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iOS 17 Hidden Features You Should Try Right Now

by | Dec 10, 2023

Are you ready to unlock a whole new level of iOS 17 awesomeness? Imagine this scenario: you’re running late for a meeting, but thanks to a hidden feature in iOS 17, you effortlessly activate StandBy mode, preserving your battery life while keeping important notifications at your fingertips. And that’s just the beginning! In this article, we’ll unveil some of the secret features and settings that can make your iPhone your ultimate sidekick. So, whether you’re a tech enthusiast or simply curious about what iOS 17 has to offer, join us on this adventure, and let’s uncover the hidden treasures together!

iOS 17 Hidden Features

1. Auto Symbol Look-up – Decode Car Dashboard Symbols and Laundry Codes

Have you ever been puzzled by the warning lights or symbols on your car’s dashboard? If you’ve found yourself in this situation, iOS 17 has a fantastic feature that can make your life easier. With the Auto Symbol Look-up feature, you can quickly decipher those mysterious car symbols. Here’s how it works:

Auto Symbol Look-up
  1. Take a photo of the warning lights or symbols on your car’s dashboard.
  2. Swipe up and look for the “Look Up Auto Symbol” option.
  3. Tap on it, and the Visual Look Up tool will identify the symbols and provide you with the necessary information.

But that’s not all! The Visual Look Up feature in iOS 17 can also help you with laundry codes. If you have a perplexing laundry tag, simply take a photo, swipe up, and select the “Laundry care” option. You’ll receive accurate information about laundry codes, symbols, and warnings. With iOS 17, decoding car dashboard symbols and understanding laundry codes has never been easier!

2. Level Camera Feature – Capture Professional Shots with Perfect Alignment

Apple’s new iOS 17 has a hidden gem for all the photography enthusiasts and content creators out there. It’s called the Level camera feature, and it’s designed to help you capture professional-looking shots with ease. This optional setting acts as a digital level, ensuring that your photos are perfectly aligned. Here’s how it works:

Level Camera Feature
  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down and tap on “Camera.”
  3. Look for the “Level” toggle and turn it on.

Once enabled, you’ll notice a broken white horizontal line on the screen when your phone is tilted. As you adjust the orientation, the line will straighten up and turn yellow, indicating that you’ve achieved the right level. With this hidden feature in iOS 17, you can take your photography skills to the next level and capture stunning shots effortlessly.

3. Quick Crop Feature – Effortlessly Crop Photos on Your iPhone

In iOS 17, the Photos app comes with a handy feature that makes cropping photos on your iPhone quick and straightforward. No more complex editing tools or confusion. Here’s how it works:

Quick Crop Feature
  1. Zoom in on a photo, and you’ll spot a Crop option at the top-right corner.
  2. Tap on the Crop button, and you can easily make your desired edits.
  3. By default, the Quick Crop feature crops the image in the same aspect ratio displayed on the screen.
  4. If you want to crop the image in a different aspect ratio, simply long-press the Crop button and select your preferred option.

With iOS 17’s Quick Crop feature, you have full control over how your photos are cropped, allowing you to create the perfect composition. Let’s dive into our detailed guide on how to make the most of this feature on your iPhone.

4. Multiple Timers Feature – Efficiently Manage Time and Track Activities

One of the great additions in iOS 17 is the ability to set multiple timers on your iPhone. This long-awaited feature from Apple is perfect for those who like to multitask and keep track of time-bound activities. Whether you’re exercising or cooking, setting intervals for your tasks has never been easier. Here’s how it works:

Multiple Timers Feature
  1. Open the Timer app on your iPhone.
  2. Create multiple timers and label them for your convenience.
  3. Track the progress of each timer individually.

With iOS 17’s multiple timers feature, you can effectively manage your time and stay organized. No more juggling between different activities or relying on external timer apps. Check out our comprehensive guide on how to make the most of this feature on your iPhone.

5. Lock White Balance Feature – Maintain Consistent Colors in Videos

One of the hidden camera features in iOS 17 is the ability to lock the white balance while recording videos on your iPhone. This feature is particularly useful if you want to maintain consistent colors throughout your footage, without any noticeable fluctuations in tints. Here’s how it works:

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Lock White Balance Feature
  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Go to the Camera section.
  3. Tap on “Record Video.”
  4. Scroll down and enable the Lock White Balance toggle.

