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The Best Meta Quest 2 Games for 2024

by | Dec 18, 2023

The top games for the Meta Quest 2 can truly transport you to another world using the power of virtual reality. It’s amazing how VR technology allows us to control games with our own bodies, fulfilling a dream many of us had since the early days of rhythm game accessories. The games on this list demonstrate the incredible possibilities of virtual reality. So, whether you already have an Meta Quest 2 or are searching for the best deals, we’ll show you what to expect and highlight the best games in each genre. From shooting games to platformers and even city building, VR provides numerous ways to interact and the best Meta Quest 2 games take full advantage of this technology. Although this list focuses on the Meta Quest 2, we also have a compilation of the best VR games for any platform if you prefer something other than Meta or simply want more options. Also read The Best VR Headsets for 2024. VR gaming isn’t restricted to PCs either. In the near future, we can anticipate the release of PlayStation VR 2, which might be an alternative for those interested in VR games featuring PlayStation’s iconic characters.

The Best Meta Quest 2 Games

1. Beat Saber

Beat Saber

If you’re into VR gaming, chances are you’ve heard about Beat Saber, and let me tell you, it lives up to the hype. If you’re not familiar with it, imagine a mix of Guitar Hero and Star Wars. As a song plays, blocks come at you, and you have to use the two lightsabers in your hands to slice them while also avoiding obstacles. Beat Saber offers a fresh and captivating take on rhythm games. It’s a sight to behold and an exhilarating experience to play. We’ve seen dance mats, drums, and guitar accessories, but nothing quite like slicing to the beat in this game.

Once you get the hang of it, you’ll enter a state where your arms move on their own, almost as if they have a mind of their own. And if you play the Quest version of the game, there’s an exclusive 360 mode for certain songs where blocks can come at you from any direction. It’s highly recommended to use external headphones, especially ones with powerful bass, to fully enjoy the tracks from artists like Billie Eilish, Imagine Dragons, Linkin Park, and BTS with the best audio quality possible.

2. Tentacular


Tentacular is a game that blends puzzle-solving and a physics sandbox. In the game’s campaign, you take on the role of a squid-like creature, similar to a giant monster, and perform various tasks on the island of La Kalma. The game is filled with delightful surprises, driven by the amusing and sometimes chaotic physics of your wobbly tentacles, which extend beyond your physical hands.

When you try to grab something using the small tip of your tentacles, it will be unstable and give you less control over the object. On the other hand, using the thicker part closer to your body will provide stability but less precision. Moving around and interacting with objects in Tentacular requires a certain level of skill and finesse. If you make mistakes, it’s entirely your own doing, and the game’s physics strike a perfect balance between flexibility and accuracy.

Tentacular may not have the longest or most complex campaign, and it’s not a high-budget blockbuster title. However, the game’s individual elements come together to create something special. Like games such as Astro Bot or Moss, Tentacular reminds us that VR experiences don’t have to be life-sized to be convincing and captivating.

3. Green Hell VR

Green Hell VR

Green Hell was first released as a survival game for PC and consoles. In 2022, a company called Incuvo took over from the original developers, Creepy Jar, and made a version of the game for VR headsets.

There are two versions of Green Hell VR: one for Quest 2 and one for PC VR. The PC VR version is a direct adaptation of the original game, but the Quest 2 version is a bit different. It follows the same story, but some parts of the game have been simplified to work better with the Quest 2’s limitations.

However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. While it may not have as much depth and is a bit shorter overall, it’s still a challenging survival game that fans of the genre will enjoy. It’s more straightforward, but it still focuses on VR interaction and physicality, which adds to the experience.

4. Ghost Signal

Ghost Signal

In this virtual reality game called Ghost Signal, you get to control a spaceship in the world of Paradox Interactive’s Stellaris. It’s a spin-off from Fast Travel Games and it’s played from a third-person perspective with levels designed like dioramas.

