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Maximize Your Reach with the “Add Yours” Sticker on Instagram

by | Mar 13, 2023

Do you want to increase engagement using Instagram Reels? Do you want to know how the “Add Yours” sticker on Instagram works? This post will teach you how to use the Add Yours Instagram sticker in reels and provide you with four ideas for how to use it to engage your audience, increase brand visibility, start trends, and more.

What Is the Instagram and Facebook Reels Add Yours Sticker?

The Add Yours Instagram sticker is a fun interactive tool for Facebook and Instagram Reels. You may have spotted (or perhaps tried out) the “Add Yours” sticker on Instagram for Stories in autumn 2021. With one exception, the “Add Yours” sticker on Instagram (and Facebook) Reels is quite similar. The Reels variant of the Add Yours sticker allows users to contribute reels on a certain topic rather than inviting individuals to create stories. You’re correct if you think the Add Yours sticker is a great tool for increasing brand recognition and engaging your audience. Applying this sticker on your Reels can increase brand awareness, collaborate with your audience, and possibly start trends. Anybody can engage with a Facebook or Instagram reel that contains an “Add Yours” request. Nevertheless, the result depends on the user’s account settings:

When users with public accounts tap the sticker, the Instagram or Facebook app launches the Reels creation workflow and shows the following disclaimer: Your reel will be put to a sticker page for this prompt.

When users with private accounts interact with the sticker, they are prompted with the following message: Only your followers can see what you add.

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Users can proceed with their standard reel creation process in any case. Users have complete access to all conventional editing tools and may even add stickers to promote further engagement. You’ll receive an in-app notification whenever a user with a public account uploads a reel based on your Add Yours sticker. You can immediately watch and interact with the reel by tapping the notification.

Even if you miss a notification, you can still view all of the public reels created by people in response to your prompt. That’s because when you start an Add Yours challenge, an Instagram or Facebook sticker page is instantly generated, depending on where you post and share the original reel.

This page is accessible to everyone, including your brand’s team, by tapping the sticker on the original reel. The sticker page honors your account as the original author and links to your company page or profile. The sticker page also displays all of the public reels people generate in response to your challenge. By tapping, you can view and interact with any of the reels right from the sticker page. Please remember that the overall count on the sticker page may contain old or private reels, so some answers may be hidden.

How to Insert the Add Yours Sticker in Facebook and Instagram Reels

Open the app and touch to create a new reel to use the “Add Yours” sticker on Instagram or Facebook. Pick a timing option—15, 30, 60, or 90 seconds—then record new footage or visit your device’s gallery to select a premade clip.

You can continue to record further clips or add pre-existing content until you exceed the time restriction, just as with any other reel. After you’re finished, hit the Next button in the lower-right corner. To open the sticker tray, press the sticker icon in the top menu on the editing screen. Look for the Add Yours sticker towards the top of the page, amid Meta’s other interactive choices. Insert the “Add Yours” sticker into your reel by tapping.

Finally, create a prompt in which you urge your audience to contribute content. You could, for example, give directions or ask a question. Explore the examples below for creative ways to use the “Add Yours” sticker. When you’ve written a prompt, drag and drop the “Add Yours” sticker to an acceptable location in the reel. Keep in mind that stickers appear for the duration of the video, so make sure the positioning works throughout. Then complete the editing of the reel, including selecting a cover and creating a caption.

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“Add Yours” Sticker Ideas for Reels to use in your Marketing

You’re thinking about how to include this information in your marketing efforts now that you know how to add stickers to your reels. Let’s look at a few examples.

Use the Add Yours Sticker in Reels to Start Conversations

Is your Facebook page or Instagram account more of a broadcast channel than a social space? The “Add Yours” sticker is great for starting dialogues with your audience and building closer ties with them. To encourage participation, make the theme light and the prompt simple. You can always build more complicated prompts that appeal to loyal clients after testing the product and gaining regular engagement. Don’t know what to put in the Add Yours prompt? If you’re at a loss for words, Meta can help. Touch the dice to get an Add Yours prompt at random.

Do you dislike the first prompt you see? Repeat the process until you find a prompt that works for your audience. If your question is extremely intriguing, you may even receive contributions from people who are not part of your existing audience. Anybody can add a reel to the thread by tapping the Add Yours prompt at the bottom of the sticker page.

Use the Add Yours Sticker in Reels to Increase Brand Recognition

Do you want to promote your brand to more potential customers or get a new product on the radar of your target audience? Encourage customers to generate content that incorporates your brand or product in your Add Yours prompt. Your customers’ reels will display instantly on their accounts, allowing their followers to watch the content and learn about your brand. Followers can go through your profile to discover more about your business. Try enlisting the help of brand ambassadors or other loyal customers in these brand awareness campaigns. You can improve visibility this way without needing to undertake sponsored brand awareness initiatives.

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Attract More Followers Using the Add Yours Sticker in Reels

In certain circumstances, the outcomes go beyond simple finding and awareness. The “Add Yours” sticker might help you attract new followers and build your following. By including a link back to your profile at the very top of the sticker page, the “Add Yours” sticker will automatically credit your account for your Reels threads. The more people that visit the sticker page, the more opportunities there are for them to visit your profile and follow your account.

Use the Add Yours Sticker in Reels to do market research

Market research is a time-consuming process that needs far more than a simple poll on Instagram or Facebook. But, the “Add Yours” sticker could be a valuable complement to your usual research techniques since it allows you to engage with customers on a more personal level without requiring long questionnaires. For instance, you could ask customers to share their favorite dish from your restaurant in order to determine where to focus your new menu.

Instead, you can invite customers to send you a video of how they want to dress your apparel so that you can design your accessory line. You can also use the “Add Yours” sticker to discover where your social media followers reside or spend their time. Encourage them to post a view from their window or commute. Bonus points if they include a location tag so you can see who you’re reaching on Facebook or Instagram.


When it comes to engaging your brand’s audience, Meta’s Add Yours Instagram sticker is an excellent choice. Use the above techniques and methods to add this interactive sticker to your Facebook and Instagram reels and experiment with new ways to achieve your marketing goals.

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