By turning on the Lock White Balance feature, you gain better control over the color temperature while recording continuous footage. Say goodbye to unexpected shifts in colors and enjoy more consistent and visually pleasing videos. Follow these simple steps to make the most of this feature in iOS 17.

6. Screen Distance Feature – Protect Your Eyes, Maintain a Safe Viewing Distance

iOS 17 introduces a valuable feature called Screen Distance, specifically designed for iPhones with Face ID. This health-focused feature aims to prevent conditions like Myopia by monitoring the distance between your eyes and the iPhone’s screen. Here’s how it works:

Screen Distance Feature
  1. The TrueDepth camera system measures the proximity between your eyes and the screen.
  2. If you are too close to the screen, a message will appear, prompting you to hold your iPhone at a safe distance.
  3. Until you move the screen farther away, you won’t be able to use your iPhone.

This hidden feature in iOS 17 is particularly beneficial for both adults and children who tend to hold their iPhones too close to their eyes. By enabling and utilizing the Screen Distance feature, you can safeguard your eyes and maintain a healthy viewing distance. Let’s explore how to enable and make the most of this feature on your iPhone.

7. Auto-Deletion of Verification Codes – Keep Your Messages and Mail Clutter-Free

In today’s digital world, verification codes or OTPs are a common requirement for many services. However, managing these codes can quickly clutter your Messages and Mail app, leading to frustration. Luckily, iOS 17 introduces a new feature that allows you to automatically delete one-time verification codes after you’ve used them to log in to a website or app using autofill. Here’s how it works:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Go to Passwords and select Password Options.
  3. Enable the Clean Up Automatically toggle to let your iPhone automatically delete used OTPs.

Additionally, the auto-fill verification codes feature now extends to the Mail app as well, making the process even more convenient. Say goodbye to manually deleting endless verification codes and enjoy a clutter-free experience. Let’s explore how to enable and make the most of this feature in iOS 17. Also read How to Use StandBy Mode in iOS 17.

8. Enhanced Interactive Widgets – Access Information, Communicate, and Control with Ease

Widgets on the iPhone have received a fantastic upgrade in iOS 17, making them more user-friendly, engaging, and interactive. Here are some hidden features added to widgets in iOS 17:

Enhanced Interactive Widgets
  • Safari Widget: A new widget displays your Reading List, allowing quick access to your saved articles and websites.
  • Contact Widget: iOS 17 introduces buttons to the Contact widget, enabling you to send a message or make a phone call to that contact with just a tap.
  • Interactive Widgets: Perhaps the most exciting addition is the ability to have interactive widgets on your iPhone. These widgets allow you to directly interact with them without having to open the associated app. For example, you can mark tasks as complete in Reminders, resume playing Apple Music, or even control your smart home devices right from the widget. Discover how to add and utilize interactive widgets in iOS 17 for a seamless and efficient experience.

With iOS 17’s enhanced widgets, you can easily access information, communicate with contacts, and perform various tasks without the need to navigate through multiple apps. Learn how to make the most of these interactive widgets and elevate your iPhone usage to the next level.

9. Sensitive Content Warning – Protect Yourself from Inappropriate Content

In iOS 17, Apple introduces a new feature called Sensitive Content Warning, designed to safeguard users from receiving inappropriate or potentially harmful content through AirDrop, FaceTime, Messages, and other apps. When enabled, this feature will automatically blur sensitive or unsolicited photos and videos, giving you the choice to view them or not. Here’s how to enable the Sensitive Content Warning feature in iOS 17.

Sensitive Content Warning

By activating the Sensitive Content Warning feature, you can maintain your peace of mind and protect yourself from encountering unwanted or disturbing content. Let’s explore how to enable this feature and enhance your digital safety in iOS 17. Also read How to Set Parental Controls on iPhone (or iPad).