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As you play, you’ll battle against enemies, meet both unfriendly and friendly creatures, and explore different planets. Along the way, you can collect experience points and scraps to improve your ship for your current playthrough and future attempts. If you’re a fan of games with roguelike elements, Ghost Signal is considered one of the top choices available on the Quest platform.

5. Hellsweeper


Hellsweeper is a VR game developed by Mixed Realms and published by Vertigo Games, a well-known VR studio. It delivers intense and flexible virtual reality combat right to your headset.

However, it’s important to note that this game may not be suitable for those who are prone to motion sickness or new to virtual reality. But if you’re up for it, Hellsweeper offers a great demonstration of virtual violence on the Quest platform. The main roguelike mode can be challenging at times, but the game truly shines in the various options it gives players.

If you’re interested in a game with a roguelike structure where you can defeat demons and battle monsters, Hellsweeper is definitely worth considering for your Quest.

6. Cubism


Cubism is a VR puzzle game that may seem simple at first but is actually quite remarkable. Each level presents a 3D wireframe shape, and your task is to fit different block pieces, similar to Tetris, into that shape. The puzzles become more challenging as you progress, offering a slow and thoughtful puzzle-solving experience.

Although it may not have flashy graphics like some other games, Cubism is perfectly suited for the capabilities of the Quest hardware. Its minimalist design, subtle soundtrack, and straightforward gameplay combine to create an impressive and polished final product. The game is regularly updated to incorporate the latest VR features, including passthrough mode, hand tracking, and 120Hz support.

If you enjoy puzzles that engage your mind, don’t overlook Cubism. Solving each level is much more intricate than you might anticipate, and the feeling of satisfaction you experience upon completion is incredibly rewarding.

7. Among Us VR

Among Us VR

Among Us VR is a virtual reality version of the popular game Among Us. It was developed by Schell Games, Innersloth, and Robot Teddy. The game was released in November 2022 for Quest 2 and Windows, and later for PlayStation 5 via PlayStation VR2 in December 2023.

In the game, players are divided into two teams: Crewmates and Impostors. Crewmates have to complete tasks on the map or hold meetings to identify and vote out the Impostors. Impostors try to secretly eliminate Crewmates by killing them. Since Impostors look like Crewmates, players need to observe behaviors to figure out who the Impostors are. The game ends when either all players from one team are eliminated or when the Crewmates finish their tasks.

Among Us VR has received positive reviews from critics and has sold over one million copies as of January 24, 2023.

In Among Us VR, players can take on the roles of Crewmates or Impostors in a multiplayer experience. Crewmates aim to complete tasks to win, while Impostors try to eliminate Crewmates without getting caught. Impostors have special abilities like sabotaging parts of the ship or using ventilation shafts for quick movement.

If a player finds a dead body, they can call a meeting to discuss and vote on who they think the Impostor is. The ejected player’s true role is revealed, and they continue as a ghost. The game allows up to 10 players in lobbies and offers customization options like hats and cosmetics for characters. Communication is supported through proximity chat and quick chat features. Among Us VR introduces new tasks, including a Whac-A-Mole-style game, and features a new map called The Skeld 2.

8. A Fisherman’s Tale

A Fisherman’s Tale

A Fisherman’s Tale is a virtual reality game that came out in 2019. It was developed by InnerspaceVR and published by Vertigo Games. In the game, you play as a fisherman who is in a lighthouse. The lighthouse is a special place because it has a room with a small model of the lighthouse inside it. There is also a smaller puppet inside the model that copies your actions. The lighthouse itself is a bigger version of the main room, and it has a larger puppet. When you put something in the model, it appears in the real lighthouse, and if you take something out of the model, it disappears from the real lighthouse.

The game has four levels, and each level lets you explore a different part of the lighthouse. You can stretch your hands to reach things that are far away. The game has a narrator who can give you hints if you want them.

