How to Switch Between Facebook and Instagram Accounts

Meta is introducing new features that will make it easier for people to access, create, and navigate between multiple accounts and profiles on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook understands that many people use multiple apps to pursue different interests, reach a larger audience, or share different aspects of themselves with different groups. With this in mind, Meta is making creating and switching between accounts and profiles easier.

Easily alternate between Facebook and Instagram

Meta is introducing a new profile-switching interface to help you stay on top of notifications and navigate between Facebook and Instagram. To switch between accounts on Facebook and Instagram, use the user interface. People who have added their Facebook and Instagram profiles to the same Accounts Center will be able to easily switch between them. People can now view their Facebook and Instagram profiles in one place. Notifications will also be displayed conveniently for each profile, making it easier to keep up with activity across Facebook and Instagram. Users are currently testing this new experience globally on iOS, Android, and the web.

Create new accounts and profiles quickly

The media giant is also introducing a new account registration and login flow that will allow people to easily o login and create new accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

People who are unfamiliar with Meta products can create a Facebook or Instagram account and then use that account to sign up for more. People with a Facebook and an Instagram account can now easily use login information from one app to access the other if their accounts are in the same Accounts Center.

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With these new features, users of Meta products (Instagram and Facebook) will find it much easier to switch between different accounts. While these new modifications are only available on Facebook and Instagram, the media giant also promised that they will continue to investigate ways to improve cross-app features across all of our technologies.

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