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How To Sell on Instagram with Shopify?

by | Apr 5, 2023

While Instagram was initially mostly used for posting in-the-moment photos, it is now an important platform for companies to sell their products and services. Businesses can use Instagram’s Shopify integration to promote products that users can purchase with just a few clicks within the app — rather than leaving the platform to visit your website or online store. This post will go through why your Shopify business should be on Instagram, how to sell on Instagram with Shopify, and how to promote your products.

Why should your Shopify store be on Instagram?

Despite Instagram’s status as one of the most popular social media platforms, it’s understandable to be cautious about adding another profile to your list. After all, the more accounts you create, the more time you’ll need to spend to keep them up to date. You can be confident that having an Instagram account for your company is well worth the effort. That being stated, here are a few reasons why your Shopify business should be on Instagram:

Instagram makes shopping easy

Instagram makes it easy for users to research products and services before making a purchase, which is why 81% of shoppers do so. Instagram’s “shoppable posts” include a clickable shopping bag icon that shows extra product details, as well as a “View Products” button that directs users to a Shopify store. Such posts make the buying experience for customers more pleasant and fluid, and they serve as a digital product library for businesses.

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Get access to better product marketing

Instagram Shopping features, such as shopping tags (product tagging) and Instagram shops, enable businesses to generate sales for their Shopify stores directly from the Instagram app.

Special offers and discounts can also help brands develop customer relationships.

Now that you understand why you should create an Instagram account for your business, let’s go into the details of how to do it.

How to set up Instagram Shopping for your Shopify store

Here’s how to get started selling things on Shopify with Instagram Shopping:

Step 1: Set up a Facebook channel in your Shopify store

Begin by creating a Facebook channel to which you can add your Shopify products. It can be used to tag all of the products in your Instagram feed and Stories.

Step 2: Make an Instagram business profile.

Create an Instagram business profile next. If you currently have a personal Instagram account and want to switch to a business account, go to the settings menu and do so. Sadly, unless you have a business account, you cannot use the Instagram Shopping feature. In addition to a business account, Instagram merchant policy mandates that you:

  • Connect the account to a Facebook page that has a product catalog.
  • Just sell products (not services)
  • In addition, the Instagram Shopping feature must be available in your country.

If your company passes all of these standards, you can apply for an Instagram review. To do this:

  1. Go to the Settings menu.
  2. Next, select the Business tab.
  3. Click the Sign Up for Instagram Shopping button.
  4. Complete all of the required steps and click Submit.

When you check the Settings menu after receiving approval (which may take two to three days), you will notice the Shopping option.

Step 3: Turn on Instagram Shopify and sell your products.

Next, activate the Shopping feature to tag products in your photos (creating a shoppable post). Instagram users will be able to place orders in this manner. Turn on the Shopping feature tag:

  1. Profile Settings should be selected.
  2. In the drop-down menu, select shopping.
  3. Hit Continue
  4. Link your Facebook page to your Instagram business page.
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Step 4: Include products on your Instagram posts.

Are you ready to add products to your posts and build a shoppable Instagram feed? These are some things to remember:

  • Use high-quality photos and videos that will catch your audience’s interest (think of your feed as a product catalog or a store window).
  • Add your product images together with creative and intriguing captions that will convince customers to buy.
  • You can tag up to five different products per picture or video to their respective Shopify URLs.
  • Make sure the image name you use on Instagram matches the one you use on your Facebook page.

You are now ready to receive orders once you have shared your photos.

Step 5: Create Instagram Stories

You can sell things on Instagram Stories after you have Instagram Shopping. Remember, anything with a product tag can be purchased. Create Instagram Stories that feature your Shopify products and give information about them. Outside of regular feed posts, an Instagram Story is a wonderful approach to attract the attention of potential buyers. While Instagram Stories are only visible for 24 hours, you can keep them indefinitely as Highlights on your Instagram page. Let’s look at some strategies to create revenue for your products now that you can sell them on Instagram!

How to Use Instagram to Promote Shopify Products

Here are some Instagram marketing suggestions for Shopify products:

Be authentic (while sticking to your brand)

To win at Instagram marketing, you must be unique, innovative, and authentic—don’t be tempted to pass off other people’s ideas as your own.

Create attractive product descriptions

Consumers can form opinions about your brand within only a few seconds of viewing your Instagram feed posts, Stories, videos, or account page. To provide the best first impression, ensure that all details, including product descriptions, are consistent and encourage people to connect with your brand.

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Optimize your account

Optimize your account by selecting a username that is relevant to your business, using a nice profile picture, and including a thorough bio on your profile page.

Post when users are most active 

There are no hard and fast rules for the optimal posting times (though some research suggests that there are generally “better” hours), so simply post when the majority of your followers are on the platform. Instagram Analytics can help you figure out when your target audience is most active.

Choose a theme

Using your brand colors or a theme for your Instagram profile page improves the visual appeal of your account. Furthermore, a visually appealing profile and Instagram feed offer an outstanding first impression on users while expressing the identity of your brand.

Provide discounts and promotional coupons

Provide special deals to attract new clients and keep current ones. Customers are more inclined to buy from stores that provide discounts – who doesn’t enjoy a good deal? Marketing your Shopify store on Instagram has several advantages for your company. Follow our advice, be consistent, and enjoy the benefits.


Is it required to use Shopify to sell on Instagram?

No, Instagram Shopping works well with other e-commerce systems, including WordPress.

How can I use Instagram to promote a Shopify store?

The most efficient way is to link your Instagram for Business account to your Shopify business. You can then incorporate your Instagram feed on the website.

Is it possible to sell on Instagram without using Shopify?

Yes. Instagram Shopping does not necessitate the use of an online store or website to provide shoppable posts with product tags.


Making shoppable Instagram posts by linking your Shopify store and Instagram Shopping is a great marketing approach. E-commerce businesses can expand their reach and raise their revenue with little work or expense and sell on Instagram with Shopify. You’re on the right track if you follow these steps to set up your accounts. Embedding your Instagram Feed to show on your Shopify store is a really brilliant strategy. You can maximize the benefits of this method by keeping your content fresh and relevant at all times.

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