Meta is Incorporating a Feature Called ‘Take it Down’ that will Prevent the Spread of Young People’s Intimate Images Online

by | Feb 28, 2023

Take it Down

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) has created a free-of-charge tool called Take It Down, which helps users remove photos and videos that are sexually explicit and feature someone under the age of 18. Companies such as Facebook, Instagram, OnlyFans, Pornhub, Mindgeek, and Yubo have all agreed to integrate the tool into their platforms. Minors can self-report images and videos of themselves, as well as adults who were featured in such media when they were minors. Additionally, parents and other trusted adults can make reports on behalf of a child.

How Can Teenagers Make Sure that Their Image Won’t be Shared on Facebook or Instagram in the future?

Through the Take It Down platform, young people are empowered to reclaim their intimate images. Visitors to can follow the instructions to create a unique numerical code (hash) of their image or video. After submitting the hash to NCMEC, partnering companies are able to use it to locate any copies of the image, remove them and ensure that the content won’t be shared on their apps in the future.

Take It Down was designed to protect young people’s privacy and data security. Instead of submitting the explicit image or video to NCMEC, individuals can submit a hash, a coded form of content that cannot be viewed. This hash is a secure digital fingerprint. People of any age can use Take It Down to prevent the spread of their intimate images online, such as minors who are concerned that their content has been or will be posted online, parents or guardians speaking on behalf of a minor, and adults who are anxious about images taken of them when they were underage.

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How “Take It Down” WORKS

Take It Down is a technology that assigns a digital signature code, a hash value, to explicit images/videos. This hash value is then employed to detect and delete the content without anyone needing to view the image/video or transfer it from the device.

Gavin Portnoy, the VP of Communications & Brand at NCMEC, noted, “Having explicit material accessible on the web can be really frightening and distressing, particularly for the youth. The platitude of ‘you can’t take back what is as of now out there’ is something we need to modify, and help is available.”

Meta’s Reaction Toward teenagers Privacy and Security

Meta has been using its services to enhance the security and privacy of teenagers and kids. In November, the firm declared it will apply more private settings for minors and teens registering on Facebook or Instagram to protect them againt hackers. Moreover, the advertisement regulations on Facebook and Instagram were altered recently, reducing the data available to advertisers to target teens. 

Are StopNCII and “Take It Down” Similar?

StopNCII – a free tool developed to help victims of Non-Consensual Intimate Image (NCII) abuse, which also takes advantage of hash values to identify and delete explicit material on services like Facebook, Instagram, and Bumble – is somewhat similar to Take It Down. 

How to Use “Take It Down”?

To start using “Take It Down,” go to its official website and click the “Get Started” button.




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