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How to Send Anonymous Messages on Instagram with NGL App?

by | Mar 16, 2023

It can be tough to be totally anonymous online, thanks to ad trackers and algorithms that analyze your online activities. Making your social media profiles private does not change the fact that every post, tweet, and comment is associated with a name. NGL is an app that allows you to send anonymous messages on Instagram to express your views and opinions with your followers. It is a social media abbreviation for “not gonna lie,” a term used before expressing an opinion or an idea. NGL, which became available worldwide on both Apple and Android in 2021, aims to offer a safe space for young people online.

What does NGL allow you to do?

Teens can access NGL via Instagram, posting questions on their stories and receiving anonymous answers from their followers. Normally, users publish links to their NGL inboxes on their Instagram profiles, allowing followers to send anonymous questions or comments. The app, which calls itself a “new take on anonymity,” includes language filters to avoid harassment. But, NBC News discovered that certain phrases got through.

Does NGL prevent harassment?

Slurs and words like “KYS,” which stands for “kill yourself,” were filtered out when NBC News tried the app. Nevertheless, the language filters allowed messages using more common bullying terms to pass through, such as “You’re fat,” “Everyone hates you,” “You’re a loser,” and “You’re ugly.” Those whose messages were marked for using foul language were not prohibited from sending new messages soon after sending insults. NGL has been contacted by NBC News for comment on its screening filters.

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“We think anonymity should be a fun yet safe place to express your ideas and opinions without feeling ashamed,” according to the NGL website. “Young people don’t have a space to communicate their thoughts without censure from peers or cultural expectations. NGL provides this safe space for teenagers.” Similar language concerning safety can be seen in app store descriptions. “We filter out bad language and bullying using deep learning and rule-based character pattern matching algorithms,” the description says. “Ultimately, we think anonymity works best when it is safe!” The app works by connecting to a user’s Instagram handle.

Once linked to an Instagram account, a user can use the NGL feature to request that followers “send me anonymous messages,” as the initial prompt states. The prompt can be changed to ask the user what they want. According to its website, NGL was released in November and for iOS in December, according to Apptopia, a portal that records app store statistics. The app was released on Google Play in May.

How many downloads has NGL had?

According to Apptopia, the app has 7.3 million global downloads, but 7.27 million of its lifetime downloads occurred this month. The greatest increase occurred between June 13 and June 16, according to Apptopia, propelling NGL to the top of the US App Store downloads. At that time, it rose from 355th to the first position. According to Apptopia, the United States accounts for 35% of all NGL downloads, which have generated around $500,000 in in-app sales.

How to add NGL to your Instagram?

1. First, download the app from the App store or Google Play.

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Download from App Store

Download from Google Play

2. When you first launch NGL, you will be asked to enter your Instagram handle.

3. Once you’ve linked your Instagram account, NGL will provide a link you can copy and paste into your Instagram story. The default prompt is “send me anonymous messages,” However, you can change it by clicking the die icon in the prompt box.

4. To add the NGL prompt to your Instagram story, just tap on the “Create” option on your story page and enter the URL.

5. Once you’ve added the prompt to your story, you can view the answers on the NGL app’s “Inbox” page.

Commonly asked questions

Is the NGL App compatible with Instagram?

Indeed, the NGL App is completely linked with Instagram, and users may send anonymous messages to other Instagram users.

How can I use the NGL App to send an anonymous Instagram message?

Simply select the “Send Anonymous” option from within the app to send an anonymous message on Instagram using the NGL App. Then, enter the username of the person you want to mail, compose your message, and click “Send.”

Will they be able to figure out who sent them the anonymous message?

They will not know who sent them an anonymous message if you take all necessary steps (such as hiding your profile picture, blocking analytics tracking, etc.)


The NGL Instagram anonymous questions app, is a great way to send anonymous messages on Instagram. Its simple and intuitive interface makes it easy to use with little effort. Furthermore, it’s free and available for both iOS and Android platforms. With its reliable and secure service, NGL allows users to stay safe when sending confidential messages anonymously.

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