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All the Fun New Features Rolled Out By Meta on Instagram in Dec 2023

by | Feb 15, 2024

After the slow miserable and painful death of Facebook, Meta is now investing heavily in Instagram to keep users hooked. Just recently, Meta updated and improved the privacy policy for its users and rolled out other features to ensure a much better performance. 

Most tech experts were expecting that the last month of the year would go smoothly without any changes; however, just recently Meta shocked everyone by launching multiple new features.

According to tech experts and Instagram influencers, these features will not just help users but also ensure that online circulating content will be kept in check. Most of these features are specifically designed for better control and overall personalization so users can stay in control. It seems that Meta is slowly trying to make up for the privacy scandal and its bad reputation by rolling out customization features every few months. 

If you have Instagram or you are an influencer, this is high time for you to learn all about these new features to improve your Instagram experience. Of course, you will need a good internet connection like Xfinity and your smartphone. Why Xfinity though? Because it offers seamless internet experience that will keep your influencer marketing up and running all the time. To get a plan, just connect with Xfinity customer service, and get one right away.

So, without further ado, let us get to all the new features and how you can make the most out of it. 

All the New Features Rolled Out on Instagram During December 

1. The “Add Your” Option 

The “Add Your” Option 

Reels on Instagram are now a very popular means to reach a much larger audience. While most people like to post raw, unedited videos, others like clean and more aesthetic videos. However, editing the reel might take a longer time, and for most people investing a lot of time in editing and then adding background music. This takes a lot of time and for most people is not worth the hassle. 

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To resolve this issue, Instagram is now allowing people to fully edit their videos by using Instagram editors and then saving their templates. The best part of saving the template is that you can keep this template open for all, so anyone can use it. For the creator, this can be a golden opportunity to display their aesthetics and reach a much wider audience. 

2. Add Notes Features 

Add Notes Features

Notes features were rolled out just a few months ago on Instagram. Via this feature, you can see a small pop-up bubble with dialogue or a small note. This note can contain a fun quote, weather update, or your work status the options are endless. Now Meta is trying to extend this note feature on the profile and even on the timeline.

According to a recent update, Instagram is also testing the loop video option for the note. By using this feature, you can easily add a 2-second loop video on your status. Tech experts believe that this will be a popular feature among Gen Z users. Since Meta has been losing their Instagram audience to TikTok because of the extreme censorship, they are trying everything to avoid losing any more users via these fun new features. 

3. Anti-Spam Feature 

Anti-Spam Feature 

Just before the holiday season, Instagram is opting to roll out much anticipated and needed features. This feature will help the user automate the spam account, spam tag, and span requests. 

Near holidays, most of the business accounts send bulk messages to all, and sorting out important messages can be a bit tricky. During the holiday season when most users are busy, this manual sorting can become a challenge.

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With the anti-spam feature, Instagram will be able to sort out accounts and restrict them to spam folders easily. Similarly, the spam view and spam tags will also be sorted automatically. While most people see this as a promising factor, others feel it is a blatant attempt to censor the ongoing awareness trends in the Ukraine/Russian and Israel/Palestine conflict. 

4. Third-Party Live Stream Option 

Third-Party Live Stream Option 

Instagram started as a mobile application but due to its popularity, the company soon offered its entire feature for desktop as well. Starting from the view to posting stories, watching stories, deleting posts, even commenting, and posting videos as well.

The very new addition in this line is a third-party live stream that will help you go live from a desktop by using third-party apps like OBS or StreamLabs. This is especially helpful for people who do not want to engage their phone when they are on the live stream. 

Bottom Line 

Simply put, Instagram has been losing its popularity among Gen Z users because of its reduced attention span and strict censorship. However, the above-mentioned features are a meager attempt to retain its users. If these features will be a hit or miss, only time will tell. 

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