Instagram is Imitating Telegram’s Channels

by | Feb 18, 2023

Instagram's Broadcast Channels

Mark Zuckerberg is excited to announce the launch of Meta’s exclusive Telegram channels on Instagram! With these broadcast channels, creators now have the opportunity to reach a wide range of followers who have made the choice to follow the channel.

Is this feature available on desktop?

This feature is only available on mobile, so be sure to get on your phone to keep up with Mark Zuckerberg’s channel!

Mark Zuckerberg’s channel, known as Meta Channel, is going to be downright amazing! He will be posting the latest and greatest news about all the products and tech being built at Meta. Plus, he’s going to be sharing this news through Meta Channel first, so don’t miss out!

Is Meta channel available on Facebok, too?

What’s more, in the future, channels will also feature some incredible collaborations, AMAs, and more! While Meta Channel is only available on Instagram right now, it will be on Messenger and Facebook very soon. Isn’t that awesome?

Has this feature been tested?

We’re super excited to announce that the feature is currently being tested with notable creators like snowboarder Chloe Kim and the renowned streamer Valkyrae, who will be launching their broadcast channels throughout Thursday! If you’re one of the lucky few to get access, you can quickly start a channel through your Instagram inbox, and you’ll even be able to pin the link to your profile, so your followers can easily connect to your channel. Hurry up and join the waitlist now, as spots are filling up quickly.

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Can creators open channels to all of their followers?

Exciting news! Creators now have the option to open channels to all of their followers, or make them exclusive to paid subscribers. This new tool is a tremendous opportunity for creators to keep connected with their community, especially with all the uncertainty surrounding Twitter. It’s a great way to easily reach their audiences on Instagram with text-based updates, which should definitely bring some relief!

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