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How to Use Facebook Collections?

by | Mar 2, 2023

Facebook just implemented a feature that allows you to add photo folders and pin them to the top of your Facebook page for your friends and family to see. It’s a fantastic way to keep your uploaded photos and videos organized, and it helps people who visit your profile to locate exactly what they’re searching for. What’s interesting about the collections feature is that you can see who saw your collection among your friends. You’ll discover how to use Facebook Collections to curate and organize saved content for quick access and sharing in this post.

Why Should You Use Facebook Collections?

Facebook allows you to store content (posts, events, pages, and photos) right from your news feed and then instantly retrieve your saved items from the home page’s left navigation menu. Saving posts allows you to undertake real-time content curation. If you come across something that may be useful to you or a client but don’t have time to look at it or share it right away, save it for later.

Saving content also helps in the identification of trending content. If you’re seeing anything in your news feed, chances are it has some trending value on Facebook, which indicates the content is worth sharing. Keep track of the number of views for a stored video or the number of likes/comments for a saved link. If these figures continue to rise, it’s another indication that the content is valuable to your target audience. Simply click the three dots at the top right of any Facebook post in your news feed to save the link, video, or post, depending on the kind of media used in that post, to add it to your saved item list.

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Create distinct collections to organize the information by topic once you’ve amassed a set of saved posts. It’s similar to using folders, and what organizer doesn’t love folders? You can call your collections whatever you like in order to customize the tool to your specific needs. Saving stuff by interest or client is very useful if you handle social media for numerous clients or sites. Here’s how to get started curating content and finding trends and inspiration with saved items and collections.

#1: Make Topic-Based Collections

It’s easy to access your saved content once you’ve saved a post. Navigate to your Facebook home page (the page where your news feed appears), find the Explore area on the left, and then click Saved. You can also go straight to the page at www.facebook.com/saved. The Saved page displays all of the Facebook information you’ve saved in chronological order. On mobile, press the rightmost symbol (the three bars) at the bottom of the screen to access saved items. Then, at the bottom of the page, press Saved. Your Facebook saved items list might accumulate hundreds of posts over time, making it difficult to discover a certain item in the large list (especially on mobile). Fortunately, Facebook provides a number of useful tools for managing and organizing your saved content. If you haven’t yet made any collections, a purple box will appear at the top of the Saved page. To make a collection, go to the left menu and select the blue + button or the New Collection button. After that, you’ll be asked to name your collection.

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#2: Add Content to the Collection

Simply click the Add to Collection button below the item in your saved list to add it to a collection. Any previously established collections appear as options to pick from. You also have the option of starting a new collection. All of the collections you’ve established display in the left menu and at the top of the page, allowing you to conveniently access the saved posts in each collection.

#3: Manage and Filter Your Saved Items

Filtering your saved posts is one of the simplest ways to organize them. To do so, click the blue word All at the top right of your saved list. Then, from the drop-down box, pick one of the sorting options to easily filter your list for a certain type of post. For example, if you saved a funny video about lovely puppies a month ago, it may be buried at the bottom of your list. However, if you filter the content by Videos, you can discover it in a lower number of posts.

Who Has Access To Your Facebook Collections?

It is vital to remember that the list of viewers will only include the complete names of those you have listed as Facebook friends. The view counter will include views from people who have browsed your collections but are not Facebook friends of yours. However, it will only display the number of views under the heading “others.” You will not have access to such people’s names or identities. To control who can see your featured collection, change the collection’s privacy settings in your profile settings. Depending on who you want to expose your featured collection to, you can toggle between ‘friends only’ and ‘anyone.’ There are additional options. When you share collections with private photos of friends and family, the privacy setting comes in handy. Your Facebook friends will be able to see and enjoy the photos while maintaining your privacy.

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Facebook is a busy place, and keeping up with the sheer number of interesting information on the network is a constant challenge. Saved items and collections are two easy features that can help you keep track of intriguing and relevant content from your news feed for later reference or to share with your audience as a marketer or just as a regular Facebook user.

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