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Instagram Follow Limits per Hour & per Day                                

by | Dec 20, 2022

Don’t panic if you’ve seen the warning “We Limit How Often You Can Do Certain Things on Instagram” when attempting to execute an activity on Instagram; you’re not alone. Instagram has put several restrictions in place to help protect its users from spam. As with any other major social media network, bad actors on Instagram create fake profiles and use automated systems to like, comment, and follow other users in order to increase their following. This post will explain what the message “We Limit How Often You Can Do Certain Things on Instagram” means and how to prevent seeing it. We’ll also talk about Instagram follow limits per hour & per day.

Follow Limits per Hour & per Day

What Does “We Limit How Often You Can Do Certain Things on Instagram” Mean? 

If you’ve got an Instagram message saying “try again later. We limit how often you can do certain things on Instagram to protect our community,” don’t worry, you’re not alone! This message is issued to users who are participating in actions that might be considered spamming or violate the terms of service of the platform. Sending too many messages or following and unfollowing a huge number of individuals in a short period of time are examples of this. In most situations, the freeze or suspension is lifted within a few hours, although customers are advised to wait at least 48 hours if this does not occur. However, some accounts may be suspended for an extended period of time.

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So, what exactly does “We limit how often you can perform specific things on Instagram” mean? In a nutshell, Instagram is restricting the number of times you can engage in certain activities to protect its community from spam and other breaches of its terms of service. Instagram is dedicated to delivering a secure and happy experience for its community and wants to ensure that all users can connect with one another. So, if you encounter this message, please stop the activity that led to it and try again later. In this post, we’ll discuss the limits of Instagram following, as well as other activities you can do on the program.

What Are Instagram’s Limitations?

Instagram limitations are in place to guarantee that all users enjoy an equal experience on the platform. If you saw the warning “We Limit How Often You Can Do Certain Things on Instagram,” it suggests you may have broken one of these rules. It’s critical to understand the key Instagram limits and how to avoid breaking them. This section will go through it.

Instagram Follow Limits per hour & per day in 2022

There are several methods for increasing your Instagram following. Some individuals would rather go the organic way by providing fantastic content and using smart hashtag techniques rather than adopting the follow/unfollow strategy. Personally, I’ve kept with the follow/unfollow method and will probably continue to do so for the near future, simply because it works. In comparison to previous years, the restrictions for following and unfollowing have been decreased to the point that we are unable to build our Instagram profiles as quickly as we would want. Because I still favor the follow-unfollow technique, I’ve discovered boundaries that work for me whether I do it manually or with automation. I’m going to disclose the Instagram limits I use, but please keep in mind that these may be influenced by other circumstances. If you are going to apply the limits I am about to suggest, it is critical that you follow all of my recommendations in order to prevent action blocks. 

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How many Instagram users can you follow per day?

So, how many people on Instagram can you follow per day without violating their community guidelines? There are two methods for determining how many people you can follow every day. When I do it manually, I find that I can follow more individuals than when I use automation. Before I go into depth, it is critical to constantly warm up your account when you first start. For example, when I initially start growing a new Instagram account, I will follow 10 – 15 users the first week, then raise that number by 15-20 every other week until I meet the daily restrictions. I’ll give you an example:

Week 1: Follow 10-15 users per day.

Week 2: Follow 25-35 people per day.

Week 3: Follow 40-55 people per day.

Week 4: Follow 55-75 people per day… and so on.

How many people on Instagram can you manually follow each day?

As I previously stated, manually following on Instagram allows me to follow a few more individuals every day. My daily limits are not dramatically different because I try to avoid following blocks at all costs, but I am aware of others that do more. My total for the month is set at 3500 followers and 3500 unfollows. I have two approaches to the daily limits: Follow 100-120 people per day, unfollow 100-120 people per day… or follow 220-250 users per day for 15 days, then unfollow 220-250 users. In my experience, I don’t generally ‘like’ after following since it leads to action blocks. I can like a post that appeals to me once in a while, but I don’t do it on a regular basis.

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Instagram follow limit per hour

So, how many people can you follow on Instagram in one hour? I divided my daily follow restrictions into 12 hours and spaced them out. This allows my activities to look more natural. It also gives my Instagram profiles a 12-hour break before resuming activity the next day. My general guideline is to never follow more than 10 users per hour, thus based on my daily follow limits of 80-100, I have my automated program follow 6-9 users every hour. The same is true for unfollow settings.


To avoid having your Instagram account suspended, you should be aware of the restrictions that Instagram imposes on accounts, such as limits. This truth may slow down your actions, but it is for the best in the long run. You can, however, go past the Instagram maximum follower restriction with the right tools. In this article, we discussed Instagram constraints and how to bypass them without being banned from the platform.

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