10. Find My Apple Watch – Quickly Locate Your Device with Your iPhone

iOS 17 introduces a convenient feature that allows you to quickly locate your Apple Watch using your paired iPhone. If you happen to misplace your Apple Watch nearby, such as under your work desk, in the corners of a sofa, or in the drawer of your bedside table, this feature can come to the rescue. In the Control Center, you will find a button called “Ping My Watch” that triggers an audible tone on your Apple Watch, making it easier for you to locate it.

If you can’t find the “Ping My Watch” option in the Control Center, don’t worry. It is a hidden feature in iOS 17 and is not added to the Control Center by default. However, you can easily enable it manually. Here’s how:

Find My Apple Watch
  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Go to the Control Center.
  3. Look for the “Ping My Watch” option and tap on the “+” icon next to it to add it to the Control Center.

By this feature, you can quickly find your Apple Watch and avoid unnecessary panic or frustration. Let’s explore how to enable and make the most of this hidden feature in iOS 17.

11. Share AirTag Location – Keep Everyone in the Loop 

iOS 17 introduces a highly anticipated feature that allows you to share the location of your AirTag with your family or friends. This feature is perfect for keeping track of important items like home keys, travel bags, or even your beloved pets. You can share an AirTag with up to 5 people from your contact list. Shared members can utilize precision finding and play a sound to pinpoint the exact location of the AirTag. For detailed instructions, refer to our dedicated guide on how to share AirTags on your iPhone.

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Share AirTag Location

With the new sharing feature in iOS 17, you can ensure that everyone involved stays informed and can easily locate shared items. Let’s explore how to take advantage of this feature and simplify the tracking process using AirTags in iOS 17.

12. Personalize Photos and PDFs with Stickers and Shapes

One of the coolest hidden features in iOS 17 is the ability to personalize your photos, screenshots, and PDFs with emojis, shapes, and stickers. The Markup tool now offers new options to add fun and creativity to your visuals. When using the Markup tool,follow these steps: 

Personalize Photos and PDFs with Stickers and Shapes
  1. Open the Markup tool on iOS 17.
  2. Tap on the “+” icon.
  3. Choose the “Add Sticker” option.
  4. Select from a variety of emojis, memojis, and stickers to include in your content.
  5. To add shapes, choose the “Add Shape” option.
  6. Enjoy personalizing and enhancing your photos, screenshots, and PDFs with stickers and shapes.

However, it’s important to note that the Magnifier option, which was previously available in the Markup tool, is no longer present in iOS 17. While the reason for its removal is unclear, it would be great to see it return in future updates.

With the ability to add stickers and shapes, iOS 17 lets you personalize and enhance your photos and PDFs with ease. Let’s explore how to make the most of this feature and unleash your creativity in iOS 17.

13. Reset iPhone Passcode with Previous Passcode

Forgetting your recently set iPhone passcode can be frustrating, but there’s a secret feature in iOS 17 that can help. You can use your previous passcode to unlock your iPhone and reset the new passcode. This feature is available for up to 72 hours after setting a new passcode. If you remember your new password and don’t want to use the old one, you can choose to expire the previous passcode in the Face ID & Passcode settings.

Here’s how to use your previous passcode to reset a new passcode:

Reset iPhone Passcode with Previous Passcode
  1. Try all possible passcodes until you see the “iPhone Unavailable” screen.
  2. Tap on “Forgot Passcode” and select “Enter Previous Passcode.”
  3. Enter your old passcode and create a new passcode for your iPhone. You can choose from different passcode options.
  4. Verify the newly created password, and you’re done.

By following these steps, you can easily reset your iPhone passcode using your previous passcode. Remember to take advantage of this feature within 72 hours of setting a new passcode. Also read How to Reset Apple Watch Without Paired Phone and Password.

14. Siri Reads Web Articles Aloud

If you’re a fan of podcasts and audiobooks, you’ll love a new feature in iOS 17 where Siri can read web articles for you. This hidden feature allows you to listen to lengthy articles without having to hold your iPhone and read them yourself. With your trusty virtual assistant, Siri, you can sit back and let it do the talking. To use this feature, simply open a web page in Safari, tap on the “aA” icon in the Search Bar, select the “Listen to Page” option, and Siri will start reading the article aloud.

