Instagram Now Allows Up to 5 Links in the Bio

by | Apr 25, 2023

Instagram Now Allows Up to 5 Links in the Bio

Users of Instagram can now include up to five links in their profiles. In a brief post on Mark Zuckerberg’s broadcast channel, a relatively new function that enables producers to communicate with their whole audience, this new feature was introduced. Support for numerous links in the bio was, according to Zuckerberg, “probably one of the most requested features we’ve had.”

How it operates

All users, including corporate and creator accounts, have the option to add numerous links to a profile. Users must select Edit profile, Links, and Add external link, then organize the links in the correct order to use the capability.

According to Instagram, this function links followers to a variety of information (such as online shops, brands that have been pushed, charities that have been supported, and profiles on competing social media sites).

Early trials

Initial tests revealed no concerns with linking to rival services like TikTok or YouTube. Users of Instagram can also link their Facebook accounts using a specific linking option, which shows a polished, rounded Facebook emblem and accompanying text. External links, however, do not have any unique customizations, such as tiny icons.

The Instagram app itself opens the links rather than opening them in a new browser tab. Users must hit the three-dot menu at the top of the page and choose open in system browser to switch to their default browser, such as Safari or Chrome.

competition from third-party tools

Due to platform limitations on Instagram and other networks that have long prohibited users from posting multiple links to other websites due to concerns about the potential loss of user engagement, Linktree, Beacons, and other “link in bio” solution providers have emerged. Instagram might entice creators back to its platform by enabling greater access to links.
once more lagging behind TikTok. TikTok now only permits clickable links in biographies for commercial accounts, making it challenging for normal users and producers to send followers to other websites. Instagram is not the first network to make this decision. It’s possible that Instagram’s decision to finally respond to the need for more access to bio links is a reaction to criticism of TikTok’s more stringent restrictions.

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Why it matters to us?

The new tool gives companies and advertisers the chance to drive more visitors to their websites, e-commerce sites, and other online platforms. Multiple links enable businesses to more effectively market their names, goods, and services to prospective clients, which may improve engagement and conversion rates.

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