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How to Turn off Phone Remotely (Android & iPhone)?

by | Dec 4, 2023

There are situations when you might need to turn off your phone remotely, whether it’s due to a lost or stolen device, privacy concerns, or simply wanting to power off a device that is out of reach. Fortunately, both Android and iPhone devices offer options to remotely power off your phone. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to turn off your phone remotely on both Android and iPhone platforms.

Is it Possible to Turn off Phone Remotely?

Yes, you can turn off your phone remotely. Whether you have an Android or an iPhone, you have the ability to power it off from anywhere. There are various methods to remotely shut down an Android phone and an iPhone.

You can use your computer or another phone to turn off your device, depending on the method you prefer. The easiest way to remotely turn off your phone is by using a remote control app. In this article, we will explain different ways to remotely power off an Android phone and an iPhone.

How to Turn off Phone Remotely (For Android Users)?

There are two ways to remotely turn off an Android phone, depending on its current condition. One way is by rooting your phone, which allows you to access it remotely and power it off.

Alternatively, if you prefer to keep your phone unrooted, you can use a third-party app to remotely turn it off. In the following sections, we will explain both methods step by step.

Method 1:  Sending SMS (Root is Required)

Step 1: Root your Android device:

Rooting a phone means getting rid of the restrictions put in place by the manufacturer to keep it secure. When a phone is unrooted, it has these limitations, but rooting removes them. This allows you to do more advanced things like shutting down your phone remotely.

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Sending SMS (Root is Required)

The process of rooting a phone can be different for each model. However, you can use a rooting app to easily root your device. Apps like KingRoot, Kingo Root, and One Click Root make rooting simple for regular phone users.

You can download one of these apps and safely root your phone. These apps check if your phone is compatible before proceeding, so you don’t accidentally damage it.

Advanced users sometimes prefer manual rooting by flashing custom ROMs onto their devices. However, if you’re not familiar with technical aspects of smartphones, it’s best to avoid the manual method. Making a mistake could permanently damage your phone. Once you’ve successfully rooted your Android phone, you can learn how to turn it off remotely.

Step 2: Download and install the Remote Power Off app

Once your Android device is rooted, download the Remote Power Off app from a trusted source or website.

Step 3: Set a secret code

Launch the Remote Power Off app on your rooted Android device. You will be prompted to set a secret code that will be used to remotely power off the phone. Enter the default current code (often “null”) and then set your desired new code. Finally, click on the “Change Secret Code” button.

Remote Power Off app

Step 4: Grant necessary permissions

The app will request certain permissions to function properly. Follow the on-screen instructions to grant the required access permissions.

Step 5: Send an SMS to turn off the phone remotely

From any other device capable of sending SMS messages, compose a new text message.

Enter the secret code you set in the Remote Power Off app as the message content.

Send the SMS to the phone number associated with your rooted Android device.

Step 6: Phone shutdown

Once your rooted Android device receives the SMS with the correct secret code, it will interpret the message as a command to power off.

The phone will initiate the shutdown process and turn off.

Method 2:  Use a Remote Control App (Root is Not Required)

To turn off an Android phone without rooting it, you can use a remote control app. One recommended app is AirDroid Personal, which allows you to operate the phone remotely and power it off from anywhere.

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Here are the steps to turn off an Android phone using AirDroid Personal:

Step 1: Download and install AirDroid Personal on both your Android phone and computer.

Use a Remote Control App

Step 2: Open the app, create an account, and make sure both devices are logged in with the same account. Give the app the necessary permissions.

Step 3: On the target Android phone, go to the app’s settings, navigate to the Remote Features option, and turn on the “Remote control” option.

Step 4: On your computer, select the device under “My Devices” in AirDroid Personal. Click on the “Remote Control” option, and your phone’s screen will appear on your computer.

Step 5: Open the Settings app on your phone through AirDroid Personal on your computer. Go to Accessibility and turn on the Assistant Menu option.

Step 6: Tap on the Assistant Menu icon and select the Power Off option to remotely turn off the phone.

AirDroid Personal also offers other useful features such as file transfer, remote camera access, screen mirroring, and notification syncing between your phone and computer.

The advantages of using AirDroid Personal are that it doesn’t require rooting the target phone, it works on all Android phones, and it offers various remote control capabilities beyond just shutting down the device. Also read How to Reset Apple Watch Without Paired Phone and Password.

How to Turn Off Phone Remotely (For iPhone Users)?

Unfortunately, there’s only one way to remotely shut down an iPhone. You can use the popular Find My iPhone feature in iCloud to do certain actions from a distance. For example, you can remotely lock your device or even erase all the data on the iPhone.

When you choose to erase the data, it deletes everything on the iPhone and automatically turns it off. Here are the steps to remotely erase the data and turn off an iPhone using Find My iPhone:

Turn Off Phone Remotely (For iPhone Users)

Step 1: Open a web browser on any device and go to icloud.com.

Step 2: Log into your iCloud account that is associated with the iPhone you want to control remotely.

Step 3: Click on “All Devices” and select the specific iPhone you want to control.

Step 4: Click on the option to “Erase Data.” You will be prompted to enter your Apple ID and password for confirmation.

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If the iPhone is currently connected to the internet, the erase data process will start immediately, and the phone will turn off. If the iPhone is offline, the erase data process will begin as soon as it comes online.

It’s important to note that using this method to erase data and turn off the iPhone remotely will also disable the Find My iPhone feature on the target device.


I hope you now know how to turn off phone remotely, whether you’re using an Android or an iPhone. If you need more tutorials, please leave a comment or send us an email. Your comments inspire us to write our next articles. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our daily newsletter to receive the latest news, updates, and tutorials about social media platforms, apps, and devices.


Can I erase my Android phone remotely if it’s off?

No, you can’t erase your Android phone remotely if it’s turned off. However, you can use the Find My Device service to erase the data on your Android phone. The erasure will happen as soon as the phone is turned on and connected to the internet.

How can I turn off my phone using my laptop?

You can easily turn off your phone using the AirDroid Personal app on your laptop. We have explained how to use the app and access the accessibility menu to remotely turn off your phone.

Can I use my phone to shut down my computer?

Yes, you can shut down your computer from your phone. You need to use the Shutdown Start Remote app to connect your phone to your computer and remotely shut it down.

Can I remotely shut down an Android phone using CMD?

To remotely shut down an Android phone using CMD, you can use the ADB command. Make sure you have USB debugging enabled on your phone and have installed the ADB platform tools on your computer. In CMD, navigate to the SDK platform-tools folder and enter the command “ADB shell reboot -p” to turn off the phone from your computer.

How do I remotely turn off my child’s phone?

You can install the AirDroid Personal app on your child’s phone and set it up correctly. After that, you can use either the AirMirror app or the AirDroid Personal app on your phone or computer to remotely turn off your child’s phone whenever you want.

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