New Instagram Reels updates for easier collaboration

by | Oct 13, 2022

The company is introducing new Instagram reels updates that will make it easier and more fun to collaborate, create, and share content on the platform. The company is expanding the Remix tools to help users tell stories on Instagram better when they collaborate with their favorite creators and friends. These updates include:

Improved remix functions

Remix photos: Photos are at the heart of the Instagram experience. In these Instagram reels updates You’re  able to remix public photos. This provides you with an endless source of inspiration for creating your own one-of-a-kind reel.

Expanded Layout remixes: Choose a green screen, split screen, or picture-in-picture reaction view to add your own video commentary to pre-existing reels.

Include your clip: Do you have an opinion? Rather than having your remix appear concurrently with the original reel, you can now add your clip after the original to play sequentially.

Instagram reels updates

Create reels easily using templates and dual

Instagram wants everyone to be able to easily express their creative ideas, so the company is adding new features that will allow you to capture, edit, and share them directly from your phone.

Templates: Looking for some ideas? Templates make it simple to make reels by preloading audio and clip placeholders, allowing you to simply add your own photos or video clips. Tap the camera icon on the Reels tab to find template ideas.

Dual: Record both the content and your reaction. Using the Dual feature in the Instagram camera, you can record using both your phone’s front and back cameras at the same time to share a different perspective.

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Instagram reels updates

New Instagram video posts will be shared as reels

The media giant is bringing these creative tools, and the full-screen experience to your video posts as well because reels provide a more immersive and entertaining way to watch and create videos on Instagram. You can Share new video posts that are less than 15 minutes longer as reels. Videos uploaded prior to this update will remain as videos.

Discovery: If you have a public Instagram account, your new videos (now reels) may be recommended and seen by more people. This is currently applicable to reels that are less than 90 seconds long. Even if your account is private, your reels will only be visible to your followers.

Profile: Instagram also combined the video and Reels tabs on your profile, so all of your videos will have a single home.


Instagram, one of the leading media giants, is always looking into new ways to enhance the functionality of Instagram for its users. The company will keep working on developing new Instagram reels updates and other features that will make creating and sharing reels much simpler and more enjoyable.

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