A Fisherman’s Tale got good reviews from critics. People liked the story and themes of the game. They said the game had a unique atmosphere. Some critics thought the game could have been longer, but overall, they enjoyed playing it.

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9. Iron Man VR

Iron Man VR

Marvel’s Iron Man VR is a video game where you can pretend to be Iron Man using virtual reality. In the game, you will fight against a computer hacker and terrorist named Ghost who wants revenge on Tony Stark and his company. The game is played from a first-person perspective, and you can fly around and shoot enemies using Iron Man’s armor. You can also explore different environments, talk to characters, and complete missions to upgrade your armor. The game was released for PlayStation VR in July 2020 and later for Meta Quest 2 in November 2022.

In the game, you control Iron Man and fly around to different places to stop Ghost and her combat drones from causing trouble for Tony Stark and his company. You use special controllers in your hands to control Iron Man’s weapons and flight. By moving your hands and head, you can fly, shoot enemies, and interact with objects in the game like deactivating explosives or repairing things.

You can freely explore the game’s environments and have control over where you go. You use Iron Man’s weapons, like repulsors and missiles, to defeat enemies. You can also use melee attacks with the help of Iron Man’s jet propulsion systems. When you complete missions, you earn points that you can use to upgrade Iron Man’s armor and unlock new weapons.

The game’s story is told through first-person cutscenes where you can look around and interact with objects. There are also challenge modes where you can race or fight in different environments to earn more points for upgrades.

The game features characters from the Iron Man and Avengers comics, including Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, and Nick Fury. It takes place five years after Tony became Iron Man, and he is known as a famous hero. The game also includes other villains like Ghost and the Living Laser. The game is set in the same universe as the Marvel’s Spider-Man games, and it includes locations like Stark Tower in Shanghai and Tony Stark’s home in Malibu.

The game provides references to the Avengers and other fictional companies in the Marvel Universe, like Oscorp. It offers an immersive experience where you can feel like you are Iron Man and fight against villains to protect Tony Stark and his company.

10. Outta Hand

Outta Hand

One of the best games for Meta Quest 2 is called Outta Hand. It’s an exciting adventure where you become a character called a Hand-Person. These characters are lab experiments with special powers. They can jump very high, leap really far, and even shake hands from a big distance, like across a whole dining room.

In the game, there’s a scientist named Dr. Vendelvom who wants to get rid of you and your fellow Hand-People. He doesn’t want you around anymore, and he means something serious, like causing harm.

To save yourself and your friends, you have to go through the doctor’s laboratory by jumping, bouncing, and punching. You’ll face the doctor and his minions in different levels and boss fights. There’s also an endless mode where the challenges keep coming. Things might get a little crazy and chaotic, hence the expression “out of hand.” Oh, and that’s a play on words, by the way.

With the latest update, you can now play as one of your saved friends, which gives you a whole new experience in the game.

Outta Hand is a game where you swing your arms to move around platforms. It has a fun story and lets you explore 37 levels and fight big bosses. There’s also an endless run mode for even more fun. You can adjust the settings to make the movements more comfortable for you.

Just a reminder, while you can play the game sitting down, it’s recommended to stand up and have enough space to swing your arms without any objects nearby.

11. Superhot VR

Superhot VR

One of the best games for Meta Quest 2 is Superhot VR. Despite being one of the oldest games on the list, it’s still considered one of the best examples of how virtual reality can offer unique gaming experiences, even after more than six years.

In this game, you play as a shooter in a cinematic world where time only moves when you do. If you stay still, everything around you freezes, but as soon as you start moving, the world comes back to life. It’s like having your own Matrix simulation.

What makes this game so popular and long-lasting is its easy-to-understand design that feels polished and professional. It’s different from any other virtual reality game out there. Whether you’re quickly grabbing a gun or throwing a knife with precision, the game consistently gives you an incredible feeling of satisfaction through its action.

