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How To Tell You’re Shadowbanned on Twitter?

by | Mar 23, 2023

A shadowban is Twitter’s way of limiting an account’s reach without outright banning it. When a user is shadowbanned on Twitter, their tweets and responses are no longer visible in their followers’ feeds. The only way to view the tweets is to look for the shadowbanned account. Twitter may also prevent the account from appearing in searches in some cases. When an account is shadowbanned, the user receives no formal notification. Shadowbans are often issued when Twitter thinks an account is a bot or when a user breaches the Terms of Service (ToS). We will walk you through the shadowban process in this post. Also, if your account has been shadowbanned on Twitter, this post includes tips on recovering your account and reaching out.

What Is Twitter Shadowbanning?

Shadowbanning, also known as ghost banning, occurs when Twitter hides your account from the rest of its users. Shadowbanning is the company’s blocking of users without permanently removing them from the app. Accounts that have been shadowbanned do not appear in other people’s feeds. If you are shadowbanned, only those who follow your account and expressly search for your account will be able to see your tweets, etc.

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However, your tweets, retweets, or comments would not appear on their home page, even if they were shadowbanned. Those who do not follow you will not see your account! This ban has a significant impact on your account’s engagement. On the other hand, Twitter never notifies its users before shadowbanning their accounts.

Why Does Twitter Shadowban an Account?

Twitter shadowbans accounts largely to provide a positive user experience. These shadowbans are intended to reduce the number of trolls and restrict the distribution of bad content. They also make sure Twitter’s regulations are obeyed by its users. Shadowbanning also reduces the number of bots and scammers on the platform before users start mass reporting the issue. Some of the reasons Twitter can shadowban your account are as follows:

  • Unable to validate the email address associated with your account.
  • Frequently engaging in arguments or harassing other users.
  • Providing the same information over.
  • Bots are being used to gain followers and leave several comments.
  • An odd follower-to-following ratio.

How to Determine Whether You’ve Been Shadowbanned?

Because Twitter does not alert users before shadowbanning them, how can you tell whether you are one of the unfortunate few?

Follow the steps below to see if your account has been shadowbanned:

  1. Launch a private browsing window, such as Google Chrome’s Incognito mode.
  2. Visit the Twitter Explore Page.
  3. In the search field, type in your Twitter username.

If your username appears in the search box now, your account is not shadowbanned! Congrats, you can now relax. But, if it does not appear in the search, we regret to inform you that you have been shadowbanned by Twitter. You can also take the Twitter Shadowban Test to check your account status. You have to enter your username here to tell you whether you’re shadowbanned.

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How to Remove a Twitter Shadowban?

After you’ve established that Twitter has put a shadowban on your account, there are certain measures you can take to ensure that it is lifted as soon as possible. What you can do is as follows.

1. Delete any posts that might have resulted in you being shadowbanned

Check your tweets to see which posts may have resulted in your shadowban. Twitter often shadowbans accounts that post spam, follow other accounts in bulk, or engage in nasty behavior. The first step in removing a shadow ban is to remove any problematic content from your profile.

2. Go under the radar for a while

Once you’ve removed the objectionable content from your profile, be calm and let Twitter assess the problem. Attempting to evade the shadowban by creating a new account or posting using someone else’s account may result in a permanent ban (permanent ban). Your best bet is to limit your Twitter activity until the ban is lifted.

3. Contact Twitter customer support

If you believe there was an error on Twitter’s part in shadowbanning your account, you can contact the Twitter Support staff. This is not unusual since Twitter attempts to limit bots on its platform. If you posted a lot of content quickly, the algorithm may have mistaken you for a bot and issued you a shadowban. This problem can easily be fixed by contacting Twitter Help.

How can you keep from being shadowbanned?

Before doing a shadowban, Twitter evaluates a number of factors. Always base yourself on social media tips and best practices. Knowing some of these guidelines can help you figure out the security of your account. If your account is on the verge of being shadowbanned, and how to avoid being shadowbanned.

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1. Verify that you are a human being

If there is no identity verification, your social activity will be limited. This happens if the Twitter algorithm detects that a bot runs your account. Begin by verifying your email address and adding a profile picture. These small steps will reduce your chances of being shadowbanned.

2. Use moderation in whatever you do

We recognize that you are a digital marketer that needs more visitors to your website. Some people require their Twitter account to increase traffic for digital marketing purposes. Using Twitter to promote organic traffic or sell your products and services might be risky. If you do anything wrong, you may receive a shadowban. Make your activity as simple as possible to avoid being blocked by other Twitter users. Many blocks or reports on your account could result in a shadowban.

3. Be cautious and avoid online conflicts

It is natural to fight for what you believe in; a club, a movement, or a pastime. These activities may become overly combative. Twitter AI will view your simple behaviors as a troll. Whatever you do on Twitter, keep your replies and tweets nice. Engage other users in light discussion. The more courteous you sound, the more secure your account.


This article should have helped you determine if you have been shadowbanned and how to prevent being shadowbanned. We hope you found this article useful in finding out whether you are shadowbanned on Twitter and how to remedy the situation. 

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