Meta Is Changing Its Contentious Cross-Check Program On Facebook And Instagram

Meta (previously Facebook) has agreed to change the cross-check program on Facebook and Instagram to make it more transparent through regular reporting. Thanks to the cross-check program, high-profile users are immune from the automated moderation system.

In response to the independent Oversight Board’s 32 suggestions on its cross-check system, Meta stated that it is fully adopting 11, partially implementing 15, still studying the feasibility of one, and taking no further action on five.

“This will result in significant changes to how we operate this system in response to feedback from the board and other stakeholders we’ve engaged with over several years,” the social network stated.

Meta will, in particular, make cross-checking more visible through frequent reporting and fine-tune its inclusion criteria to better account for human rights concerns and equity.

“We will also improve cross-operating check systems to assist in reducing the backlog of review requests and decreasing the time it takes to review cases,” Meta explained.

The Oversight Board claimed that many areas of Meta’s response haven’t gone as far as “we proposed to build a more transparent and equitable system”.

“Meta declined the Board’s idea that deserving users be able to apply for the cross-check protections,” it tweeted.

As part of the Board’s one-of-a-kind responsibility, “We and the general public learned about Meta’s procedures and practices. We intend to use this data to build future recommendations and efforts, “It said.

The Oversight Board stated that it will continue responding to Meta’s comments in the coming days and weeks.

Source: business-standard

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