How Topher Became TikTok’s First Star of 2023

Topher, a young man, is trending on TikTok and Twitter owing to his spectacular introduction in one video and that is how Topher became TikTok’s first star of 2023. On December 24, TikTok user @allycat.03 (Allyson) uploaded a video of her family enjoying a game. Each member was asked to pick a family member they would warn a stranger about. The members then took turns answering the questions. “If you were to introduce someone into our family, who would you warn them about?” Allyson asked. Kevin, the first to be given the question, chose Topher’s name. When it was his turn, he talked with a loud Southern accent, a feisty look, an aggressive tone, and a funny demeanor: “Y’all already know who I am. My name is Topher, and I think Olivia.” When Olivia’s name was called back, a sharp scream could be heard in the background, where he yelled: “Shut up.”

@official.tophertok who’s down to meet the dads side;) #family #christmas #funfam #crazy #fypシ #viraltrend #santa ♬ original sound – allycat.03

Since this must watch viral Tik Tok video, Topher on TikTok has gone viral. The video received more than 5 million likes and 34 million views. Memes about him have also appeared on Twitter, and people are having a great time laughing at them. Though the video posted the day before Christmas made the kid famous, it was not his first appearance on TikTok. Many of Allyson’s TikTok videos include her younger brother, Topher, acting funny, doing entertaining things, and generally having a good time. The majority of the videos have received millions of views.

The Emergence of Fan Accounts

Although Allyson’s account is no longer active on the platform, many people have already saved and shared the video. Surprisingly, there are TikTok fan accounts dedicated to the boy. One such account, @tophersbigfan, posted the original video with a few changes with the caption: “The icon himself!” People are intrigued by the little boy’s antics in the comments section of Allyson’s family video. Someone described him as “a future icon.” According to netizens, Topher is expected to be the biggest internet star in 2023. Topher memes are spreading like wildfire on Twitter. Users have already displayed that the kid will be the biggest online sensation in 2023. One theme stood out among all the others. This is when his self-introduction is cut into scenes from a movie or viral video where a character asks another individual to describe themselves.

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In one scene from the 2019 film Avengers: Endgame, Thanos wears the infinity gauntlet and snaps his fingers at the end, believing he has all the stones. However, he is taken aback when nothing happens. The camera then switches to Iron Man sitting on his knees, revealing his hands covered in stones. However, in this meme, the artist altered Allyson’s brother’s face and added his dialogue from the popular family video to Iron Man’s face.

@pollo.guy Yall think i got scammed?🥲 #topher #topherkid #topheredit #avengersendgame #funny #viral #fyp ♬ original sound – Mickey 🇲🇽

How Old Is Topher from TikTok?

Topher’s exact age is unclear; however, based on the footage, he appears to be between 11 and 13. The Topher on TikTok original video got roughly 30 million views and 5 million likes in addition to all of the views and likes generated by posts simply mentioning Topher, and that is how Topher became TikTok’s first star of 2023. allycat.03 had released multiple previous Topher videos on their TikTok account before this one became popular. They are now receiving a lot more attention due to the popularity of their most recent post.


Other Famous TikTok Kids

In addition to Topher, several other children have gained an enormous TikTok following. Tariq, a seven-year-old called Corn Kid, rose to popularity in late 2022 for a short video showing his passion for corn. As previously said, he became known as Corn Kid when a clip of his interview with Julian Shapiro-Recess Barnum’s Therapy was frequently remixed on the platform.

Corn Kid

Tariq was even named South Dakota’s official Corn-ambassador. Some celebrity teenagers have gained a considerable amount of TikTok followers. Penelope Disick, Romeo Beckham, Coco Arquette, and North West are celebrities with over a million followers on the social platform.


What is TopherTok?

TopherTok is a hashtag used by TikTok users to create and share videos related to Topher, such as fan edits, parodies, memes, remixes, and reactions of January 5, 2023, the hashtag has over 1.3 billion views on TikTok.

Why is Topher so popular?

Topher became popular because of his catchy introduction, attractive appearance, and mysterious backstory. Many TikTok users found him funny, charming, and intriguing and started making videos about or with him. Some even speculated that he was a secret agent or a superhero.

Who is the creator of Topher?

The creator of Topher is Morgan Langley, a 19-year-old college student from California who runs the @official.tophertok account. She came up with the idea of Topher as a joke while playing a family game with her cousins on Christmas Eve. She posted the video on TikTok without expecting it to go viral.

How does Morgan Langley feel about Topher’s fame?

Morgan Langley is surprised and grateful for the positive response to Topher. She said she never intended to create a viral sensation, but she is happy that people enjoy her content and find it entertaining. She also said she plans to continue making videos with Topher and explore his character more. 

Who are some of the other characters in Topher’s videos?

Some of the other characters in Topher’s videos are his cousins, who Morgan Langley’s real cousins also play. They include Ally, who is Topher’s love interest; Juul, who is Topher’s best friend; Angelo, who is Topher’s rival; and Kayla, who is Topher’s sister.

What are some of the popular trends and challenges inspired by Topher?

Some of the popular trends and challenges inspired by Topher are:
– The #TopherChallenge, where users try to imitate Topher’s introduction or create their versions.
– The #TopherRemix is where users remix Topher’s voice with different songs or sounds.
– The #TopherDance, where users dance to a song that features Topher’s voice or name.
– The #TopherEdit, where users make fan edits or collages of Topher using photos or clips from his videos.

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What are some of the controversies and criticisms surrounding Topher?

Some of the controversies and criticisms surrounding Topher are:
• Some users accused Morgan Langley of stealing the idea of Topher from another TikTok user named @topherolive, who also makes comedy skits using the name Topher However, Morgan Langley denied the allegations and said she was unaware of @topherolive’s account before creating her own.
• Some users criticized Topher for being too arrogant, annoying, or unrealistic. They said he was not funny or original but a stereotype or a copycat of other popular TikTok characters.
• Some users expressed concern about Topher’s influence on young viewers. They said he was promoting unhealthy behaviors or values, such as smoking, drinking, lying, or cheating.

How has Topher influenced the culture and society?

Topher has influenced culture and society by becoming a phenomenon and a meme on social media. He has inspired many people to create content, express themselves, and have fun online. He has also sparked conversations and debates about humor, creativity, and identity.

What are some of the plans for Topher?

Some of the plans for Topher are:
• Morgan Langley said that she wants to collaborate with other TikTok creators and celebrities who are fans of Topher. She also said she hopes to expand her platform and reach more audiences with her content.
• Some fans have suggested that Topher should have his show or movie. They said they would love to see more of his adventures and interactions with other characters.
• Some brands have expressed interest in working with Topher or featuring him in their products or campaigns. They said they see him as a potential influencer or spokesperson for their target market.


The TikTok sensation’s popularity has skyrocketed, with some netizens even referring to their TikTok experience as “TopherTok.” Topher on TikTok fan pages are creating video compilations by squeezing multiple additional video bits where the kid appears. Some clips are from 2021, when Allyson’s younger brother was alive. Nonetheless, he seems vibrant and has a high-spirited demeanor in all the videos, which gets more people addicted to watching him have fun.

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