Siri Reads Web Articles Aloud

By utilizing this feature, you can enjoy a hands-free experience and have Siri read web articles to you in iOS 17. It’s a convenient way to consume content while on the go or when you prefer to listen rather than read.

15. Enhanced Spotlight Search with System Settings Toggle

iOS 17 introduces a significant improvement to the Spotlight search feature on the iPhone, although Apple didn’t emphasize it. Using Spotlight Search in iOS 17 is now faster, smoother, and more comprehensive. The interface has also been enhanced with cleaner design, wider elements, and larger text sizes. But that’s not all! A new addition allows you to toggle system settings directly from the Spotlight search. You can easily enable or disable settings like mobile data, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, alarm, and more without having to navigate through the Settings app or even open the Control Center.

Enhanced Spotlight Search with System Settings Toggle

To utilize this feature, simply search for a specific setting using Spotlight Search, and you’ll see a toggle switch right there in the search results. This convenient functionality saves you time and effort, as you can instantly control your system settings without leaving the search interface.

With the improved Spotlight search in iOS 17, you can effortlessly toggle system settings, making it a convenient and efficient way to manage your device’s settings on the go.

16. Organize and Share Grocery Lists with iOS 17 Reminders App

iOS 17 introduces a helpful feature in the Reminders app that makes grocery shopping easier and stress-free. When creating a grocery list in the Reminders app, it automatically sorts items into categories like breads, sauces, dairy, and more. This feature ensures that you have an organized shopping list on your iPhone, preventing you from missing anything or buying unnecessary items.

Organize and Share Grocery Lists with iOS 17 Reminders App

Here are the steps to create grocery lists on an iPhone:

Step 1: Enable Reminders in iCloud:

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone and tap on your name.
  • Choose iCloud and enable Reminders by turning on the toggle.

Step 2: Create a Grocery List:

  • Open the Reminders app on your iPhone running iOS 17.
  • Tap on “Add List” at the bottom-right corner.
  • Set a name and icon for your list.
  • Select “Groceries” as the list type.
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Step 3: Add Items to the List:

  • Tap on “New Item” at the bottom-left corner to add items.
  • As you populate the list, the Reminders app will automatically sort them into categories like Breads & Cereals, Dairy, Eggs & Cheese, and more.
  • You can also set priorities for items by tapping on an item, selecting the “i” button, and choosing a priority level.

Step 4: Customize Categories:

  • If you want to change an item’s category, tap on the item, select the “i” button, and tap on “Section.”
  • Choose a different category from the available options or create a custom category.

Step 5: Choose a Layout:

  • By default, items appear in a list format, but you can switch to a column view for easier navigation.
  • Tap on the three dots at the top-left corner and select “View as Columns.”

Step 6: Share Your Grocery List:

  • To share your grocery list with others, tap on the Share icon at the top of the screen and choose a contact to share it with.

With the enhanced Reminders app in iOS 17, organizing and sharing grocery lists becomes a breeze. You can conveniently create and customize your lists while benefiting from automatic categorization. Say goodbye to third-party apps and start planning your grocery shopping more efficiently with the Apple Reminders app in iOS 17.

17. Discover New Wallpapers

iOS 17 introduces exciting new wallpapers for iPhone users. Along with the stock wallpaper, Apple has added Astronomy wallpapers featuring more planets of the solar system, including Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Additionally, there’s a captivating new category called Kaleidoscope, offering wallpapers that dynamically change their shape, color, and size throughout the day. Here’s how you can access these fresh wallpapers on your iPhone:

Discover New Wallpapers

Step 1: Open Settings: Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

Step 2: Choose a Wallpaper: Scroll down and tap on “Wallpaper.” Select “Add New Wallpaper.”

Step 3: Explore Wallpaper Categories: Scroll down and look for the “Weather & Astronomy” or “Kaleidoscope” category. Browse through the wallpapers in the chosen category and select the one you like. You can also customize the selected wallpaper to your preference.

Step 4: Add the Wallpaper: Once you’ve made your selection, tap on “Add” to apply the wallpaper to your device.

