How to write good TikTok video descriptions and captions

As you know, TikTok is a trending social media platform that has lots of users on it. If you’re also using TikTok for content-making purposes, you need to know the importance of a good caption and how to create catchy TikTok video descriptions. In addition to the quality of your content, you should pay special attention to the way you represent it with a description. A proper description can attract the audience and boost your views significantly. Keep reading below to get useful tips on writing good video descriptions.

Why are TikTok video descriptions so important?

The importance of a great caption for videos is usually underestimated. Therefore, first, you need to understand the reasons why TikTok video descriptions are important, and how their role influences your views. Writing a good caption for your video could be beneficial in many ways. We mention some of these benefits below.

A good video description can:

  • Help your visually impaired audience use and appreciate your content.
  • Make up for subtitles that might be difficult to read or follow.
  • Help you receive new comments since it leads your viewers to discuss a concept mentioned in the video caption.
  • Prevent your viewers from missing important points of the video.
  • Include extra information about the content which may not be mentioned in the video. For example, it can include your collaborators’ information or links to purchase a product.
  • Encourage your viewers to watch the whole video and tell them not to miss any moment of it.
  • Help build a relationship with your viewers by introducing yourself and your content more.
  • Include some popular hashtags to gain more viewers for your videos.
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TikTok video descriptions

How can I write good captions for my videos?

TikTok video descriptions used to be much shorter; the maximum number of characters used in the caption was 150. Then it upgraded to 300, and now it has been increased more. Now, you can use up to 2200 characters in your TikTok video descriptions.

The update in the maximum number of characters proved to be very helpful for content creators since a longer caption can include more hashtags and more thorough information. In this part, we’ll provide you with useful information on how to write proper TikTok video descriptions on your own. Here are some tips that can help you with this matter.

Research your audience

You need to gather information about your target market. This is the best source of information on which you can base your video description. You need to find out some crucial facts about your audience, such as customers’ needs and interests, their issues and demands for products and services, their dreams and goals, and the successful methods used by previous campaigns in social media. This data can inspire you to write a proper caption based on viewers’ interests.

Some methods for researching and gathering these facts about your audience are:

  • Focus groups
  • Interviews
  • Customer surveys
  • Segmentation

Be straightforward

Because of the relatively short caption limit that you are supposed to keep (2200 characters), you’d better prepare a meaningful but short caption in advance. You should try to keep it simple and straightforward to get more views. Long TikTok video descriptions aren’t much popular. Also, you need to keep your prepared caption under 2100 characters so that you can make last-minute changes if necessary.

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In order to keep your caption straightforward but also meaningful, you need to follow some rules. For example, you should start your sentence with the important part and essential information. Also, you should try not to beat around the bush. Keep the important facts only, and do not use extra complicated words.

Ask a question

Asking a question in your TikTok video description is a known method for increasing customer engagement. A caption including questions can attract engagement and comments much more than other descriptions. By asking questions, you make people pause and try to answer those questions. This can slow down their reading pace, which results in more engagement and involvement on their part.

Using questions that are most suitable for your content can be achieved using these tips: Try to use close-ended and open-ended questions. Close-ended questions are also known as yes-no questions, whereas open-ended ones cannot be answered using one word (yes/no). Also, try to stick to your topic. The questions you ask must be relevant to the content and should include viewers’ interests and issues.

Use relevant hashtags

TikTok uses hashtags in order to learn users’ interests and show them relevant content. By using accurate hashtags in the captions, you can make sure TikTok will show your content to the right audience. You can find suitable hashtags for your content by checking the latest TikTok trends. Also, it helps if you check top TikTok influencers’ posts and the hashtags they’re using. You can use seasonal hashtags, as well. Make sure you don’t stuff your whole caption with hashtags so that TikTok doesn’t identify it as spam. Also, you’d better not use too many hashtags. Five relevant hashtags are enough to achieve your goal.

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Use all caps

If you use all caps properly, you can get attention from your audience, which is the whole point here. You need to know that this method is used to get attention to a specific word. Do not use it with all of the words in the TikTok video description. This can be repellent to some viewers, so you need to focus on important specific words, not all of them.

Editing video captions after posting them

You can’t edit a video caption after posting it. However, you can use this tactic:

  1. Download the video.
  2. Delete the original video.
  3. Replace the caption and re-upload your video.


As we explained in this article, your TikTok can benefit a lot from writing a good caption for your videos. By using tips that were mentioned in this text, your videos will receive more views and more engagement. Feel free to consult us for more tips for your social media success.

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