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How To Use Twitter Bot on Discord?

by | Feb 26, 2023

Many things have become possible thanks to the development of Discord bots. The addition of a Twitter bot allowed Discord users to engage in healthy debates without leaving the platform. Users can simulate the Twitter environment inside Discord using the Twitter bot, allowing them to discuss and express themselves as if they were on Twitter. The Twitter bot is rated over four stars, but new users are confused about how to use it. This guide explains what a Twitter bot is and how to use it. Let’s get started.

What is Twitter Bot?

Twitter Bot is a Discord bot that mimics a Twitter atmosphere. The bot cannot be used to integrate Twitter with Discord, nor can it be used to send automatic tweets from the Discord platform. Twitter bots work similarly to other bots, and once added to your channel, you can interact with other users as if you were on Twitter. The bot is suitable for Discord users who want to interact with people on the network and share their ideas.

Users will believe they are on Twitter, but in reality, the bot provides the same platform as Twitter, with no integration. That implies you can’t share popular tweets from your Twitter followers. Furthermore, because the bot replicates the Twitter environment on Discord, you don’t have to leave Discord and join Twitter to participate in discussions. As a result, the bot is ideal for users who want to experience the Twitter experience without having to access Twitter.

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Discord bots

How to Use Discord’s Twitter Bot?

The Twitter bot functions in the same way that other Discord bots do. You can use the Twitter bot since it has been validated by Discord as one of the trustworthy bots, as mentioned in this section.

Step 1: Invite Twitter Bot

You must have a server where you will invite Twitter Bot to join if you want to use it. Navigate to the Discord bots page and click the Invite button.

Step 2: Choose Your Discord Server

When you click the “Invite this bot” button, a new page will load in which you must choose a server. Tap the drop-down menu, choose the server’s name, and then press the “Continue” button.

Step 3: Authorize the Twitter Bot

Once you’ve chosen a server, a new menu will appear with the rights the Twitter bot will have on your server. If you agree to the Twitter bot having all of the specified rights, click “Authorize” to finish inviting it to the server.

Step 4: Use Twitter Bot with Commands

Now that the Twitter Bot has been properly welcomed to your server, you can begin using it via commands. Twitter Bot supports the following commands:

  • To assign a channel to the Twitter bot, use /Twitter assign <channel>.
  • To get the installation guide, use /Twitter install.
  • To invite the Twitter bot to your server, use /Twitter invite.

Furthermore, you can switch between dark and light Twitter modes by typing /Twitter mode <mode>. The /Twitter help command can offer further information about how to use the Twitter bot.

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Commonly Asked Questions

What is a Discord Bot?

Discord bots are one of the most useful features of the site, and they are accessible in a range of languages. They are artificial intelligence (AI) technologies that marketers and business managers can use to automate a variety of server activities. Building a community is never easy, but doing so on Discord is a fantastic way to offer people a sense of exclusivity that they would not have otherwise. This strategy will benefit you if you already have the following.

What is a Discord Twitter bot?

Twitter Bot is a new bot that was created to allow Discord users to participate in arguments without leaving Discord. The bot mimics the Twitter or Instagram environment on Discord, allowing you to transform your messages into tweets and express your opinions.

Why isn’t the Twitter bot turning my messages into tweets?

Allowing Twitter Bots to handle messages and access the channel where the bot is being used is required if you want the bot to convert communications to tweets. As a result, it is essential to check if the Twitter Bot can send messages and see the channel before using the /Twitter assign <channel> command to assign the bot a channel.

How can I use the Twitter bot to delete original Discord messages?

Give Twitter Bot the manage messages permission when approving it if you want it to remove Original Messages on Discord. Then, to erase personal data and messages, use the /Twitter delete command.


When you want to engage in constructive conversations with your channel members without leaving Discord, use Twitter Bot. The bot replicates the Twitter experience on Discord, allowing you to feel as though you are on Twitter without leaving Discord. If you want to begin using Twitter, this guide will walk you through the necessary instructions.

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