Meta Reveals Its “Blue Tick” Verification Service for Facebook and Instagram

by | Feb 21, 2023

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has announced that it will be introducing a blue tick verification service for Facebook and Instagram accounts. The blue tick will be a symbol of authentication, indicating that an account is verified and belongs to a legitimate user. This follows Snap launching a similar service last year and Twitter revamping its own subscription service, Twitter Blue, which offers the same feature. Twitter blue check mark was previously reserved for public figures and celebrities, but Musk has argued that it should be open to all. 

Addressing the Problem of Fake Accounts

This announcement comes as Meta aims to address the problem of fake accounts and impersonation, which has been a major concern for social media platforms. By introducing the blue tick verification service, Meta aims to provide a way for users to differentiate between legitimate and fake accounts.

The Benefits of Blue Tick Verification

The blue tick will be available to all users who verify their accounts by submitting a government-issued ID. Once verified, the blue tick will be displayed next to their username, making it easy for others to recognize that their account is legitimate. Verified accounts will have more credibility, which can help businesses and public figures who rely on social media to connect with their audience. It will also provide a sense of security and authenticity for users, ensuring that they are interacting with real people on the platform.

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Introducing a Report Feature

In addition to the blue tick verification service, Meta will also be introducing a feature that allows users to report fake accounts or impersonation. This feature will help make the platform a safer place for users and prevent the spread of fake news and misinformation.

Rolling Out Soon

The blue tick verification service and the report feature are expected to roll out in the coming months, with Meta encouraging all users to take advantage of these features. This move is part of Meta’s ongoing efforts to improve the safety and security of its platforms and ensure that users have a positive experience.


In conclusion, the introduction of the blue tick verification service is a significant step towards combating the problem of fake accounts and impersonation on social media platforms. By providing users with a means to verify their accounts, Meta is taking a proactive approach to ensure the safety and security of its users. With this move, users can expect a more trustworthy and reliable social media experience on Facebook and Instagram.


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