How To See What’s Trending on Twitter?

Twitter is one of the top social media platforms for business and marketing, as well as one of the best sites to find out what’s going on in the world. If you’re a frequent user, it’s time to learn how to use all of its features to your advantage and expand your reach on this network. Trends is a feature that is sometimes missed. You’ll learn today how to see what’s trending on Twitter and how to identify trending topics before everyone else. This post will explain what trending on Twitter is, how the site determines what’s trending, and how you can benefit from trends and see trends on Twitter.

What Factors Determine Twitter Trends?

Every day, around 500 million Tweets are sent. So, how does Twitter choose which topics to trend? This website, like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, uses an algorithm to predict what will be the next popular trend. Let us not mistake them for popular topics because trends are usually temporary and of the moment, but popular topics tend to last a long time. Twitter trends are managed and customized by complicated algorithms that take into account a variety of characteristics such as interests, locations, people you engage with, the amount of Tweets related to the issue, time, and so on. As a result, each experience is tailored to the user. And determining trends, Twitter, and potentially popular topics is a difficult process. Fortunately, it’s not impossible, so keep reading to learn a few useful tips and tricks.

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How to Find Trending Topics on Twitter?

How can I find out what’s trending on Twitter? This is the simplest and quickest part of the entire process. If you’re using Twitter on a laptop or computer, simply click on the #Explore tab. Then, select the Popular tab to discover which subjects are currently trending and see trends on Twitter. Another option is to use the What’s New sidebar. There are several ways to search for Twitter trending topics if you’re using the app. Checking the #Explore tab, the For You section, and the Trending section are all options. The typical user can check location-based trends unique to the location they select. In other words, you can see what’s trending on Twitter throughout the world. Simply go to the Twitter website or app and choose Location Trends.

Things to Consider When Searching for Trending Topics

Now that you know where to look for patterns, here are a few more things to consider when you conduct your research:

  • Use the settings to find relevant topics: When looking for potential trends, you can simply personalize your experience. You are not limited to your location, niche, industry, or category. Twitter allows you to specify your interests and do a more detailed search.
  • Not all users see the same trends: Many people are surprised to learn that even though you follow the same people, have similar interests, and reside in the same city, you and your friend may not see the same trends.
  • Use other tools: Google Trends and other social media sites are excellent research resources. What’s even better, you won’t have to pay anything to obtain this valuable information.
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Tips for Making Your Topics Trend

Forecasting trends is exceedingly difficult; this is why all social media platforms use a combination of algorithms to follow topics based on particular characteristics before displaying trends to individual users. Fortunately, you can apply a few pointers to remain ahead of the curve and be the one to establish the trends.

  1. Make use of hashtags

Hashtags are strongly intertwined with Twitter trending topics. Don’t deceive yourself into thinking you have to be a part of every trendy conversation! Instead, consider which topics are crucial to you and what you could gain from addressing them. If one of your Tweets becomes a trend, your engagement rates will increase, and you will gain new followers. Thinking of unique hashtags can allow you to build a trend far faster than a pre-existing trend that is over-saturated and all over Twitter. Consider using the same hashtag as a large company in your industry! When creating a campaign hashtag, make sure it is relevant to your business and does not already exist.

  1. The Importance of Timing

When content creators want to offer their ideas on a specific issue, they make sure that they are the first to do so. Joining the trend late may not have the desired effect; thus, it will be less helpful. New hashtags outperform those that have been trending for some time. That is why we advise you to be a pioneer and a trendsetter! You can accomplish this by creating a calendar, as explained below.

  1. Develop a Content Calendar

Making a calendar might help you predict topics that have the potential to become trends. Simply keep an eye on prior patterns, record them in a calendar, and give them a go when the moment is perfect. This is beneficial during the holidays and before large-scale events. Start a trend by creating Tweets and content connected to the topics and inviting others to join.

  1. Be real
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When we say “be real,” we mean that the information you publish should be verifiable. We also imply that your account must be genuine! Don’t initiate discussions on things that aren’t true, well-researched, or that you’ve only heard about from untrustworthy sources. NBC News and other major news organizations recently reported that Twitter has changed the way it handles Trends. They had to make a change after being bombarded by bogus user-profiles and actual accounts that promote fake news, conspiracies, and so on. Because all of this leads to disinformation, Twitter came up with a solution in the shape of a representative Tweet. This Tweet, as the name implies, represents a topic and is intended to prevent the spread of disinformation.

  1. Select Visual Content

After you’ve completed all of your research and identified possible trending material, round out your presentation with visual content. Because users find visuals incredibly valuable, they draw a lot of attention to your Tweets. Choose images that are easy to read, to the point, and communicate a lot with a few words.


How can I know what’s popular on Twitter and forecast trends? Although the site uses an algorithm and takes into account a variety of factors, you can still learn how to predict what will be trending and see trends on Twitter. Use unique hashtags, be the first to use them, don’t enter the conversation too late, share authentic content, use pictures, and create a trend calendar.

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