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How to Share Instagram Reels on Facebook?

by | Jan 21, 2023

A lot of us have joined in the fun of sharing Instagram reels. These short clips have caught everyone’s attention, and they are both popular and simple to make. Once posted, it may be exciting to watch your audience increase and hope your reel goes viral. Sharing your reel on Facebook is one of the best ways to increase its views. Have you ever wanted to post your Instagram reels on Facebook but weren’t sure how? It’s simple to do and one of the strategies used by social media influencers to raise brand exposure or just share content with a larger audience. Sharing reels is a great approach to gain additional exposure if you want to grow your following. Continue reading to find out how to share Instagram reels on Facebook.

Share Instagram Reels on Facebook

What’s ‘Recommend on Facebook’ in Instagram Reels?

This feature, officially known as “Recommend on Facebook,” allows Facebook to recommend your Reels on its own platform. Sharing Reels on Facebook makes sense, especially for creators, because it allows them to increase the reach of their Reels. If you enable this feature, your Reels will be suggested to anyone on Facebook and will be shown beside your Instagram username. It’s worth noting that you can choose to post a single Reel or all of your future Reels on Facebook. Interestingly, you don’t need a Facebook account to share a Reel. Anyone on Facebook, like Instagram, can make Reels using your original music and even remix your video (only if you allow it). Also, even if your Instagram account is linked to Facebook, no one will see your Facebook account information.

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How to Share an Instagram Reel to Facebook

It only takes a few steps to share an Instagram clip on Facebook. However, before you can share your reels, you must first link your Instagram and Facebook accounts. Let’s start with how to do it. To link your Instagram and Facebook accounts, follow the steps below:

Open the Instagram app.

Tap on your profile photo in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

  1. Choose the icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  1. Navigate to “Settings.”
  1. Tap “Account,” then either “Sharing to other applications” or “Set up accounts,” depending on your options.
  1. Look for “Facebook,” tap it, then sign in to your Facebook account.
  1. Select the dot to share on Facebook.

Your Instagram and Facebook accounts are now linked. Following that, we’ll demonstrate how to share a reel on Facebook. Follow the steps below to share an Instagram reel to your Facebook account:

  1. Begin recording a reel, or choose an existing video on your phone.
  1. Tap the box in the lower left-hand corner of the screen to pick a reel on your phone. After that, choose the video and tap “Add” in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  1. Before sharing your reel, click “Share to Feed.”
  1. Tap “Share” in the upper right corner.

You have just shared your Instagram reel on Facebook!

Commonly asked questions

Who can see my Instagram reels on Facebook?

When you share your Instagram reel on Facebook, it will appear in the reels section. If you have a public Instagram account, anybody over the age of 18 who has a Facebook account can see your shared Instagram clips. Which accounts see your reel will be determined by the Facebook algorithm. If you have a private Instagram account, the reels you share on Facebook will be visible only to your Facebook friends. You can also use Instagram’s share feature to instantly share your reel with friends.

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Can I share my Instagram reels on sites other than Facebook?

Instagram lets you share reels on other social media platforms besides Facebook. Simply follow the steps given above to share your Instagram clip with other social media platforms. Change the “Sharing to other apps” or “Set up accounts” options on Instagram. You’ll notice a list of different social media platforms, such as Twitter and Tumblr, to which you can link.

Why am I unable to share my Instagram reels on Facebook?

If you face this issue, you have a few options. The simplest solution is to restart your phone. That is sometimes all that is needed. If it doesn’t work, try clearing your cache in both applications. If you continue to have trouble sharing an Instagram reel on Facebook, reconnect Facebook to your Instagram account. You can do this in the “Accounts and Profiles” section of your Instagram settings.

Can I share a Reel on Facebook after it has been shared on Instagram?

You certainly can. Open the reel on Instagram and then touch the “Share” button at the bottom of the screen. Choose “Save Video” to save it to your phone’s picture app. Upload the reel to Facebook now.


You can share Instagram reels on Facebook, and it is of the best ways to gain followers and enhance your social media exposure. You will not only increase brand recognition, but your reel could possibly go viral! There’s no need to upload your reel twice; just share it once. Sharing reels, as discussed in this post, is a quick, straightforward, and fun method to use social media.

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