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How to Take Full Page Screenshot on iPhone | 2024

by | Feb 6, 2024

Capturing a full-page screenshot on your iPhone can be incredibly useful when you want to save an entire webpage, note, email, PDF, or map as a single image. Fortunately, there are built-in tools and third-party apps available that make this process easy and convenient. In this article, we will explore two methods to take full-page screenshots on your iPhone. Let’s dive in and learn how to take full-page screenshots on your iPhone.

What are the Advantages of Taking Full Page Screenshot?

There are several situations where you might find it useful to take a full-page screenshot on your iPhone:

  • Saving web content: When you come across an informative article, recipe, or any other webpage that you want to refer back to later, capturing a full-page screenshot allows you to save the entire content, including images and text.
  • Sharing complete conversations: If you need to share an entire text message conversation, email thread, or chat history with someone, a full-page screenshot ensures that nothing is left out, providing a comprehensive view of the entire conversation.
  • Preserving important information: Full-page screenshots are handy for preserving important information, such as receipts, confirmation pages, flight itineraries, or any other digital document that you might need to refer to or share in the future.
  • Capturing maps and directions: When navigating through maps or following directions, capturing a full-page screenshot ensures that you have a complete view of the map, including all the details and points of interest.
  • Documenting web design or bugs: If you are a web designer or developer, taking full-page screenshots can help you document the design elements, layout, or any bugs you may encounter on websites.
  • Creating visual references: Full-page screenshots can serve as visual references for design inspiration, mood boards, or any other creative projects where you want to capture and save an entire webpage or image.
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How to Take Full Page Screenshot on iPhone

Method 1: Use the built-in full-page screenshot tool on iPhone

iOS has a feature that allows you to capture an entire webpage, note, email, PDF, or map as a single image in the Photos app or as a PDF in the Files app.

This tool works with Safari (for web pages), Notes (for notes), Mail (for individual emails), the Files app (for PDFs), and Apple Maps (for maps).

The steps to take a full-page screenshot are similar in all these apps. In this guide, we will use Safari as an example.

  1. Open Safari, Notes, Mail, Files, or Maps on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Take a screenshot as you normally would by pressing the Volume Up + Side button.
  3. Tap the preview of the screenshot that appears in the bottom corner of the screen.
  4. From the top options, select “Full Page.” A new preview window will open next to the screenshot, allowing you to scroll and view the entire page. You can also use Markup to make annotations or crop the screenshot.
  5. Finally, tap “Done” and choose whether to save it to Photos or as a PDF in Files.

Now you have successfully captured a full-page screenshot of a webpage or app. Depending on where you saved it, you can find it in the Photos or Files app.

If needed, you can also make further changes to the screenshot before saving. For example, you can use Markup tools to add annotations or crop the screenshot to remove unwanted parts. Simply tap the “Crop” button at the top of the screen, adjust the screenshot as desired, and then tap “Done” twice to save it.

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if you can’t find the “Save to Photos” option on your iPhone, it’s probably because your iOS version is not up to date. This option allows you to save a full-page screenshot as an image in the Photos app. So, make sure to update your iPhone to iOS 17 or later to get this feature. Additionally, if the web page, PDF, note, or email is very long, the “Save to Photos” option may not appear. In such cases, you can use Safari Reader Mode to remove ads and then take a screenshot. This should cover most web articles. Just keep in mind that this feature is available in iOS 17 and later. Also read iOS 17 Hidden Features You Should Try Right Now,

Method 2: Use third-party apps

You can use an app called Picsew to take long screenshots on your iPhone or iPad. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Download Picsew from the App Store and upgrade to its Pro version.
  2. Make sure the screen recording icon is added to your iPhone Control Center.
  3. Be in the app or screen you want to capture, then open the Control Center.
  4. Long-press the screen recording icon.
  5. Select Picsew and start broadcasting.
  6. While Picsew is recording, scroll the page.
  7. Stop the screen recording when you’ve scrolled to the desired length.
  8. Open Picsew, and it will have stitched the images together to create a long screenshot. You can then adjust the images if needed and export it as an image or PDF.

This method allows you to capture long-form, full-page screenshots on various apps and web pages using Picsew, enabling you to save them as images on your device.

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By following these methods, you can easily capture and save full-page screenshots on your iPhone, giving you the ability to preserve important information, share content accurately, and refer back to it at any time. Whether you prefer using the native iOS tool or opting for a third-party app, you have the flexibility to choose the method that works best for your specific needs.

Take advantage of these techniques to enhance your screenshot capabilities and make the most of your iPhone’s functionality. With the ability to capture full-page screenshots, you can streamline your workflow, save valuable content, and share information effectively. Start capturing full-page screenshots today and unlock a new level of convenience and productivity on your iPhone.

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