Superhot VR is still considered one of the best games available for Meta Quest 2. It’s so good that many people are eagerly waiting for a sequel to be released, as it’s long overdue.

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12. Eye of the Temple

Eye of the Temple

One of the best games for Meta Quest 2 is Eye of the Temple. It’s a game that was specifically designed for virtual reality, and it’s a fantastic platformer that takes full advantage of the Quest.

In this adventure game inspired by Indiana Jones, you start outside a big temple with a whip in one hand and a torch in the other. Your goal is to explore deeper into the temple by solving puzzles and overcoming platforming challenges along the way.

What makes Eye of the Temple unique and brilliant is how it handles movement. It’s a true room-scale VR platformer, which means that most of the movement you do in the game is based on your real physical movement in your play area. The game cleverly ensures that you don’t have to worry about stepping outside your play space or hitting your guardian boundary (which is especially helpful for newcomers to VR).

However, it’s important to note that you’ll need a decent amount of space to play this game. Eye of the Temple requires a minimum play area of at least 2 meters by 2 meters.

13. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

One of the best games for Meta Quest 2 is called Saints & Sinners, based on The Walking Dead. Surprisingly, it has some of the best design and user interaction you can find in virtual reality. It sets a high standard for both zombie games and the entire VR medium. The combat in the game is incredibly fun, with physics-based mechanics that make you feel like you’re really wrestling with hordes of undead. You put all your effort into every swing and stab.

But Saints & Sinners is not just a mindless game. It offers a full and substantial VR campaign where you explore the remains of New Orleans. There are also human enemies to contend with, side-missions to complete, and even the ability to kill zombies with a spoon. It’s one of the most immersive and deep VR games available. Thanks to a fantastic port by developer Skydance Interactive, Saints & Sinners is considered one of the best games for both Oculus Quest and Meta Quest 2.

14. Demeo


One of the best games for Meta Quest 2 is called Demeo. It’s a role-playing video game that was developed and published by Resolution Games in 2021. Originally, it was a game designed for virtual reality. It was first released on the Meta Quest, and later, in 2023, it was also made available on the PlayStation 5 through the PlayStation VR2 headset.

In Demeo, the gameplay revolves around a tabletop-themed role-playing experience with survival elements. It takes inspiration from popular tabletop games like Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons, although it’s not clear how exactly it borrows from them. The main goal of the game is to reach the “Nevermost Catacombs” and defeat the enemy lurking there. To do this, you need to clear each floor of the “Elvian Necropolis,” with each floor guarded by a monster holding the key to the next floor.

There are four hero options to choose from: The Guardian, The Assassin, The Sorcerer, and The Hunter. Each hero has their own unique abilities. The game offers two modes: Skirmish and Multiplayer. In Skirmish Mode, you can control up to three characters, and gameplay is turn-based. Each character takes a turn to attack, followed by the enemy’s turn. Players are given two action points per turn, which they can use for various actions represented by cards, such as Spells, Special Attacks, and Items. Some examples of cards are Banish, which can teleport enemies, Barricade, which provides protection against enemies, and the Repeating Ballista, which shoots three bolts per turn at an enemy until it’s defeated.

There’s also an in-game shop called “Cleptos Bazzar,” where players can purchase cards to add to their deck.

Demeo supports up to four players, with each player controlling a Hero and taking turns.

The game was developed and published by Resolution Games, although the exact development timeline is not specified. After the game’s launch, Resolution Games announced plans to release more content, including “Roots of Evil,” a new location called “Players Hangout,” and a PC edition.


To sum up, the best games for the Meta Quest 2 provide an immersive and transformative experience through virtual reality technology. They allow us to enter new worlds and control the game using our own bodies, fulfilling a dream for many gamers. If you know more VR games, let us know in the comments below and tell us about your experience. Also don’t forget to subscribe to our daily newsletter to receive the latest news and updates about social media, apps, and devices.

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