How to Tag Someone In an Instagram Story Without Showing Their Name

Instagram Stories are an excellent method for documenting special occasions and events, such as concerts, sporting events, weddings, days out, and other similar events. You also have the option of adding tags and filters to your story posts, which will give them the appearance of a digital scrapbook. One thing that users will often tag on images are the people that they are with at the time, and for whatever reason, there has recently been a tendency toward making these tags hidden. In this post, we are going to walk you through some of the other great features that are available on Instagram Stories, as well as explain how you can tag someone in an Instagram story without it showing.

A step-by-step guide on how to tag someone in an Instagram story without having it show

Before you can tag another user in your Instagram story, you will first need to post something to your story. This is a must for tagging someone. Using the Instagram mobile app is the method that is both the most effective and the most convenient in this regard. Launch the application, then choose the “add story” icon located in the upper left corner of the display screen. You will be able to select the images and/or videos that you want to add to your story. Follow these steps to add a tag and then make it invisible once you’ve added it:

  1. Click the ‘Aa’ button, which can be found in the list of buttons at the very top of the screen, once you have chosen the photo you want to use in your story.
  2. To tag someone in an Instagram story, click the button labeled “@” on the bottom bar.
  3. Simply type in the user’s name that you want to tag in the story, and when their profile shows up, select it.
  4. Move the tag with your index finger as far to the right as you possibly can until it is no longer visible on the screen. The tag will continue to function normally; however, it will no longer be visible in the story.
  5. You could also use your thumb and index finger to repeatedly close together and squeeze the tag in order to achieve the same result. At some point in the future, the tag will become so unnoticeable on your story that no one will be able to spot it.

When you do this, the person (or users) who you are tagging will be informed that they have been tagged in the story that you are sharing. The advantage of doing so is that you won’t waste valuable space on the post by including a lengthy tag, but you’ll still be able to share your memories with your friends. If you want to tag a location on your story, you can do so using the same methods described above. It’s not too difficult to include invisible hashtags in your Instagram posts because the feature is built in. If you are going through the trouble of making a location tag invisible, then you may as well just take it out of your story entirely. Despite this, the benefits of doing this appear to be meaningless.

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Other ways to make the most of Instagram stories

Instagram stories is a feature of Instagram that was introduced for the first time in 2016 and allowed users to build a collage of photographs and videos that is viewable for a period of 24 hours but disappears once that time period has passed. It is nearly comparable to the story feature on Snapchat, which serves the same purpose and offers the same functionality. Although we’ve concentrated on tagging individuals and locations throughout this post, you shouldn’t think that these are the only additions you can make to your Instagram stories since that’s not the case. The following is a list of some more things that you could do to distinguish your stories from those of other crowds:

Add in filters

Filters are one of the most popular tools available on Instagram stories. Before Instagram copied the idea, Snapchat was the platform that popularized the use of filters. Irrespective of the question of “who did it first,” it’s safe to argue that Instagram has pushed filters to a whole new level. Please be sure you follow these steps in order to successfully apply filters to your Instagram story:

  1. Add a picture to your Instagram story.
  2. From the top bar of the options, select the icon with the three stars.
  3. You can use the navigation bar to browse through the various filters until you find one that enhances the look of the photo you started with.

Add engagement bait

If you want more people to interact with your Instagram story, the platform gives you access to a wide variety of stickers that you can use to pique people’s interest and draw them in. Instagram has you covered with everything from polls that you can make yourself to sliding scales that other users can use to rate what you’ve shared on the platform. Please take these steps in order to gain access to these stickers:

  1. Add a picture to your Instagram story.
  2. Select the sticker icon from the top menu bar.
  3. Scroll through the various stickers, and choose the one that you believe will most effectively encourage others to engage with the content of your story.
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Overlay a photo on top of a video

Although many people are under the impression that you can only upload images OR videos to your Instagram story, it is actually possible to overlay an image on top of a video as well. This is a fun and creative method to maybe make your own meme and share it on the internet. In order to do this, please follow these steps:

  1. Add a video to your story.
  2. Choose the sticker symbol located at the very top of the menu bar.
  3. Choose the photo sticker, then navigate to the image you want to include in your video.
  4. Experiment with the image and resize it as needed to ensure that it corresponds to the image you had in your head.

Even if you have the ability to add more than one tag to your Instagram, you will not be able to do a search using more than one hashtag at the same time.


In summary, putting a tag on Instagram and making it invisible is not a process that is overly difficult to carry out, and if you follow our tips in this post, then you will quickly learn how to do it. You are able to add hashtags that are invisible by making them smaller or even changing the color of the hashtags. On top of that, Instagram offers a wide range of additional interesting features that you should make the most of, some of which have already been covered in this article. Enjoy!

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