Instagram Now Allows GIFs in Comments

by | May 17, 2023

Instagram now allows GIFs in comments: Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri announced today that users may now upload GIFs in Instagram comments during a Broadcast Channels talk with Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

As shown in these screenshots, you can now search for and share GIPHY GIFs in the comment thread, giving you another opportunity to respond to Instagram images.

It feels like it should have been a thing years ago, though Mosseri does admit it’s a “bit of a ‘finally’ feature.”

It’s even more surprising when you consider that Instagram launched the ability to reply to Stories with GIFs in 2020, and you can also use GIF stickers within Stories themselves, implying that engaging via GIFs has been a thing on IG for a while. Just not in comment streams – while Instagram has worked hard to keep comments as clean and text-based as possible, with no connecting possibilities or other tools.

When you scroll down, you’ll most likely find twitching images of reaction GIFs. This might open up new creative possibilities and provide fans with more ways to interact with them.

It’s not a big deal, especially because GIFs are available in most other app comment threads. But there’s another factor to consider.

GIFs in Instagram comments are now available in the app’s latest version.



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