With iOS 17, you can easily access and enjoy a variety of new wallpapers, including stunning Astronomy wallpapers featuring additional planets and dynamic Kaleidoscope wallpapers that change throughout the day. Customize your iPhone’s appearance and add a touch of visual delight to your device.

18. Redesigned Call Screen Interface

When making or receiving calls on your iPhone, you’ll notice a new and improved call screen.

The buttons are now arranged in a convenient 3×3 grid at the bottom of the screen, easily accessible with one hand.

Redesigned Call Screen Interface

A significant change is that the “End Call” button has been moved to the bottom of the screen for easier access.

19. Apple Music Enhancements

Apple Music has received a much-needed makeover and introduces exciting new features in iOS 17. Crossfade allows for smoother transitions between tracks, eliminating jarring silences.

Collaborative playlists enable you and your friends to add, reorder, and remove songs together.

Apple Music Enhancements

Song credits are now available in Apple Music, providing information about the people behind the lyrics and music production.

The user interface of Apple Music has also been slightly revamped, featuring full-screen animated artwork for compatible apps.

20. Locked Private Browsing in Safari

Safari, the web browser in iOS 17, has received significant updates. You can now lock private tabs in Safari using a passcode or FaceID. This feature is similar to the ability to lock Incognito tabs in Chrome and adds an extra layer of privacy for Apple users.

Locked Private Browsing in Safari

Additionally, Safari now allows you to create profiles to streamline your interests and workflows, making browsing more tailored to your needs.

21. Interlink Notes

iOS 17 introduces a hidden feature in the Apple Notes app that allows you to create links between notes. You can interlink and connect related notes for a better note-taking experience.

This feature eliminates the need for third-party apps and lets you easily jump between ideas within the Apple Notes app. To link Apple Notes on your iPhone, follow these steps:

Interlink Notes
  1. Open the Apple Notes app.
  2. Create or open a note you want to link.
  3. Tap and hold on the text or section you want to link.
  4. Select “Link” from the options and choose the note or add a web link to connect.

22. Focus When Locked

iOS 17 includes a secret setting called “Focus When Locked” that enhances the Focus Modes feature. With this setting, you can choose to silence notifications only when your iPhone is locked. This allows you to stay focused without interruptions while actively using your phone but still receive notifications when it’s unlocked. Also read What Are Time Sensitive Notifications in iOS? To change this hidden setting, follow these steps:

Focus When Locked
  1. Open Settings on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on “Focus.”
  3. Select a Focus mode (e.g., Work).
  4. Tap on “Options.”
  5. Choose “While Locked” under the “Silence Notifications” option.

23. Lunar Panel in Weather

iOS 17 introduces a new hidden feature in the Weather app that displays lunar information. You can easily track details like the next full moon and moonrise right from your iPhone. To view the lunar information, follow these steps:

Lunar Panel in Weather
  1. Open the Weather app or access the Weather widget.
  2. Select the desired location.
  3. Scroll down and tap on the “Moon” panel to see complete lunar information for that location.

24. Catch Up and Swipe to Reply in Messages

In iOS 17, the Messages app has two hidden features to enhance messaging. You can now swipe right to quickly reply to an iMessage, similar to popular messaging apps. Another hidden feature named “Catch Up” allows you to jump directly to the first unread or missed message.

Catch Up and Swipe to Reply in Messages

These features help keep your group messages organized and make it easier to stay up to date in conversations.

25. Improved Wallpaper Setting

iOS 17 includes an amazing hidden feature that improves setting photos as wallpapers.

Improved Wallpaper Setting

Previously, setting an image as wallpaper with a different aspect ratio resulted in zooming or black bars. However, iOS 17 intelligently blurs the surrounding color of the chosen image, resulting in a visually appealing wallpaper.

To set a photo as wallpaper without issues, select the desired image and set it as your wallpaper as you normally would.


That’s it for now! These are some of the iOS 17 hidden features that you should be aware of. We hope you’ve found some incredible features that were new to you. Which feature did you find most interesting? If there are any other super cool hidden features in iOS 17 that I might have overlooked, please let me know in the comments below.

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