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How to See Who Liked Your Spotify Playlist [2024]

by | Dec 9, 2023

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming platforms globally, providing users with access to a vast library of songs, playlists, and artists. While Spotify offers various social features, such as sharing playlists with friends and following other users, it doesn’t provide a direct way to see who liked your playlist. If you are asking “How to See Who Liked Your Spotify Playlis”, read our article.

How to See Who Liked Your Spotify Playlist?

Playlists are great on Spotify because they let you easily share music with others. Twitch streamers often create playlists of their favorite songs for their audience to enjoy. If you’ve made a playlist and want to know who liked it on Spotify, here’s how you can find out.


Unfortunately, Spotify only shows the total number of likes for each playlist. You can’t see specific information about who liked your playlist. However, you can still find out how many likes your playlists have by following these steps:

  1. Go to your library and click on your profile icon.
  2. Select “View Profile” and then click on “Playlists.”
  3. You’ll see the total number of likes displayed below each playlist.

Will Spotify Add the Ability to See Who Liked Our Spotify Playlist?

Back in 2013, Spotify used to allow users to see who liked their playlists in more detail. However, they removed that feature and haven’t brought it back since. While you can see the list of followers for your Spotify profile, you can’t see who follows your playlists.

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Since 2013, Spotify users have requested the ability to see who liked their playlists. Thousands of users have voted for this feature in the Spotify Community board, but Spotify has not implemented it. The last update from Spotify on this matter was in January 2019, stating that they have no immediate plans to bring back the feature.

If you want to have the option to see who liked your playlists on Spotify, you can vote for this feature request in the Spotify Community board.

Be cautious of websites that claim to let you see who liked your playlists on Spotify. Most of these sites are not legitimate. Spotify doesn’t provide a way to see the individual people who liked or followed a playlist. It’s important to note that Spotify refers to playlist “likes” on the mobile app and “followers” on the desktop app.

Why Can’t You See Who Liked Your Playlist on Spotify?

Spotify Playlist

As we mentioned earlier, in the past, Spotify allowed playlist creators to see who liked or followed their playlists. However, a March 2013 update removed this feature and it has not been brought back since.

Even though many users have requested this feature on the Spotify forums, Spotify has officially stated that they are not planning to implement it at the moment.

Currently, it seems unlikely that this feature will be added back. It is possible that Spotify removed it to protect the privacy of its listeners.

How to Get More Likes on Your Spotify Playlist

Here are some things you can do to increase the number of likes on your Spotify playlists:

  • If your playlist is set to “private,” you have the option to share it with someone you choose. Free Spotify accounts allow you to create up to 15 personal playlists. To create more playlists, you’ll need to upgrade to a different Spotify subscription.
  • Listen to your playlist regularly! To make your playlists visible to other users, set them to “public.” You have control over whether your personal playlist is visible to others. With consistency, time, and patience, your playlist will gain more followers and likes. Consistency is important to make the Spotify algorithms work in your favor.
  • Share your playlists on social media as frequently as possible. You can also share them on forums and groups on social media platforms.
  • Always add a title and description to your Spotify playlists. These two steps make your playlist stand out. Use keywords that other Spotify users might search for to make your playlist visible to them. For example, if your playlist has the words “mood-boosting” in the title or description, it will be visible to someone searching for mood-boosting music. Ensure that the title and description accurately convey the types of songs in your playlist. Be creative and descriptive when crafting them.
  • Choose a cover picture for your playlist that grabs the attention of other Spotify users.
  • One of the most important things is to be selective when choosing songs for your playlist. Focus on quality rather than quantity. Each song should fit the overall theme of the playlist. For example, if your playlist is about mood-boosting songs or 80’s mega hits, ensure that each song aligns with that theme. Avoid adding songs just to increase the number of tracks on your playlist.
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Bonus Tip: How To Grow Spotify Playlist Followers?

Spotify Playlist

If you’re looking to grow your Spotify playlist followers, here are some strategies you can try:

Curate a high-quality playlist: Create a playlist that focuses on a specific theme, genre, or mood. Make sure to include popular and lesser-known tracks that appeal to your target audience.

Promote your playlist on social media: Share your playlist on platforms like Instagram, Twitter (X), Facebook, and TikTok. Use engaging captions, hashtags, and visuals to attract attention and encourage people to follow your playlist.

Collaborate with other creators: Reach out to other Spotify users or influencers who have similar music tastes and ask them to collaborate on a playlist. This can help expose your playlist to their audience and potentially gain new followers.

Embed your playlist on your website or blog: If you have a website or blog, showcase your playlist by embedding it on your platform. This allows visitors to easily discover and follow your playlist.

Engage with your audience: Interact with your existing followers and listen to their feedback. Respond to comments, ask for song recommendations, and create a sense of community around your playlist. This can encourage your current followers to share your playlist with others.

Submit your playlist to Spotify curators: Spotify has official curators who create playlists for different genres and moods. Submit your playlist to these curators for consideration. If selected, your playlist will be featured on Spotify’s curated playlists, giving it more visibility and potential followers.

Collaborate with independent artists: Reach out to independent musicians and ask if they’d like their music to be featured on your playlist. In return, they may promote your playlist to their fan base, helping you gain more followers.

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If you’re wondering about seeing who liked your Spotify playlist, the answer is simple: You can’t see who liked your Spotify playlist. If you need further guidance on Spotify, feel free to leave a comment. Your feedback helps us create more practical and useful content for our followers.

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