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iPhone Apps That Haven’t Gotten the Attention They Deserve

by | Dec 4, 2023

Finding useful and must-have iPhone apps can be a challenging process, considering the vast selection of over 1 million apps available in the Apple App Store. Below, you will find a list of 11 outstanding iPhone apps that haven’t gotten the attention they deserve. Although we can’t say that you don’t know them, everyone should have these apps.

#1 Feedly


If you choose apps that you need to read news, you have found the right option. Feedly has become the go-to RSS news reader since the demise of Google Reader. You can import your Google RSS feeds into Feedly, and easily share content on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, either directly or using Buffer. The app also integrates with Pocket, Instapaper, and Evernote to enhance your reading experience.

#2 Untappd


Beer lovers like you will find the ideal app in Untappd. You can easily share outstanding beers, your preferred breweries, and top-notch venues with your friends while earning badges. Untappd lets you curate a personal list of favorite beers, receive alerts when your go-to spot adds new brews, and explore nearby venues, events, and beers that match your taste!

#3 Call Recorder for iPhone

The Call Recorder for iPhone app does exactly what its name says – record calls. This is one of the useful apps that can be useful in various areas. On the one hand, recording a call on an iPhone can simply serve as a reminder. On the other hand, Call Recorder for iPhone can protect against legal prosecution and serve as evidence in proceedings. You can view in App Store and decide for yourself whether you need to record calls. I would recommend the app that records phone calls to anyone who has important calls or who may forget important details.

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#4 Waze


Waze, a widely recognized app, keeps you informed about the road conditions ahead. Stay updated on traffic, construction, police presence, accidents, and more. Waze alters your route to evade traffic and notifies you of any incidents along the way. It proves particularly valuable in densely populated areas with heavy traffic or when you seek the fastest route possible.

#5 Sunrise Calendar

Sunrise Calendar

Sunrise Calendar has such fantastic features! You can see the faces and profiles of the people you’re meeting with, using LinkedIn. Plus, it shows you the weather forecast based on your location and uses smart icons based on the topic of your meeting.

#6 Clarity


Do you need help with a specific aspect of your business? Clarity simplifies the process of finding, scheduling, and paying for expert advice over the phone to help you grow your business. We categorize experts based on their specialties, and you can review each expert before booking a call.

#7 HUJI Cam


Capture vivid photos and cherish cherished memories with HUJI Cam. This user-friendly app transforms your phone into a disposable camera, allowing you to browse through a gallery of your snapshots. Standout feature? The date stamp, lends an authentic printed photograph feel to your digital captures.

#8 Rent the Runway

Rent the Runway

Calling all fashion enthusiasts! With Rent the Runway, you can select from a vast collection of designer items to rent. Choose between one-time rentals, unlimited access, or monthly shipments. This app grants you the wardrobe versatility you’ve always longed for.

#9 Your Extra Life

Your Extra Life

In YourExtraLife, you engage in a captivating real-life game where you progress by conquering challenges in cooking, nightlife, romance, culture, and altruism.

The app provides a set of pre-crafted challenges. To successfully complete a challenge, you simply need to submit a picture as proof, and fellow community members act as judges to verify if your picture aligns with the challenge.

#10 RunPee


If you are a frequent movie-goer, this app is perfect for you. It helps you determine the best time to take a bathroom break during any movie. Simply choose the movie you’re watching, and it will inform you of what you missed when you return. Now you can enjoy a large drink at the movies without the fear of missing out on the best scenes!

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#11 Prismatic


At Prismatic, we cater to your unique interests. You choose the topics that pique your curiosity, and we curate stories based on their popularity. Feel free to engage in discussions with friends, comment on articles, and seamlessly share them on Twitter and Facebook.

#12 Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle

A good night’s sleep is crucial for your body’s well-being. Yet, attaining a normal sleep schedule can pose a challenge for many. Fortunately, Sleep Cycle, a specially designed app, tailors your sleep patterns to provide you with the ideal amount of rest.

#13 Brainfood


If you’re anything like me, you likely spend most of your time mindlessly scrolling through various platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit, and checking your mail. It doesn’t really matter as long as you’re getting lost in the endless scrolling. But hey, snap out of it and try something different for once! Introducing Brainfood – a brilliant iPhone app that serves up bite-sized “knowledge nuggets.” So, why not take 30 seconds out of your day and gain some useful information? Whether you’re on the bus, on the toilet, or lounging on the couch, it’s the perfect opportunity to learn something new.

#14 Streaks


You are always seeking self-improvement; it’s natural for humans to desire it. With an app like Streaks, improving becomes a breeze. You can schedule specific times for your goals, such as going to the gym or reading a book. Streaks aid in forming new habits.

In case the streak is broken, the app simply resets to the beginning. This ensures true commitment to a new activity and fosters the development of desired habits. Moreover, the app seamlessly integrates with the health app, making it ideal for those striving for a healthier lifestyle. Also read Best Wear OS Apps for Your Smart Watch in 2023.

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#15 Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run!

Need a boost during your next cardio session? Look no further. This app has got your back. It’s available for iPhones and Androids, transforming your run or jog into an exciting interactive game. Here’s how it goes. Simply plug in your earbuds, start the app, and follow the mission instructions. When the zombies chase you, speed up and earn supplies by completing workouts and missions. Zombies, Run! combines a fitness app with an engaging storytelling feature, making your workout both enjoyable and energizing.

#16 Lumosity


Lumosity, a program crafted by neuroscientists, enhances your memory and attention. With over 50 million users worldwide, Lumosity tailors a Training Program to challenge and stimulate your brain.

#17 SmartFriends


Smartfriends is an app that can help you keep your brain active. It offers a brand-new “IQ Challenge” every day. These challenges come in various formats, but the results and explanations are published the following day. You can compete against friends or aim for the global leaderboard.

As a species, we humans are always eager to learn and expand our knowledge. Apps like Smartfriends cater to this desire by providing fun games. Consequently, Smartfriends stands out as a game that can enhance your intelligence over time.

#18 Zocdoc


You probably haven’t come across this incredibly helpful health service yet. If you’ve recently relocated, require a specialist’s expertise, or simply desire a new doctor, this app is tailor-made for you. Zocdoc effortlessly connects individuals like yourself with local doctors who offer services covered by your insurance. Finding a new physician is no longer a guessing game. Additionally, booking appointments is a breeze with the user-friendly mobile app, compatible with both iPhones and Android devices.


Most likely, you have not heard of the listed applications. However, this does not negate their benefits. Some of them have better-known counterparts, while others offer unique benefits. Until you try each one, you won’t know whether the app will be useful to you or not.

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