so as not to see their posts

Sending a friend request to someone usually results in following them on Facebook. It is very clear when you follow someone, Facebook assumes that you like their posts, and would continue showing them on your feed. It is a good idea to unfollow them and get rid of them, although there are times when it is not possible to unfollow some people such as colleagues, friends, etc. in general it is an effective way to get rid of unwanted posts.

Follow people you may have unfollowed

If someone has friends in his profile that he has not been in contact with for a long time but he wants to notice their posts on his news feed, Facebook provides him with a great method to reconnect with them. There is the possibility of reconnecting with people who are still on someone’s friends list and seeing their posts. It is just enough to follow these people in order to be able to see their uploaded posts. 

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Eliminate unwanted people from the friends list

The next strategy is to get rid of unwanted people from a friends list. It might not be desirable work to remove people, but it is very essential in order to ensure that someone can have access to the posts that he really wants to have on his newsfeed. We usually have lots of people on our Friend lists, people we don’t even have any connection and contact with them. Eliminating them from a friend list will not just prevent appearing their bothersome posts and updates on the feed, but will also make it easy to manage the friends list.

Interaction is the key

If someone really wants to see his friends’ posts on his newsfeed, the easiest way is to interact and stay in touch. Connecting and communicating with the profiles of friends and the pages that someone is interested in can raise the possibility of their posts appearing on his newsfeed. It is recommendable to go to the profiles of the friends and pages someone likes the most, and interact with them by leaving some likes and comments on their posts.

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