Meta Allows New Ways to Earn Money Faster on Facebook

by | Dec 12, 2022

Earn Money faster on Facebook

Meta Allows you New Ways to earn money faster on Facebook. Meta is enabling Stars on all public Facebook material, including Reels, and will be holding events throughout the month to encourage users to buy Stars. Furthermore, Meta is decreasing the criteria that creators must fulfill in order to receive their first payout. Here’s how these changes can result in larger and faster rewards.

Increasing the Number of Facebook Stars

In a limited test with certain creators, Meta is spreading Stars throughout Facebook. Creators in the test group will be eligible for Stars on all publicly available work. Stars can be thought of as Facebook’s equivalent of Twitch’s Bits or YouTube’s SuperChats. They are digital presents that convert into real money for creators. Meta hopes to boost awareness about the digital gifting system by expanding Stars to all creative material. To that goal, Facebook is hosting multiple events this month to encourage people to buy additional Stars.

Season of the Stars

On Facebook, December is Stars giving season. If you’re a creative who is eligible for Stars, keep the following dates in mind:

  • Stars Party Bonus: From December 7 to December 21, creators can earn extra Stars if they meet certain criteria. Keep an eye on the Professional Dashboard for more information.
  • Stars Sale: Stars will be on sale from December 14 through January 4. The offer will be available on Live, On Demand, and Reels. Users can receive Stars at a discount based on how many they buy.
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From now until the new year, users can purchase limited-time seasonal virtual gifts. Facebook is experimenting with themed presents across a variety of Reels topics, including dogs, vehicles, fashion, and dance.

Lowering the Payment Barrier

Facebook is decreasing the payment threshold for US-based authors from $100 to $25. The increased payout level will apply to money collected through Facebook Subscriptions and Stars. In the next weeks, Meta will lower the payment threshold for further Facebook monetization products.

More Restricted Tests

Meta is conducting multiple tests on Facebook in order to increase the platform’s revenue-earning potential for creators.

Among the tests are:

  • Free Stars: Meta is providing select fans free Stars to use on the Facebook Reels of eligible creators. Posting more Reels increases your chances of being included in the test.
  • Ads on Facebook Reels: Meta continues to test Ads on Facebook Reels with select creators around the world. Overlay advertisements, which appear straight on top as a banner, and Post Loop ads, which appear after a Reel loop, are being tested.
  • Subscriptions: Meta is bringing additional, simpler options for creators to promote Facebook Subscriptions. On Facebook Watch, a new “Subscribe” button allows viewers to subscribe while viewing content.

Finally, Meta is now offering live-agent assistance with monetization difficulties to creators in the United States with 10,000 or more followers.

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